Business Climate in Hawaii

The Business Climate has changed in Hawaii over the years and today we talk to Christine Lu who has spent the last two decades active in cross border Chinese business and investment trends. She is recognized as a Digital Leader by the United Nations Foundation and named to Foreign Policy’s inaugural “Pacific Power Index” which recognizes 50 individuals shaping the future of U.S. and China ties. She is active in cross border funds focused on opportunities at the intersection of innovation and social impact.

So…put your SMART CAPS on and get EDUCATED on the Business Climate here in Paradise where Positives and Negatives are a bound!




We have done a lot of Podcasts over the years, but this week we have a guest who may just shatter your idea of that Perfect Paradise you have imagined and the Price you will be paying to make it here. We have to say that the views expressed on this show do not necessarily reflect those of Bruce or Waydes and at times we both were taken back by what he had to say. Both of us have never experienced the “local betrayal” that Glenn talks about but we have heard this mentality does exist  here!!


Glenn Mercante takes us deep into his story from the mainland to the island of Oahu and breaks down some of the issues and concerns he has faced while here. This Podcast doesn’t hold back so get ready for the F-BOMBS to fly from this New Yorker!  He tells some hard truths for him which you can use as you wish.




It sometimes takes a lifetime to find their authentic selves, but for  Hawaii Born and Los Angeles-based artist JoLivi, it took a little loss, some good ‘ol fashioned heartbreak, and a newfound sense of confidence to find who she truly is as an artist.


 Formerly known as LeiHoku and today known as Jolivi…Jo has gone through a lot of difficult things from her grandfather passing to her going through a really bad breakup. Jo got her heart broken over and over, but she kept going back to the relationship and it made her feel things she never felt. It made her think about things on a deeper level. It changed her. It helped her grow as a person and as a writer, so she got my pen and paper out and started writing in a way she never written before.

Through the process joLivi found her true voice. The result has become a Electro-Pop sound of songs filled with passion and a personal side hailing from the darker recesses of her mind and heart. Songs like GAMES, DON’T MATTER and CHAINS.

Grammy nominated Brandon Friesen, who has racked up six Juno Awards, produced her EP. He helped her find the inner soul of her voice in a way that she was able to share her feelings – whether it’s being sexy or reserved or just allowing herself to feel sadness. Jo’s vocal emotion is present throughout her music.

Interested in her music? Check JOLIVI out:


When she use to be LEIHOKU here in Hawaii her Hawaii music was amazing as well…We have several videos from her early days in Hawaii…The past may be the past, but it is who you are, where you came from…and today Jo has learned so much…Her future is so very bright…There are only big things on the Horizon for her…We wish her blessings and the very best her way.