HIKING SAFETY: The in’s & out’s of an Eroding Hawaiian Landscape

HIKING SAFETYThere has been a considerable about of effort put together by us to get across the importance of SAFETY COMING FIRST in all things Hawai’i Nei and although Hiking injuries and deaths are far lower than those using our oceans or even crossing our roads a lot of pressure has been put on the local Hiking community and it’s about time we talk about it and our responsibilities as caretakers and stewards of the land…Malama ’aina…When it comes down to it OCEAN SAFETY can only be truly blamed on the individual…as for URBAN PEDESTRIAN accidents and deaths, again it comes down to the Driver or the Pedestrian…it’s not so much a community issue as it is when bringing up the issues with HIKING and the SOCIAL MEDIA Revolution and real time updates of events happening as they happen…man, the good old days…I remember those days…how things have changed…for better and worse. Continue reading

You want to go to Waianae? You Crazy?

WEST SIDEToday happens to be our longest Podcast to date and to the tell you the truth, we’ll probably never do one like this again…but who benefits? YOU THE LISTENER of course! We just got too MANY requests to not only touch base on which island is best for you, but to dive into depth about the four sides of Oahu, and pull a part the WEST SIDE of Oahu because not only do few talk about this side of the Island, the tourism and travel industry has chosen to neglect it for many reasons and we go into that and why you SHOULDN’T MISS the West Side of Oahu. Continue reading

Summer Time and the living is Easy

306251_10150805122639530_906976389_nAs we soon approach summer time here in Paradise there are some big things going down at Wayde’s Website…waydesworldhawaii.com, as he’ll be launching his Complete Poor Man’s Guide to ALL The Islands which many of his Ohana has been requesting. Wayde will also be launching the New Youtube Channel as well as his most recent WWH Video, Ulupo Heiau this Weekend…So some pretty exciting news on the Poor Man front. What a way to start off Summer! There seems to be more misconceptions when it comes to seasons here in Hawaii, we may not have a fall or spring, but we totally have a Summer and Winter. With Bruce originally from Miami and Wayde from Boston they will be the first to tell you, once living here in Hawai’I Nei, vacationers may not be able to tell so much between seasons here, but if living here you notice them. Winter with the Big North Shore Waves, Wet Climate, Rain Storms, Rainbows, Waterfalls and Humpback Whales and Summer with the Amazing Snorkeling, Diving, Flat Waters, Dry Climate and Hot Sun Bathing Weather.
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