Well, it’s come to this…Bruce & Wayde are talking BABIES!

Not that we want to, but because we just didn’t have anything to talk about this week and said…Hey…We hate babies anyways so lets do something we never did and talk about Baby Names, So yeah…We are talking baby names.

In all seriousness…If you plan on having a baby in the future and or about to have one lets not give that child some lame boring name like John…come up with something more original like Koa…There are an endless amount of beautiful Hawaiian names! If on the mainland your child will most likely have the most beautiful and original name in your area or town!

If you want to call your child James, John, Robert, Mary, Jennifer or Patricia you go ahead…why not…everyone else has those name…lol…Why would you want your child to stand out and have an original name like Kai, Leilani, Manoa or Kimeona.




Today we bring in a GREAT Author who has written countless books…

About Ellie Crowe and her Husband William

Ellie is an award-winning author of well over sixteen books as of today 4/16. She was born in South Africa and lives in Honolulu, Hawaii. Her books on the culture and history of Hawaii include Exploring Lost Hawaii, Places of Power, History, Mystery and Magic, Kamehameha, the Boy who became a Warrior King, recipient of the HVCB Kahili Award for Literary Arts in 2004, and Surfer of the Century, the Life of Duke Kahanamoku, recipient of the Simon Wiesenthal Museum of Tolerance Once Upon a World Award in Children’s Literature in 2008. Her first book, The Little Princess Kaiulani, is included in a time capsule in the grounds of the Princess Victoria Kaiulani Elementary School, Honolulu. So take the time to look up her long list of books so you can do some catchup on Hawaii! You can purchase any of her books on Amazon CLICK HERE

Also if you love Drama,Romance and Mystery…You may want to pick this one up by Ellie:

Flirting with Danger



CLICK HERE to purchase any of Ellie Crow’s books!!

Invention and business

Hardcore Inventing, Invent, Protect, Promote and Profit by Robert Yonover and Ellie Crowe (2009)

Travel and cultural guides

Hawaii, a Pictorial Celebration (2006)

Exploring Lost Hawaii, Places of Power, History, Mystery and Magic (2001)

Biographies for middle-school

Surfer of the Century, The Life of Duke Kahanamoku (2008)

Duke’s Olympic Feet (2008)

Kamehameha the Boy Who Became a Warrior King (2003)

Children’s books

Go to Sleep Hide and Seek (2010)

Hoku the Stargazer The Exciting Pirate Adventure (2008)

See Under the Deep Blue Sea Whale Tale (2006)

See Under the Sea (2005)

Touch and See Rainforest (2004)

Touch and See Sea Shore (2004)

Magic Moon Dreams (2004)

The Boy Who Tricked the Ghosts (2003)

The Littlest Paniolo (2001)

Little Princess Kaiulani in her Garden by the Sea (2000)


2008 Asian/Pacific American Award for Children’s Literature

2008 Simon Wiesenthal Museum of Tolerance Once Upon a World Award

Carter G. Woodson Award 2008

Texas Bluebonnet Master List 2010/2011 selection

Bank Street College Books of the Year 2008

The Bloomsbury Review Editors Favorite

Cleveland Public Library Distinguished Children’s Biography List 2008

Texas Women’s University Librarians’ Choice 2008

Starred review from School Library Journal (2008)

Kiriyama Notable Books 2008

BookList Best Children’s Books 2008

Five awards for literary excellence in Literature from the Hawaii Book Publishers Association (2004)

The Kahili Award in Literary Arts (2004)

Hawaii Tourism Association Award for Excellence I Literature (2002)



Is ALOHA for Sale? Is it Respected? Do we as outsiders use it at will? Is it being used as “KANAKA MAOLI” (Native Hawaiians) have used it or wish it to be used by others?

To the Haole, outsider of the aina, many of us don’t always look into the DEPTH of ALOHA as much as the people of Aloha, the Kanaka Maoli. There can be a HAPPY MEDIUM…but it muct be done with Respect!

This week we discuss the HAWAII NEWSRACE in HAWAII and what it means to be Hawaiian and what it means to have ALOHA and use ALOHA…We discuss the Newly Released Movie “ALOHA” as well as the Movie “THE DESCENDANTS” and explain the difference and just the overall films in general.


Kaleo CJ Pilanca stops into the Studio to give us a different side…and one that should be respected when it comes to Hawaiian Culture…Kaleo talks of respect, understanding and for outsiders of Hawaii to listen, because Hawaiian culture and the local way of life DOES MATTER today!