Today we talk about the Seasons of Hawaii…Winter is upon us so you need to know the differences if you plan on vacationing here during that time or if this is your first year living here. Hawaii has two major seasons…SUMMER and WINTER. These Seasons DO HAVE major differences…WINTER brings cooler temps, Rainbows, Rain, Waterfalls, Tropical Green Rainforests, Humpback Whales and the BIG North Shore Waves as well as very ruff seas and winds. SUMMER brings warmer temps, less wind, less rainbows, very little rain, not many waterfalls, dryer browner forests and mountain ranges, no Whales, no Big surf, calm seas and less winds which makes for prime Snorkeling and scuba diving.

So before you come to Hawaii know WHY you are coming here and what you want to see or do…if you come here in SUMMER to see Humpback Whales you won’t be seeing them…if you come here in WINTER to go snorkeling…unfortunately…YOU WON’T BE…and if you come to see Waterfalls DON’T come in SUMMER!

PLAN YOUR TRIP ACCORDINGLY…and if you just moved here know what you can and can’t do during the seasons.

Going Local on Your Hawaii Vacation

The election is finally over and Wayde is,  of course, one a happy camper! Thrilled about the outcome and extreamly excited about Donald Trumps plans,  he’s obviously not alone. Bruce on the other hand is very disappointed, sad and thinks the American people got duped. He points out that HRC did win the popular vote and had the shoe been on the other foot, Wayde would have been crying and bitching about the democracy. As usual the system is fine when you’re on the winning side of the coin.

Today we’re joined by some awesome podcast friends (also Trump supporters) in the studio to talk about something we can all agree on, Making your Hawaii Vacation local.
Jim and his family share their story of family and friendship that led to a Hawaii Vacation. Here for a week from Pennsylvania, they talk about how they found us, reached out and are having a much better vacation because of the information we share on our podcast.

Sanctioned & Unsanctioned HIKES on Oahu


Hawaii, but mostly OAHU has seen a disturbing trend in disrespect of our aina (land) and the current laws on the books when it comes to SANCTIONED and UNSANCTIONED Hikes. Social Media…Instagram, facebook, twitter, youtube, Yelp and other social outlets have contributed to the death of our secret and sacred places on Oahu and we explain why this has happened mainly to OAHU on this weeks podcast. We’ll also discuss the current news on Oahu and Hawaii…We have some current issues here and we discuss them this week.

Looking for SANCTIONED TRAILS? In Hawaii Nei there are technically around 120 Sanctioned Trails…Plus or Minus the ones that have either been closed or re-opened.