Well…it all comes down to this Podcast…Sleeping with the fish!!!

You know what they say about that right? Yep…In the end the Big Fish always gets whats coming to’um!

We go full blast into Fishing in Paradise and dealing with Shore Cast to the Deep Blue Beyond with the big boys…from Mahi Mahi, to Ahi to the Blue Marlin. We promise…we won’t forget the little guys here…there are plenty of them that are a taste above the rest.  so sit back, relax and learn a thing or two about fishing in paradise with Chad Cromer as he takes us through his fishing routine and what you can plan to catch from the Big Fish to the little boys!

Sports in Hawaii

Sports in HawaiiSports in hawaii is pretty much non existent when it comes to Pro Sports…except for SURFING so if you plan on moving here don’t expect to get excited about the Hawaii Sports world! The Ironman Triathlon, Triple Crown of Surfing and the PGA are the closest you will get here in HAWAII and even the NFL PROBOWL has been an on and off thing here in Hawaii…We hope it comes back for good…COME ONGIVE US THE PROBOWL FOR GOOD…PLEASE HAWAII!!! 

Ignorance is bliss I guess for those who have lived their lives without any major professional sports teams and it’s hard to pick ones to root for on the mainland…I guess it’s a bunch of bandwagon types here, could be the NFL chargers in football one year, the Patriots another or the Seahawks the next year, if you are winning, well I guess people in Hawaii are following you and buying hats and t-shirts…but you won’t see anyone with gear on of a loser here, well you may see some wearing Raiders gear…god help those poor souls…lol. There is just no dedication to Pro Sports teams here, not sure they know what that is in Hawaii…some also pick a team that have a player on it from the Rainbow warriors football team or baseball team that make it to the Pros and go with that…Since COACH CHOW took over the Rainbow Warrior college football team they have been a complete stinker and Chow knows it, but lets look past that Hawaii doesn’t have any pro football, baseball, basketball, hockey or anything else…What they do have are all the Watersports and Extreme sports of the world as well as PRO SURFING…The sports here in Hawaii are actually sports that any of us can have a go at so why not get out there and try surfing, bodyboarding, spear fishing, free diving, wind sailing, beach volleyball, stand up paddle boarding, Kayaking, Hiking and the list goes on and on…SO DON’T GIVE UP HAWAII…if you can’t find any sports on TV that gets you excited to watch in Hawaii…just get out and do your own sports!