Business Climate in Hawaii

The Business Climate has changed in Hawaii over the years and today we talk to Christine Lu who has spent the last two decades active in cross border Chinese business and investment trends. She is recognized as a Digital Leader by the United Nations Foundation and named to Foreign Policy’s inaugural “Pacific Power Index” which recognizes 50 individuals shaping the future of U.S. and China ties. She is active in cross border funds focused on opportunities at the intersection of innovation and social impact.

So…put your SMART CAPS on and get EDUCATED on the Business Climate here in Paradise where Positives and Negatives are a bound!


Why you should BOYCOTT HAWAII #boycotthawaii

#boycotthawaii…Let me say that again HASH TAG BOYCOTT HAWAII!

It’s about time we look into this Travel Ban our President has put forth as HAWAII is once again front and center with the 9th circuit court of appeals as they have BLOCKED the attempt to make this Travel Ban a reality once again!

Its seems like people feel we should be BOYCOTTING HAWAII because Hawaii’s courts have Blocked a ban to stop the EVIL MUSLIM TERRORISTS from entering our Great United States of America!

Sounds legit right? DAMN RIGHT…and we AGREE! There SHOULD be a BAN…and you SHOULD boycott Hawaii….We give a S#IT load of evidence on why you SHOULD Boycott Hawaii! Hawaii is a nasty vile place of scum and villainy…Don’t come here Mainlanders…it’s an evil, evil place of Sun, Sea and Rainbows where Birds sing to you, Palm trees sway in the trade winds and pineapples and coconuts grow a-muck all around you…trust us…no one likes too much of that kind of CRAZY S#IT!

Hopefully with this podcast we’ll save every HAOLE from ever having to travel to Hawaii again!






Guess what day it is??? It’s Fuck Me Friday…no no it’s…Free-For-All Friday…no no it’s…ALOHA FRIDAY! Weeeeeeeee…for real…We gonna call this one FREE FOR ALL FRIDAY because if we called it ALOHA FRIDAY and new listeners chimed in for a listen they may be in for FAR MORE than they bargained for and we just don’t want those assholes commenting negatively on these two assholes…feel US?

Seriously…We have just been VERY busy last two weeks and the both of us haven’t had time to get a podcast out there…No way we could go 3 weeks without a show…You guys NEED US too much…may it be on your HORRIBLE drive to work or a PUMP UP for the Gym to listen to…We needed to get a show done…We had two weeks of news and Bullshit to cover here and the truth is we had been so busy this week we really didn’t have time to figure out a solid subject matter for this week…So what we are saying is we fucked up and had been completely unprepared to do a show this week! lol…What? You want us to fucking lie to you?

We know you guys love us…support the show, leave comments and donate to this Shit Show going…so yeah…lol here we are moutha phuckers! lol

We promise next week we’ll have a quest and be FULLY PREPARED to kick it out of the park for next weeks show…ok…so just give us a break and enjoy the Banter back and forth for this Episode of the Podcast…Much Mahalos kids!

O…and by the way for that UNEDUCATED PRICK “Denizen9”  who left a shitty review on our iTunes Podcast page…Wayde wanted to give you a BIG FU and wanted to leave this video below so every time you look at it you will realize what an uneducated douche bag nut fuck you are!  Aloha~ 


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