HAWAII WARS 2018 “Return of the Podcast”

Well…it’s 2018…where the F@%# did we go?

Well…you see…Bruce’s been Slingshoting around the galaxy, Wayde’s been on a quest in a Galaxy far, far away to uncover the obnoxious SOCIAL JUSTICE WARS which is the LAST JEDI…

I think both have had valid points as the Podcast was put aside to deal with such serious matters the last month…With that said, Wayde and Bruce will be discussing all the SHIT STORMS that have been hitting the islands known as HAWAII. What is coming for these islands in the middle of nowhere in 2018?…Could it be another Proton torpedo or Ion missile attack? WHO KNOWS! What Battles have taken place and what ones are still to come?  We cover all your vital comments, voice messages and questions today and even cover the Last Star Wars movie…One of us loved it, one of us hated it…we’ll also talk about the horrible Kermit the FROG Ige. We try to get to the bottom of what happened with this Bomb scare that happened the other day and what if a NUKE hit Hawaii? Are we safe? Can Hawaii deal with a Major Disaster?

Get ready FOLKS…this show is not for the weak minded or the Social Justice Warriors out there with their PURPLE Fucking hair! This is serious bullshit we’ll be talking about and we’re not talking about Droids either on this Podcast either!

We hope this takes off the NEW YEAR with a bang! So get ready to make the jump to light-speed with the “Return of the Podcast!”



The last week has been a busy one for Bruce and Wayde and they haven’t been able to get the time in to do a podcast, but after a week they are back and what better way to come back than to just BULLSHIT for an HOUR! It’s an hour full of total and complete bullshit! They cover all the news here in Hawaii over the last week, politics, race and all the other shit storms hitting us as of late like Hurricane IRMA etc! We talk Rail, Haiku Stairs, the Honolulu City Council, the Mayor and Governors bullshit they have been putting on the tax payer here and we go over the Sunscreen and Dolphin controversy as well…WAIT A FUCKING MINUTE…We COMPLETELY FORGOT to talk about the Dolphin Tours controversy on the Podcast…Man…We Bullshitted so much we totally forgot to talk about Dolphins, but that’s alright…LOOKWAYDE and BRUCE are RIDING a Dolphin! Hopefully that will due!

Shoots~ lol


HAWAII…it’s sorta perfect, right?…WRONG!

Hawaii has its list of Controversies…mostly because we have an inept government and Political system that is so one sided that nothing ever gets done. The political side that always gets in office here in Hawaii has so little to worry about that the only thing they have to do well is TALK!

This is the real controversy  when it comes to Hawaii and the problems we have had 20 years ago we still have today because nothing had been done all those years ago and still nothing has been done today.

From the RAIL to NOWHERE, to HOMELESSNESS, DRUGS, A BALLOONING BUDGET , the COST OF LIVING LACK OF AFFORDABLE HOUSING, OVERPOPULATION and the pathetic renaming of the  AIRPORT to get away from actually redoing it because they lack the funds for a new airport. Nothing is being done to change these problems for the better…The State and the Politicians have become lazy and complacent. Until fear is put into their hearts of these politicians nothing will ever change here in Hawaii except for things to get worse for those who live here.