There are some AMAZING things about Hawai’i Nei and one of those Amazing things are it’s FOOD! So what makes food in Hawaii so Amazing?….FUSION, that’s what…The great thing about Hawaii is the Fusion of Food from all over the World brought together in one condensed place. Here in Hawaii our Fusion Food consists of a Mix of HAWAIIANEUROPEANAMERICAN, PORTUGUESE and ASIAN consisting of foods from: China, Korea, Japan, Thailand and the Philippines. 


People don’t always remember where some of the food we love to eat today in Hawaii came from…The Chinese brought the MANAPUASTIR FRYSWEET & SOURDIM SUM,  the Portuguese brought SWEET BREAD and MALASADAS, the Japanese brought the BENTO, MOCHI, SHAVE ICE and SUSHI, the Koreans brought KIMCHI and KOREAN BBQ…The list goes on and on.

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With these PLANTATION FUSION FOODS came the local PLATE LUNCH, the SPAM MUSUBI and items like the LOCO MOCO.


So with all this AMAZING FOOD and an a MILLION other plates we’re going to discuss the best LOCAL RESTAURANTS to Taste and enjoy the HAWAIIAN FUSION CUISINE here in Paradise…one of the many reasons why we are so Lucky to Live HAWAII!




ROY’S (Asian Fusion)

LILIHA BAKERY (Original Breakfast Dinner, Kalihi)

DUKE’S WAIKIKI (Classic Hawaiian/American)

DORAKU (Sushi)

LA MER (French Cuisine)

MICHEL’S at the COLONY SURF (French Cuisine)


FIJI MARKET: (Indian Curry Cuisine)

DAT CAJUN GUY: (Cajun Cuisine, Food Truck)

HOUSE WITHOUT A KEY: (Asian & Hawaiian)




*Best Hawaiian Shave Ice: ALOHA GENERAL STORE

*Best Coconut Pie: TED’S BAKERY

*Best Malasada:  LEONARD’S BAKERY

*Best Acai Bowl: DIAMOND HEAD COVE HEALTH BAR (The Mana Bowl)

*Best Cupcakes: SUGARLINA

*Best Mexican: SERG’S MEXICAN KITCHEN (Waimanalo)

*Best Lunch Truck: DAT CAJUN GUY

*Best Plate Lunch: RAINBOW DRIVE-IN

Traditional Hawaiian: HIGHWAY INN (Original, Waipahu)


NOTE!!! (Podcast is fixed but still over modulated, my bad, that will be taken care of the next show……)

OVERWEIGHT IN HAWAIIWe know how many people have a hard time losing WEIGHT in general, but doing it before vacation? It’s even harder…We don’t hold the Key to losing weight before your vacation, but we do know many attempt to do it and we wanted to give those who are having a hard time with their weight some advice as well as some  encouragement…Being overweight is a touchy subject and some joke about their weight, others take it seriously and become defensive…we’ll talk about both sides…it’s what we do…so lets go over some things you should start to do if you DO have intention to lose weight for your vacation, but first you must understand 100% that DIETS DO NOT WORK…EVER! When you make the choice to lose weight you are not going on a diet…you’re making a LIFE STYLE CHANGE that you will continue after your vacation…period!

over weight big guy girl

First…if you are 40 pounds over your normal weight for your height and size (BMI) Body Mass Index…you are OBESE! We see far too many people Obese vacationing in Hawaii…So if you know you are 30-40 or more pounds over weight your focus shouldn’t be to look hot in some nut huggers or bikini…Your focus should be just to feel fucking confortable in your own skin…you should be thinking about what it will take to go snorkeling, Hiking, walking, ENJOYING HAWAII and not just sitting around and huffing and puffing…You can’t be perfect…but at least you can feel better than you do today so that when you go on Vacation you can really do the things everyone comes to Hawaii to do!

over weight big girlSo where do you start? Well, first off…don’t start off by FUCKING YOURSELF! It’s all about your WILL and once you HIDE THINGS, LIE  and SABOTAGE yourself…you can just forget it, but if you have the WILL and POWER…keep reading…
START 8-12 MONTHS out from your vacation6 MONTHS minimum!
Clean your cabinets of sugars, all fried foods and other diet-killing junk foods that say they are FAT FREE yet contain high amounts of real or fake sugar. Also…No processed foods! NO MORE LIQUOR… Alcohol is packed with calories. Go grocery shopping and BUY REAL FOODS: vegetables, fruits, nuts, grains…NO BEEF, chicken breast, turkey and fish high in Omega 3 fats. How many Calories are you taking in a day…lets cut those down…depending on your body height and weight. It’s also time to hit the home gym…Add moderate exercise to the mix with 5 days cardio M-F, 3 days lifting weights M-W-F, 30-60 mins a day. You can do this at home and around the house…you don’t need to pay for a gym membership to get healthy and in good shape. Buy basic 10 & 20 pound weights.

Basics for eating during the start of your LIFE STYLE CHANGE…

YOU MUST Eat breakfast every day..Eat raw fruit, yogurt, granola, hard-boiled eggs Organic peanut butter with celery or carrots….wheat or grain bagel or bread. Eat a healthy snack before lunch. Again, fruit, yogurt, nuts, oatmeal. LUNCH is your largest and most important meal of the day. Fish, chicken, turkey with a Veg and a small starch with fruit, yogurt and nuts. Have an afternoon snack, something healthy as you have been eating all day, Nuts, celery, carrots, cukes, yogurt, make smart choices. The goal is to reach dinner time hungry enough to eat, but not enough to feel as if you’re starving.
Eat a  small dinner. A Large protein (fish, chicken, turkey) and a variety of vegetables, fruits and salad with light dressing, olive oil, balsamic vinegar…etc.
These are life changes, not a diet plan…this is something you stick to the rest of your life and what better way then to change your life for your vacation to Hawaii and the rest of your days…just imagne how healthy you will be NEXT TIME you come to Hawaii…you can change your life, you can change your bad habits…it just takes you…you and your will power to say ENOUGH…I’M READY FOR CHANGE!

Comfort Foods of HAWAII

COMFORT FOODSNo matter where you come from or what culture you follow…We all have COMFORT FOODS and today we go over the Comfort Foods of Hawaii from the Spam Musubi to the Hawaiian Shaved Ice…the best of the best is here…some of you may have heard of most of them and perhaps others may be hearing of some of these for the first time…but one thing is for sure…ALL OF THEM ARE ONO!!! Yes we don’t go all of them, but we hit on the most known to those of us who live here and many of us eat these weekly…for us something like a PLATE LUNCH or POKE is just a weekly event that we have several time a week here…it’s just become a staple here and…a comfort.

COMFORT FOODS2SPAM MUSUBI, LAU LAU, POKE, LOCO MOCO, The Traditional PLATE LUNCH, SAIMIN, PHO, MALASADAS, SHAVED ICE, BUTTERED MOCHI, ICE CREAM MOCHI and just straight up MOCHI…these are the COMFORT FOODS of Paradise and they are just foods we can’t live without. We hope you guys enjoy this weeks Podcast  about our favorite comfort foods and we also hope you enjoy our news segment as well as our SERIOUS RESPONSES to several questions from JOSH and JAY…We are PROUD of people like KEN, JOSH, JAY and many of you that have dreams and choose to step out of your boxes and get out of your comfort zone…You are the DREAMERS like Bruce and I and many others who have chosen to be Leaders instead of Followers and persue ones passion…something so few do today…You inspire US to be greater….Mahalo Nui Loa my braddahs!