HAWAII’S Comfort/Junk Foods

HAWAI’I…the land of the Beautiful and In Shape…RIGHT?

NOPE! Not with the shit we eat here! lol

Yes, you can eat an organic Vegan diet here and live happily ever after, but who the fuck wants to deprive themselves of all the unholy junk foods Hawai’i Nei has at it’s disposal!

When it comes to comfort and junk food Hawai’i has no shortage on where and what to choose from…Having a bad day in Traffic?…have some Spam Wasubi…Did your boss yell at you?…screw it, get a plate of Chicken Katsu…Did your Boyfriend just break up with you?…Damn, you better get yourself a half dozen Coco Puffs!

Hawaii is a beautiful place with beautiful healthy food…but it’s also a place of unholy Junk and comfort foods that if you don’t watch it can blow your waistline out of this world!

We are not telling you to NOT stuff your face with these AWESOME FAT INDUCED COMA RIDDEN FOODS…We are just telling you…do it in moderation…but while in moderation enjoy every fucking bite of it!





This week we dive deep into the CULINARY Culture of HAWAII with Brian Berusch who just recently released a book with Bill Tobin called:

Food to Write Home About…Hawaii

Hawaii restaurateur Bill Tobin tells the story of his love affair with Hawaiian cuisine—and all the nuances associated with Hawaiian fare. He does so through a series of affectionate letters to his mother, in their Midwest USA farm town. Through these highly personal letters, Tobin and author Brian Berusch explore every ingredient, dish and the chefs behind them—which about-faced Tobin’s vocation into a career “Foodist” on the islands, including a stint as the president of the Hawaii Restaurant Association. Through each chapter we see the evolution of Tobin’s palate, right through to the meeting of his wife and the start of his own family, whom are still highly immersed in the food arts there.

The Culinary Culture of HAWAII stands alone in the middle of the Pacific…You really can’t have the type of fusion food that Hawaii has from all over the world and we discuss what makes Food special here and Hawaii and how chefs are changing the way they cook around the world because of it.


Interested in purchasing the book?



On the CHEAP

We all know Hawaii is expensive…but is it Cheap?


Coming to Hawaii between Flight and Hotel is where most of your money can be lost, but once you get here you can SAVE and not spend loads of money.

First check out: https://www.groupon.com/local/honolulu

Between getting cheap eats at local stores, Food Truck and Plate lunch places you can save 50% of what you would usually spend..Doing out to eat only at HAPPY HOUR will save you huge amounts of money.

Check out HAPPY HOUR: http://www.happyhourpal.com/index.php

Check out a SMALL list of Food Trucks: http://roaminghunger.com/hnl/

Check out Yelps top Plate Luch Stops: http://www.yelp.com/search?find_desc=Best+Plate+Lunch&find_loc=Honolulu%2C+HI

Renting a car from TURO can save you 50% on what a car would cost you from a franchise or corporation, plus you are renting from a Local, money is going back to local people, not corporations…and these cars vary…you can rent a Jeep, a Mustang, a Miata or any car all the way up to a Lambo! It just depends on what you want…there are convertibles on TURO for $30 a day!

Check out TURO: https://turo.com/

If you do your research and plan your trip you can save lots of money once you land on the islands…but remember…the money you DO SPEND while on the ground here…SPEND AT LOCAL PLACES…don’t ever give money to corporations or outside franchises…if you do you are destroying Hawaii…not helping it.