WATERSPORTSinHAWAIIWhen you think of Hawaii and things to do here one of the first things that come to mind are WATERSPORTS! Hawaii has more watersports than you can dream of…Kayaking, Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Snuba, Parasailing, Boat Sailing, Stand up Paddle Boarding, Surfing, Body Boarding, Skim Boarding, Shore Casting, Deep Sea Fishing, Shark Cage Diving, Wind Surfing, Jet Skiing, Wahle Watching, Dolphin Excursions, Mana Ray Dives, Outrigger Canoeing and the list goes on and on…We cover all this on this weeks podcast…and the best thing is…many of them don’t even require you to be able to SWIM!

RAILWe go HEAD ON into our NEWS first on the Podcast and let us tell you…We let the SHIT FLY on this “State of Disrepair”…from SHIT BAGS on Hiking Trails to showing NO ALOHA on our Crosswalks, to Potholes to even the EMBARRASSING STATE of our FOSTER CARE system here in Hawaii and last RAILTHE DAMN RAIL…Does an island even NEED RAIL? We live on an island for God sakes…What are the ramification of having such a monstrosity on a tropical island anyways? Well…we let you know! At least we end this Podcast on a POSITIVE NOTE with a POSTIVE QUOTE….WE as individuals MATTER…and that’s just one more reason why we are so Lucky to Live Hawaii no matter what comes our way or what MAINLAND mentality comes to invade our island home…We’ll never lose our Aloha Spirit and we’ll never stop fighting to live Pono.


MUST DO'S FO OAHUToday Bruce and I shoot the shit about what’s been going on in Hawaii this week, CRAZY ASS VIDEOS, WWH TOURS, Tipping in Hawaii as well as your Guides and other venting and nonsense…We next cover all the great Q & A we got from our members, fans, friends and Ohana. We cover best Sunset and Sunrises on Oahu…People living in the rainforests and woods along with the homeless situation. What kind of income you need to make it in Hawaii and on Oahu. Fishing in Hawaii…Gambling in Hawaii…Hiking, snorkeling…Laws on smoking, alcohol, seatbelts and speed limits…The Best Hawaiian Plate lunches in Waikiki, where to get Hawaiian Coffee and other local items shipped to your home around the world and the issues concerning Hawaii and where they are getting their energy.

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HIKING SAFETY: The in’s & out’s of an Eroding Hawaiian Landscape

HIKING SAFETYThere has been a considerable about of effort put together by us to get across the importance of SAFETY COMING FIRST in all things Hawai’i Nei and although Hiking injuries and deaths are far lower than those using our oceans or even crossing our roads a lot of pressure has been put on the local Hiking community and it’s about time we talk about it and our responsibilities as caretakers and stewards of the land…Malama ’aina…When it comes down to it OCEAN SAFETY can only be truly blamed on the individual…as for URBAN PEDESTRIAN accidents and deaths, again it comes down to the Driver or the Pedestrian…it’s not so much a community issue as it is when bringing up the issues with HIKING and the SOCIAL MEDIA Revolution and real time updates of events happening as they happen…man, the good old days…I remember those days…how things have changed…for better and worse. Continue reading