Can you still MAKE IT in Hawaii



We have a lot of catching up to do and get to some comments…Today we touch on some serious news and it’s not really positive so you all have been warned! We have a SERIOUS ISSUE here on Oahu and Wayde has been talking about it for a long time…RAIL and the Road to No WHERE! Well, it’s come to a head and we have a guest on today who knows a few things about rail because he fought against it!

Peter Kay is here in the Studio and he’ll give us a different view on Rail and why he tried to stop it so long ago…unfortunately after 6 BILLION and growing in debt…Rail has stopped itself with grave consequences!

We’ll take the second half to discuss Peter’s Journey to Hawaii and how he got here from Chicago and what brought him here and what he’s been doing for a living these days as well as the Website he just acquired with 60K Monthly Views:

For many Hawaii is a passion, a desire, a dream…a Spiritual connection….You WON’T make it in Hawaii today if you don’t have those things…and if you are not completely willing to change 100% from the mainland to Hawai’i…you may not make it either…You must be willing to give up everything to make it in Hawaii.

8 thoughts on “Can you still MAKE IT in Hawaii

  1. Hi Bruce,
    You came to Tesla factory and did,t see me. I live about 5 min walk from Telsa factory in Fremont. No worries i be in Oahu by 8th of July then i will see you 😉
    Steak dinner on me at Sidestreet Inn for Wayde .

  2. Just finished listening to this segment. You mentioned my comment from the “Moving to Hawaii with No Support System” segment. That was a nice little thrill for me, so thanks!!

    Just wanted to mention that has showed up quite a bit during my “moving to hawaii” research. I think Peter’s goal for the site sounds great. He asked for ideas from listeners so here’s mine… bring some color into the background, I think that warmth would definitely make me want to stay on the site longer. Currently, with all the white, it feels a little sterile and it reminds me more of a homework assignment than pleasure reading. Just my opinion, I’ll keep checking it out for info and to see where he takes it. I enjoyed listening, makes me feel like I’m getting to know the islands a bit before I get there.

  3. After you guys announced a summer break, I expected you to be gone for a couple months…I was happily surprised to see you pop up on my podcast feed.

    Only 8 more days til we move there and the positivity that your guest brought to the podcast really helped me to push through all the stress and work of getting ready for the move.

  4. Great to have you guys back on the air. Also really appreciate your guest this week. Having an IT background myself, it gives me hope that if for whatever reason my current employment situation doesn’t work out that I’ll be able to continue here in the islands. Although the IT needs on Maui pale in comparison. I’m still dealing with “Yeah I have a website… Facebook” lol

  5. Hey Guys!

    Wanted to reach back out to you and let you know everything is still a go for us.

    We’re in the process of growing our business to meet the needs of our upcoming trips.
    I’ve recently purchased my ticket out there from 10/9 – 10/28. Which should be enough time for me to find a place to live. I’ve been chatting with a few realtors as well as keeping up with rental trends on Craigslist.

    The question of savings has come up a number of times. Here’s the answer. We have to raise $14K before we move – this includes down payment on rentals, transporting cars, and room and board for when I arrive to scout. This isn’t a problem, now that Mayra is working with me full time. Once after I get this money in. All funds above that will be savings.

    But the kids will be working with us within the month. So that helps as well.

    Do me a favor and email me back offline. I have a question for you.


    Rico & Mayra

  6. Hi Bruce and Wade!! I came across your podcast last week while searching for something to give my husband and I a real feel for what it will be like to prepare and move to Hawaii. It is something we have joked about for the past year until recently when we both were like, “why not??” It’s just us and our two dogs and nothing is really keeping us tied to where we are. I loved this episode and the one about jobs as well!! I do have a question for you though, would it be beneficial to apply to jobs before we make the move down or do they even consider applicants that are wanting to relocate but haven’t yet?? Thanks for all the honesty and I love the profanity hahaha look forward to listening to more of your episodes!

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