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Once again we sit down with a MOVER and a BUSINESS CreatorMike Sorenson. it’s the theme here as of late on The Lucky We live Hawaii Podcast…One of the things we want to make clear is coming here will require you to do many jobs…maybe even things you have never done before…perhaps you will even need to reinvent yourself to make ends meet…at least here in Oahu that is.  It’s getting harder and harder to survive here on the Gathering Place and from the people we have been bringing on as guests…it proves it. So stay positive and hopefully you can get a Transfer from your job on the mainland…that would be the way to go, but if you can’t…get ready to work and get your hands dirty…cuz there is a Price for Paradise~

14 thoughts on “BUSINESS as USUAL in HAWAII

  1. Left you guys a question on the big island thread, but I think it was too late to make last week’s show. Also, any chance you get to the maui focused show before late October?

  2. As always great show. Sorry about the confusion when I wrote that show iS improving I mean technically. The sound is lot batter in new episodes then old episodes may be because now you are using more mics. About the problem with pallets why not someone set up a recycling plant where you can just through the pallets into a wood chipper or something like that and convert them into wood chips or Mulch for Landscaping. I wish I have enough money that I can move there and set up something like that.

    • Almost forgot to mention as well…Larry brought it up in a comment…These Pallets are chemically Treated as well Asif….a double baddie…Pallets cause a huge amount of problems on the Aina here in Hawaii…We need someone to fix this shit! Your idea sounds like a good start!

        • Nails are the worst…having a chipper to destroy the pallets…GREAT IDEA…how to remove the nails before the pallets go through the chipper….one by one…pain in the ass in deed…last thing we want is nails flying out of the chipper!!!

  3. Thanks for the about out on the donation. But thank you guys more for the inspiration and for showing the beauty of Hawaii and by extension all of our planet. I’m going to look forward to doing things here in the midwest and how I can take care of the land more in my job and outside of it as a citizen. I will work in the rehabilitation field. Excercises that connect us spiritually to our own bodies and recognizing our part in the natural world has been shown to have healing properties that extend not just physically but mentally. I’m not a religious person or a new age person, I tend to agree a lot more with you guys on the spiritual aspect of our lives. That comes from doing hard work like running a business, putting ourselves into our passions, caring about others and the world around us.

    Hey this went on longer than I thought, but the passion is contagious.

    • Exactly the way we feel. That type of thinking, or better to say Feeling is the way people in Hawaii are…but it’s the State House and the politicians running it that don’t seem to follow the Aloha Way and Aloha Aina…they are the people we must fight against because they are taking our Hopes, Dreams and Aloha away.

  4. That was to be shout out but it was autocorrected.

    All that stuff about spiritual Excercises such as yoga in rehabilitation has to do with you guys making me think about how to bring a love of the land into my own work. Just like how on the tours you have people pick up trash or in giving advice you Steer people away from disrupting animal habitats.

    • Yeah…all good points…we build relationships with the people who come here…we welcome them, make them feel that our home is thiers as long as they Aloha Aina…love ad respect the land and it’s people.

  5. Can we have some podcasts that aren’t business related? Bruce posted some great blogs on Twitter that would make great podcasts I think, ie Hawaii dive bars, Hawaii underwater life, etc. Also, is everything all good with Bruce? Seems more edgy lately.

    Thanks for all the work you put into this!


    • Yes…Pallet Wood is Chemically treated…making it even worse and a HUGE reason why we are trying to stop the burning of them on our beaches…Nails as well are a major issue as mnay have been harmed already in Hawaii. Where there are burned Pallets there are Nails…where there are nails there are broken bottles, trash, cans, lighter fluid etc….everything connected with Pallets is a disaster for our beaches…Humans, animals and nature.

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