The last week has been a busy one for Bruce and Wayde and they haven’t been able to get the time in to do a podcast, but after a week they are back and what better way to come back than to just BULLSHIT for an HOUR! It’s an hour full of total and complete bullshit! They cover all the news here in Hawaii over the last week, politics, race and all the other shit storms hitting us as of late like Hurricane IRMA etc! We talk Rail, Haiku Stairs, the Honolulu City Council, the Mayor and Governors bullshit they have been putting on the tax payer here and we go over the Sunscreen and Dolphin controversy as well…WAIT A FUCKING MINUTE…We COMPLETELY FORGOT to talk about the Dolphin Tours controversy on the Podcast…Man…We Bullshitted so much we totally forgot to talk about Dolphins, but that’s alright…LOOKWAYDE and BRUCE are RIDING a Dolphin! Hopefully that will due!

Shoots~ lol

21 thoughts on “BULLS#ITTING in HAWAII

  1. I know that I’ve said this before but TALK ABOUT FUCKING HAWAII! Nobody wants to hear a dummy (bruce) and a super dummy (wayde) talk about politics they don’t understand. Christ on a cracker, wayde has no concept that being a leftist and being a democrat are not the same goddamn thing. The democrat party used to have a southern conservative wing. It has been slowly migrating to the republicans since the 1950s. That’s why all the confederate flag klansmen are gop now. This shit is not complicated. I bet wayde is one of those ‘informed history buffs’ that claims Nazis were leftists because the word socialist is in the party name. Stop trying to talk about stuff you don’t understand! Shit, give me a goddamn surf report or something, I’d prefer that. Or interview fucking yogi. That would be less annoying than wayde’s 100% incorrect political analysis. Aloha and mahalo motherfuckers.

  2. How can i place a curse on Wayde,s team when my own team (49ers) is getting fucked from last 3 years ;). Just one bad game and you are depressed i don,t remember when was the last time we have a good game. We are the one who are cursed by this new damn Levis Stadium in Santa Clara. Now that the Raiders are getting batter but they are also moving from Oakland to Las Vegas otherwise i can ride there ban wagon. All i can do is just sit and wait for basketball season to start .

    • You sure you want to wait till Basketball season? Celtics on on the rise braddah! And sorry about the 9ers…Maybe Brady will come play for you guys last few years before he retires and bring you home another championship! Awesome PATRIOTS HAT man…thank you…and just kidding about the curse…lol

  3. In this episode you ask why christians continue to pray when bad things happen anyway. The short answer is that we pray because we are commanded to many times in the bible. Unfortunately the answer is sometimes no. I will include two excellent articles on this topic. Thanks for the always entertaining podcast.



  4. In this episode you ask why christians continue to pray when when bad things continue to happen. The short answer is that we are commanded to pray. Unfortunately, for us, the answer to our prayers is sometimes “no.” I will include two links to great articles that will explain in greater detail. Thanks for the always interesting show.




  5. Hey Bruce and Wayde! I’ve been listening to you guys for a couple of years and love your show. I grew up in Hawaii and all of my family are locals. I get asked all the time if I’ll ever move back, and honestly there is no way my family and I could afford to live there (on Oahu where my family is). Thanks for keeping me connected to home and in the loop on all the important stuff. Love what you do and keep it up!!

  6. So you deleted my post pointing out how woefully ignorant wayde is on political matters? Looks like I’ll be hitting the unsubscribe button. Let me know if you guys decide to either stop discussing politics or wayde actually becomes knowledgeable on the subject. First lesson, libertarians oppose government programs such as public schools and environmental protections. Libertarians are not people that endorse these programs but don’t want to pay for them. Thus, wayde is far from a libertarian.

    • We don’t need people like you listening to our podcast…so if you want to fuck off, fuck off and hopefully we never have to listen to your ignorant pie hole again! And Yes I am a Libertarian on the most part, as it is based mostly on FREEDOM and when I say I’m a Libertarian it doesn’t mean I follow being a libertarian to a T. We all have our own path and some personal things people believe fit along different party lines. Many people who have liberal values and Conservative values have Libertarian values as well. I don’t need you telling me who I am or what I believe or putting me in this little box you have created to make your ego feel better. I OPPOSE government programs such as public schools because once the government gets a hold of what is being taught to our children it can indoctrinate them…as if The history of what happened to the Native American Indians and Native Hawaiians is accurate for our children in the history books…lol. Education should be left to the free market and Parents should be given the choice on how to educate their family. I DO SUPPORT environmental protections THROUGH Voluntary means such as through my nonprofit…These ARE mostly based on Libertarian values! The Foundation of the libertarian party is through the use of CHARITIES, NONPROFITS and MAXIMIZING CHOICE and the FREEDOM to do so…this debunks your arrogant and ignorant comment above on how much you know me…but lets continue to debunk your idiotic ignorance…I believe in gay rights and gay marriage, which follow mainly Libertarian and Liberal values, I do support Abortion before the Fetus has a fully functional spinal cord, I don’t support abortion after the spinal cord is fully functional and the fetus has feelings and is dreaming, this can be considered a liberal, a Libertarian as well as a Conservative Value as I’m basing it on science, not religion, but I don’t believe my tax dollars should be going toward paying for someones abortion, this is a Libertarian and Conservative value when it comes to tax dollars…I do believe in the death penalty, but believe if found guilty only the family should have final say if the murderer is put to death or not…This is really the only Conservative value I have that the Liberal and Libertarian parties do not believe in. I believe we have the right to do drugs and some drugs like Pot should be legalized…this is mainly a Libertarian value and in some aspects a Liberal value. I believe we should abolish the IRS and income tax…this is mainly a Libertarian and Conservative value. I believe we should stay out of other peoples business, meaning we shouldn’t be policing the world we should be taking care of our own country and protecting it…this is mainly a Libertarian value. I believe in the right to bear arms…this is a Libertarian and conservative value, although Liberals believe in that right as well, but only with much more restrictions, which I do not believe in. I believe Government should stay out of Health Care and it’s because of the governments meddling that Insurance has gotten so out of control…we should allow the free market to ajust our Heathcare costs and let competition and choice allow us to pick what is best for the individual and family…this is a Libertarian and Conservative Value. When it comes to immigration, I believe in DACA to allow Children who had been brought here when young to say in this country if they are making a positive impact on our society. I believe Immigrates should come here legally as in other countries and deported if they are up to no good or have been arrested or are committing crimes…This is a Libertarian and Liberal value, although Conservatives have battled with this issue in the past and are doing so right now, I feel they will come around and come to an agreement on DACA. NOW…I spent my valuable time debunking your foolishness that I’m not a Libertarian, I don’t plan on spending one more fucking breath EVER responding to any of your crap or the other comments you left before because I can’t talk to a self centered egomaniac, but anyone who’s seen these conversations back and forth know where I stand…You can go ahead and say and do whatever you fucking want, but I got a lot more things to do than to waste my free time responding to your insults and total nonsensical bullshit. So don’t come on here thinking you know jack shit about me…you don’t and it just makes you look like the ignorant asshole you are to all our other listeners. Aloha and have a good life~

  7. Holy crap – didn’t mean to start arguments about the length of the show, storage costs, and religion with just one comment! I was just hoping to share what we have experienced of the aloha spirit so far. And Bruce, we didn’t raise money, we raised nets over a friend’s lychee tree to keep the parrots off and drank homemade limoncello after – a lot more fun!. Gotta get Wayde reading the comments from now on so we can hear them accurately! And Bruce, now I understand why you want to keep the show to an hour, but I will still laugh every time I hear you say, “come on, we have to move it along…” Even when you guys don’t have a topic prepared or a guest, you always entertain and drop some wisdom. Mahalo for everything you do!

    • Matt…I read all your comments…we argue on purpose if you didn’t notice…all in fun, MOST of the time. I don’t like cutting the show short…to me it’s cutting the fans and listeners short…I’m sure you understand. If the show goes an hour and 15 mins I don’t see the problem with that…I don’t want listeners to feel like we are rushing along and cutting the subject off short, which we have done many times because we bullshit so much, many like the bullshitting, but that doesn’t mean we cut the show and subject matter short, not cool. As for Religion…it always seem to come up and I love talking about it, Bruce doesn’t care to talk about as much as I do…I’m a SPIRITUAL GUY so I believe there is something beyond this world we can’t comprehend, but we can still discuss it in a civil scientific manner about what a GOD being may be…Bruce on the other hand doesn’t know what he believes because he’s AGNOSTIC…to him he’ll have to die before he finds out what the other side has in store for him. I believe religion has caused far more ignorance, suffering and death than good in this world and I think Bruce would agree, but that doesn’t mean Religion doesn’t provide some good now and then as it does for you. I don’t think either of us have a problem with what you believe and what bridge you cross to get to your God…We are just taking a different bridge than you…in all seriousness we all go to God alone in my view so it’s not our business how you get over your bridge to God or your business how we get over our bridge to God as well.

      • 2 things here to set the record straight, I DO NOT BELIEVE IN GOD, it’s impossible for human beings to know anything about how the universe was created and if divine beings exist…………..and our arguments are real Wayde, when we disagree that is real, unless I am fucking missing something, all I said was I think ppl like to hear it!!

        • You clearly can’t set the “RECORD STRAIGHT”…maybe you had been drunk when you posted that comment…You tell the fan base one thing and then you post a comment saying something else…I guess you’re NOT AGNOSTIC like you have said over and over and over again in all previous Podcasts…Do you even know what you believe bro? Look up what AGNOSTIC means…it means you DON’T KNOW if God exists or not…maybe you should just come out and tell the listeners what you really are…an ATHEIST…an Atheist is someone WHO DOESN’T BELIEVE IN GOD…Either way it’s contradictory of you because you said a MILLION TIMES in past Podcasts that you DON’T KNOW if God exists or not so you really can’t say. I don’t need to tell you or our listeners that however…they can just listen to all the previous shows. Even your comment you just posted is contradictory…you say…let me QUOTE YOU…“I DO NOT BELIEVE IN GOD”When you say that it’s an ATHEIST statement. Then you say…let me QUOTE YOU…“it’s impossible for human beings to know anything about how the universe was created and if divine beings exist” When you say that it’s an AGNOSTIC statement. Make up your mind bro, you contradictions are heading toward TRUMP LEVEL 9! And our Arguments have always been light hearted banter for the good of the show…so YES…you clearly are missing something, but perhaps that’s your narcissism blinding your reality, talk to your shrink about that, I can’t help you. By the way I don’t argue with people, I banter difference of opinions back and forth…if I was truly upset, heated or angry I don’t talk about it, I would just beat you unmercifully until I didn’t hear you screaming anymore. Lucky for you…you haven’t upset me too much…yet…lol

          • Hey guys, was not suggesting that you or anyone else go to any church or hold any religious or spiritual views. Just reinforcing that people should throw themselves into some organizations or community groups when they get here, whatever they are, because it seems like the best way to build a support network here and experience the aloha spirit. Church just happened to be one that worked for us so I thought I would mention it. I’m a pretty liberal Episcopalian anyway, not a fundamentalist or evangelical. Just mentioning because I wasn’t making a comment to suggest people should go to any church or believe any particular thing. I have huge respect for any belief that inspires or helps someone to be a better person, whether it be Buddhism, Judaism, Islam, etc. And no respect for anyone who perverts a religion or belief to serve their own ends or put down/hate others. You guys are awesome and I really do appreciate the show and what you put into it. You don’t have to do it, but I think all of us who listen are genuinely grateful that you do.

          • Let me talk for myself Matt, because I don’t want the Narcissist getting his Panties in a bunch… Community is great…I have a great group of people I can go to and rely on…my 5,000 strong volunteer base of my Nonprofit…it’s amazing…they are there for me any time I need them…This can be a Nonprofit…it can be Church…it can be any number of things or organizations that are built on helping community. There is NOTHING wrong with holding Religious or Spiritual views or feelings. We all feel differently about these things and your opinion is a valid one that should be shared and heard with us and our listeners. Like you I have huge respect for any belief that inspires, helps or mentors others to open their hearts and minds…However I do not support the Ignorance or Arrogance of many within the religious system and feed off that, taking advantage of the weak minded. Let me tell you a short story…9/11…do you know where I was on that morning? I was in Church Matt…but why was I there? I was looking for understanding, I was looking for answers…I was looking for community, I was looking for support…I found it there in the same eyes as mine. We had all been there looking for God. MANY, MANY, MANY people had gone to Church that morning where as the day before 9/11 they hadn’t been to church for years or at all. When it comes our time, when we have nothing left and the end is near…We ask for forgiveness for the wrongs we have done and we ask that whatever may be out there that Mercy follows us. Don’t change the discussion Matt…stay the path.

  8. Bruce,
    I really like the show, however I am getting so tired of hearing the disparging comments that Wade makes about African-Americans. It really pissed me off listening to this podcast, hearing the comments he made about looting. Just stop! The show would be so much better if you stick to news that’s happening in Hawaii and different topics that the audience wants to hear about Hawaii. Afterall, that’s why I tune in to your podcast to hear about HAWAII.

    • I’m sorry you feel that way Tracey…but I don’t discriminate…I talk about Haole (Rednecks), Asian, Jews, Italians and Portuguese as well on this show, in negative as well as positive lights…and I think sometimes people take my words too seriously…I’m not going to talk for Bruce, but he jokes a lot as well…I was just looking for a response from Bruce when I brought up Black Looters and I got the response I was looking for. I am also well aware there had been Cuban and White American Looters as well in Florida, but they hadn’t been caught on film, just in images. Bruce and I are not the PC POLICE…we both say some things some vulgar things that push peoples buttons as well as our own. I’m not going to change the way I talk or my dark humor. BUT…We have discussed, as we move forward, keeping what we are taking about to what’s happening in Hawaii only unless it’s an event like the shooting in Vegas or some major event we need to address that does concern Hawaii in the end.

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