Bringing HAWAII Home

BRINGING HAWAII HOMEAfter visiting Hawaii and returning home or waiting to visit Hawaii again in the coming year it’s always a great thing to get you and your family in the mood. Prepping your Home for HAWAII no matter where you live, Canada, New York or England…it doesn’t matter winter or summer you can reach Paradise if you put a little time into your home. It can be done. Today we go over bringing Hawaii to you, into your life, into your home, your work place and into your soul…for the Aloha Spirit is anywhere you let it in. Moving back and forth from Hawaii to Boston several times I knew what it took to set my home up…to visualize paradise, to get me excited and prepare me and my mind for the move…If you only plan to visit Hawaii on vacation, but want to keep Hawaii in your life all year you can at least get your home into a peaceful place where Aloha is alive everyday. Your Home, your work even your car can be a place of Aloha and trust me…it will brush off on the people who feel and see it as well as you.

ONE WAY TICKET HOMEWe start this weeks Podcast talking once again about the Homeless situation and the idea of sending those who are not from here back to where they came. ONE WAY TICKETS was the best idea the State of Hawaii could come up with for 17,000 homeless…Most who are not from HAWAII! I feel those who have lived here all their lives, the Kama’aina and the Hawaiians SHOULD be helped in any way we can….but those coming here to live and used the system…They shouldn’t continue to be a burden on the state…they should go home, but once the National News got a hold of this Story they twisted it to shit and so the idea of sending these bums back home is a NO GO…so who suffers? The Homeless who have been born here and need the help the most! Again the State has FAILED it’s people!

KONA SKIN CAREWe also dive into a few other subject including a new PRODUCT LINE from Kona called “KONA SKIN CARE COMPANY” They have some great Products from TATTOO WAX PROTECTION and ENHANCER to MANGO CLEANSER and PINEAPPLE SCRUB! The products look great and Bruce and I intend to use them and update you guys, in the mean time check them out at:

WINNING SHIRTNEXT we put all your GREAT messages on AIR award the first 3 with Prizes and Bruce and I choose which Message is the best….and that one gets a WWH OFFICIAL GUIDE SHIRT! It really means a lot when you guys leave a message, give us feedback and let us know what you like, what you don’t like and give us advice as well…and if you guys don’t like my opinions well go #$%^ yourself…lol, JK….LOVE U GUYS! Keep sending us comments and questions…We just don’t hope we need to keep giving out FREE stuff all the time to get you excited on leaving us a message…from time to time we WILL give something FREE as a gift…but we just can’t do that all the time.

HAWAII HOME WITH YOUFINALLY…Our main subject…BRINGING HAWAII HOME…from Candles to Tropical Plants, perfumes, shampoos, painting your rooms tropical bright colors, Hawaiian furniture like bamboo and rattan, Nick Nacks around the house, Tiki Torches, wooden Tiki’s and Masks, Kona Coffee and Mac Nuts, Sea Shells to Coral as well as bedware and Island music…it’s truly endless what you can do back home to bring Hawaii to you and one more reason why you can be Lucky you live Hawaii no matter where you are!

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  1. Listening to this podcast as I’m typing. I’ve listened to Bruce’s other podcast for several years now. I love the length of this one, with you both being able to spend more time with the subject of the week.

    Comment – a podcast on getting a tattoo when on vacation is a great idea. When we were in Kauai last January, I received my first tattoo after a lot of research and planning. It would be good to go over how do you find the best artist for you (searching and reviewing the artist’s portfolios online) along with the importance of making and timing of an appointment with the artist you’ve chosen.

    Question – it appears that you two have a joint partnership with Wayde’s tours. Are there plans to expand that to the other islands?

    You two are great. Keep it up – your enthusiasm for where you live is fantastic. Living in Washington state, sometimes can have depressing weather, and your enthusiasm helps when we are socked in with our crappy weather!

    I’ve been to Maui three times and Kauai once. Our next family trip will be to the Big Island with perhaps a couple days at the start or end in Oahu in January 2015. Bruce – you have convinced me to look at your company to help with the planning.

    Once again, a big thank you.

    • Aloha Sheryl…YES, the plan is to do a Show on getting a Hawaiian Tattoo…We do have a Joint Partnership and we plan on growing it…we need to expand on Oahu first before we could ever expand to the other islands…The intentions are to Expand to Big Island next as Wayde wishes to live there one day…Maui and Kauai would be last and would involve Wayde’s guides, not him. This is BIG TALK in a ten step plan and Wayde is still on step one…lol

  2. Wayde seemed less than interested in the fact that I said I was moving to Maui.
    So just to address the common concern from locals when I mention that I’m relocated to Maui. The concern is here is some other mainlander coming here, taking a jobs from people already here. Asking people for help so that they can get settled.

    Well usually people calm down once they realize that I already have a job and don’t intend to take one from a well deserving local. So if anything, I’ll be bringing money to the economy in a responsible manner. Supporting local (more affordable) businesses not just the hotel chains and airlines.

    • Ken…lol…You know I was just fooling around…I guess you have to hand out with me over some Beers at the Kona Brew Co….Maui is a BEAUTIFUL island to move to so you picked a good one…Maui is like Oahu was about 20 years ago…so Maui won’t becoming an Oahu anytime soon…you’ll love Maui overall as the perfect island, but while here, take some trips, like on 3 day weekends to the other islands and even visit us, Bruce and I here on Oahu and Bruce will set you guys up and we WILL sit and talk story at Kona and just chillax with you guys. As for this entire “I ALREADY HAVE A JOB AND DON’T INTEND TO TAKE ONE FROM A WELL DESERVING LOCAL” Turth is…more then likely…a Local couldn’t or wouldn’t do the Job you have anyway…so the truth is they don’t care about that fact…So it’s really not an issue…sortah like a “NON FACTOR” anyways. I don’t know why you are so CONCERNED about this for you and your family Ken…you shouldn’t even be thinking of little foolish things like this…really…no one cares that you are coming here and getting a job. I would say only a very small percentage of MIXED HAPA (Hawaiian/something else) uneducated locals would even care or give a damn, and the only reason they would give a damn is because they hate the world and themselves…The last of the HAWAIIANS and many of the Asian population don’t have any problem with you coming here and being a part of the Hawaiian Community…you are loved and welcome here as long as you DO THE FOLLOWING: CONTRIBUTE POSITIVELY to HAWAII, RESPECT the HISTORY of HAWAII, DO GOOD in the COMMUNITY, VOLUNTEER with your FAMILY a few times a MONTH, show OTHERS your love FOR HAWAII, TEACH AND PREACH ALOHA, TREAT HAWAII as you would TREAT YOUR FAMILY and HOME. Do that Ken and you will be respected and Loved by all here 😉

    • Lucky you! Be sure to visit Lapperts Ice Cream in Coconut Marketplace.. their Kauai Pie Ice Cream is very yummy. I didn’t find any cupcakes on the ianlsd and I did look. HoloCharters does a great sunset dinner cruise.. the crew are so nice! Anini beach we swam with Honu, great snorkeling there. Quiet beach. Enjoy.. soak up some rays for me

  3. Guys
    Still playing catch up on your podcasts due me working offshore with a crap internet connection.
    Anyway I am currently listening to the podcast about bringing hawaii home. I think I am doing a pretty good job. I think I told Bruce about the Roy Tabora artwork (Link that I bought a few years ago when I was on Oahu, which is hung in our living room with some dried out Lei’s including the ones Bruce arranged for our honeymoon in April this year, there are also a couple of kukui nut leis I was given and some shell leis we were given at paradise cove (maybe we should not have brought them home as i know it’s bad luck to remove anything like that from the Islands. Oh Well, not had any bad luck so far. But maybe we will return them in 2015 when we return to Kauai and Maui.)
    I have also grown two Ti Plants from scratch using those little root cuttings you can pic up at the ABC stores, they are growing really well and love them, we have one by the front door and one in the kitchen too. I also buy my Kona Beers from a beer merchant in London who sends it to me via DHL, although it is probably brewed on the US mainland it still tastes authentic! Lastly, I buy a ton of coffee (vanilla and macadamia nut ) and sometimes treat my self to the peabody or 100% Kona. I am hoping my latest order will arrive soon as I am running low. I drink my coffee out of a tiki man mug which looks as the same as Waydes I remember seeing in one of your vidz.
    Oh and then there is my Tattoo – A Tiki man with a nice polynesian design I had done by a superb guy that was at Tattoolicious on Oahu, he has just opened a place in Vegas, but think he still come back to Oahu. His Name is Alex Mck Vinson.
    Hope I haven’t bored you too much with little bit of Hawaii here in England 🙂

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