We’ll admit…We are NO EXPERTS when it comes to Children….and when it comes to MOVING Children to Hawaii we seriously don’t really have a clue except that it’s DAMN HARD to take care of more mouths to feed than your own. So we made an effort to get someone on the show who is actually doing it….Jason Otero of New York. Jason’s Wife, Emily Garcia and their two kids left the East Coast behind almost a year ago and have made Hawai’i Nei their home! We sit down with Jason and get his story on the issues and challenges his Ohana has been dealing with and the HUGE Payoff and Reward he sees with living the dream in the Aloha State!


If you are interested in following Jason and his Wife’s Podcast please see link below and a brief description of it:


Aloha! We are the Garcia-Oteros—husband and wife, parents of 2 beautiful boys, and graphic designers. In 2013, we wanted to make a big change in our life. We craved new challenges, adventure and a tropical environment. Our intuition was right; after a year of planning, we moved our family and graphic design business from New York to the Hawai‘ian Islands, site unseen. Living in Oahu has become a dream come true. We never expected our move to paradise to wash away the financial or parenting quandaries we face, but it has broadened our means in which to interconnect as a family and with the awe inspiring outdoors. We created this website and our podcast GO in order to connect with others who have or want to make big changes in their lives. We look forward to hearing from you. Contact us or check out Our Podcast page and Field Journal for our most recent posts. Mahalo for visiting our site. For additional information about our studio, Art & Anthropology, please see below. 


Design is our desire. We love the process, collaboration, creation, and the promotion of it. Design and purpose ignite connectivity, bridge experiences and enrich relationships. For 15 years, we have channelled collaborations and creative epiphanies through graphic design. Art & Anthropology was founded on the principles that great design is the synthesis of human expression and connectivity. The work of the studio has been featured in numerous publications including Print Magazine, HOW, Mistakeism, Art of Promotion, and Touch Graphics: The Power of Tactile Design. Please visit our website at to view our portfolio or contact us for additional information.



20 thoughts on “Bringing CHILDREN to HAWAII

  1. Another fun episode guys, thanks. Jason gave some good info on moving, it was almost the opposite of all the reasons it didn’t make sense for me to try. I felt less like a timid loser and more like a grown up who made a good decision. Also, it was interesting to hear Frank’s side of the saga, two totally different but believable stories. You guys absolutely did the right thing, even if it turns out to be unnecessary in the end, just you being good guys!

    • I still think we did the right thing…I personally don’t trust Franks story to be on the up and up…There is WWOOFING and thier isn’t…this was mostly Slave work…75% being chores around the house…that’s no way WWOOFING!

  2. I’m fully on board with the desire to be more positive. There is so much negative crap out there, let’s make this a place residents can come, discuss the facts and be uplifted. Obviously you can’t always have a great interview lined up.

    Speaking of Jason, great hearing that someone else’s hair-brained scheme to move to Hawaii was crazier than mine. Its all about the drive. Best statement of the show was why wait until you’re 65 to make it happen? I had so many people that were telling me to wait, work hard and retire in style.
    I see so many people on this island that are just here because they did just that.

    Jason if you ever want to chat, let me know. I don’t specialize in web design, I’m more back-end programming and web app development so I’d love to team up with someone that has the eye for front-end design.

    • Hair-brained is spot on but it’s still the best decision ever. We had a lot of emotional support but there where definitely a few instances of people sharing there thoughts about “how irresponsible the whole idea was.” I’m not sure about you but this first year has been A TON of work but well worth the benefit of living and dreaming NOW.

      I do have a need for some project support. I’m working on a website (Bootstrap/Node). IS that something you do?

    • Ken…next interview or not…We’ll stay positive…There is all this negative around us…but even so…there are always great things to talk about…you got something you would like us to discuss let us know!

  3. Great show guys!!! I’m really loving Bruce’s one-liners lately, especially the “and how’s everything with you Bruce, I’m fine how are you?” lol. That was classic. So I wanted to say congrats on the new Jeep and the success that you guys are having growing the business. I’m really looking forward to booking a trip when I come out again.

    The story that Jason shared about renting was eye opening. Its insane the types of waiting lists there are. I’m really glad you guys are producing these podcasts bc it definitely has put the challenges into perspective for me about moving. For now, I think I will continue to be a vacationer and research hikes I can do while there. Anyway, here are my questions:

    1) How much coffee did that guy drink before coming on the show, man was he talking a mile a minute!?

    2) I’m following 808 cleanups on Instagram and they are super active, did Wayde create 808 Cleanups?

    3) Did Wayde create VH07V clothing company, I see that you rep it a lot and your jeeps are featured on their Instagram?

    4) Totally off topic, there was a guy that Wayde hiked with on many of his first youtube videos, Dave I believe his name is. He always wore a Boston Hat. You should bring him on the show to talk hiking podcast pt 2!

    That’s all for this week. Job well done gentleman.


    • Xavier: the scary thing is not much coffee at all. 🙂 Truth be told, I was pretty excited to be on the show and once you are around Bruce and Wayde it’s hard to not be yourself. My wife and I are very passionate about helping people live their lives now and not putting off your “happiness” until later. When have the chance to tell our story we are super enthusiastic about how it might inspire someone else to do the same.

    • Sounds like Jason didn’t have much coffee, but shit…I DID! As for 808 CLEANUPS…YES and NO as to Creating it…Yes I created the “CONCEPT” and was the “FIRST FOUNDER” of 808 CLEANUPS, but I didn’t come up with the name itself, but I did design the Logo…Lets go back before 808 CLEANUPS was Born…I was the first to create a group that was sick of Hawaii being Trashed with Litter and Tagging so I created a Group called “HALT” Hawaii Against Litter and Tagging…I put the group together and we started to build it up on Facebook, but we kept the Group PRIVATE…I didn’t want to hike and snorkel anymore around Graffiti and Trash! I really didn’t want my Tour guests to see it as they continued to ask me why do people trash Hawaii…I was getting sick of that question as I had nothing to say to my guests as to why… With HALT I put everything in MOTION…The group grew in members and I brought on several close Hiker friends to lead it with me…one of them had been thinking that it was growing too fast so we needed to create a PUBLIC Group that wasn’t in the shadows…808 CLEANUPS was born…We are now forming it into a nonprofit and I’m on the Board of Directors. We wil continue to grow and add new Task Forces to it…including making HALT Public finally to deal with the Urban sprawl of Tagging and Graffiti on our natural surfaces and businesses…as well as ALOHA KE KAI which takes care of the ocean…as well as VHC HAWAII…The “VOLUNTEER HIKER CORPS” Hawaii which will clean our hiking trails and do Search and Rescue. NO…I did not create VH07V…a friend of mine did named “Edward Sugimoto” he sponsors us and give us Shirts and Stickers for our Tours and Jeeps…so he gives us love on his Instagram page as well…We help each other…it’s Aloha! We hope to have ED on the show to talk about his brand as some point, but he is super busy and currently trying to get on SHARK TANK to blow up his brand around the world! As for the guy that was in my early videos…he was also in my last…he’s been in many of them…He always had a BOSTON HAT on because he’s my BROTHER, Jeff…lol…He lives with me here in Hawaii…His life has become very busy and that’s why he was missing from many of my videos as well. I have become very busy with my Tours and that is one of the reason, of many, that I have stopped making videos…I just don’t have time…plus I needed to step away…I was losing my desire…it happens to the best of us…but I’m getting that ITCH AGAIN…it’s been a year since I made a Video…I’m thinking of coming back soon and making new ones!!! Mahalo Xavier for your questions…anytime, Aloha Nui~

  4. Nice show and great energy guys. Listening to Jason’s story had me thinking about the two of you and hearing about your individual stories. I know you’ve touched on it in previous shows, but it would be cool to hear a more in depth version of how you both made it happen, etc. Thanks again for all you do.

    • SD….sounds like a good idea…but we’ll do a few POSITIVE SHOWS first before we go deep into our own crazy lives…that will be an interesting podcast for sure…but great idea! Can I ask you to please post some questions for us for that podcast when we talk about our journey to Hawaii? that would be helpful SD…Mahalo~

      • I think the pivotal moments, those details, are what I’m most interested in. As I’ve looked back in my own journey, I’ve seen how someone helped me here or there, or there was a break in a job or getting the right apartment, or whatever. Sometimes we accomplish things on very little income too, and pull off great things anyway, that kind of thing. Bruce said he started out in radio, and you moved out with some friends, but now he seems quite successful. And you’re well on your way too. There must have been some pivotal moments that took everything to another level. Pretty sure nobody is living off a trust fund, ha! Didn’t Bruce get an sweet deal on his house? How in the world did he make that connection? You’ve both been really blessed that the journey you’ve taken has turned out so well.

        • SD….You make some Awesome points…We will be doing a future show on our FAILURES and SUCCESS stories of coming to Hawaii…What we did before Hawaii and where we are today. What some may not know is we BOTH could have very easily been dead today and not even be here. Should be an interesting Podcast for sure!

  5. Thank you for this episode! I have been listening to the podcast for a little over a year. I love hearing the open and frank information and opinions you give about island life.

    There is a possibility that my family will have the opportunity to move to Oahu in summer of 2016. It was great to hear a testimony of a family who has done the move with young kids. The prospect of our possible move is so exciting that we’ve been researching everything we can since 2013. It would be such a great opportunity to give our kids (to experience cultural diversity and nature, among other things).

    We’ve been getting such negative feedback from family and friends about living in Hawaii (“You know no one will visit you, right?” or “It’s sad that you would choose to NOT give your kids a typical American upbringing.” or “You are romanticizing the idea of living in a tropical area. It’s probably going to be a terrible experience.” or “Why would you do this to your kids? It’s beyond selfish!”). So, the positive perspective was so refreshing and uplifting to hear.

    Thanks again for the episode!

    • Don’t listen to your friends and family back home…they just don’t want you to have an AWESOMER LIFE than them! If they truly loved you they would support you 100% in all that you do…they may toss in some caution…but still support you in the end! My favorite every year is sending the people who doubted me christmas cards from Hawaii…it’s the biggest middle finger you can send them…without actual flipping them the bird…lol

  6. I have a few suggestions for future shows:

    1. Geology of Hawaii – topics can include formation of the islands, how volcanoes were formed, major Hawaiian Islands versus the atolls, the new island being formed outside of BI, mountain ranges etc.

    2. The Pearl Harbor story and conspiracies – so this show wouldn’t be about tours going there, but more so about the general story, the impacts the event had on the island from a construction, militarization, etc, and conspiracy theories.

    3. The best tiki bars and restaurants in Hawaii

    4. Oceanology, Astrology, Meteorology Hawaii – topics can include all of the best ways to capture a unique experience in the categories

  7. Big fan of your shows guys! I started listening to your podcasts a couple weeks ago when I found out I’ll be moving to Oahu this summer. The info you two provide is helping my wife and I make decisions on where we want to live as well as what we can get involved in when we get there. We’ve heard and read how bad the traffic is and I’m wondering how it compares with DC (where we currently live). My coworkers one-way commute times average about an hour… but two hours is not uncommon. Is there a website or other resource that lists legit travel times on Oahu? GoogleMaps has a traffic function (see link below) that says the drive from the Zoo to Pearl Harbor for instance is 25-35 minutes at 8:00 AM. 26-35 minutes for Kailua to Pearl Harbor. Do those estimates sound roughly accurate? We’re trying to maximize the time we have to hike, bike, dive, kayak, etc, while living close to the water.


    • Those time are off maybe by 10 mins…from Zoo to Pearl Harbor would be like 35-45 mins at 8:00am. Best thing is just to not live on the westside…that’s when times get into the 2 hour range for commutes. Honolulu, Oahu has the 3RD WORST TRAFFIC in the Nation…worse than DC…if there is a car crash or death add an hour or more to those times.

  8. Thank you for the invite to listen to your podcast.. It is very informative, and I will continue to listen to get ideas, and hear realistic perspectives on relocating to Hawaii..


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