Boomeranging in HAWAII


People come and go from Hawaii all the time…Either you stay for the rest of your life or you leave forever…Now…for a long time it has been the Yin and the Yang for a long time now…but we are starting to see more and more what we call the “BOOMERANGING EFFECT”.  Yes…Those who come to Hawaii…leave Hawaii and once again return…sometimes several times before it for good…but in the end they always return and when they return for the final time…it’s for the rest for their life.

BOOMERANGING HAWAII LIFE is one of the hardest things to do…it takes great CONVICTIONS and a DEEP SEEDED PASSION to be a BOOMERANGER in Hawaii…but Wayde has done it, several others we know have done it and out Guest today has done it…
brittToday we welcome to our show Brit Young, Britt  first moved to Hawaii in 1997, urged by her (then) boyfriend, now husband, Rob, to come live here in paradise. After a year trying to break into the news business, unsuccessfully, she and Rob moved to Idaho. After two years there, they were asked to come back to Hawaii and work at KGMB. There, Britt worked as a news reporter and meteorologist for about 5 years. After the birth of her first child, she decided to leave the business and go to graduate school to pursue a masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. She and Rob moved to the mainland for 8 years to pursue his career in real-estate development, and Britt worked as a therapist. However, the opportunity arose for them to return to Hawaii this past April–and they grabbed it! Since they’ve been back, Britt has been a producer at PBS and a blog-writer for Hawaii Aloha Travel and plans to keep on writing–even after she establishes her own therapy practice.  She shares her very interesting story about how her and her family moved here 3 times!! This time it’s defiantly for good! If you’re thinking about moving to Hawaii this podcast is a MUST LISTEN!! Britt shares the ups and downs of settling down in Hawaii and how having the support of her husband made all the difference.

16 thoughts on “Boomeranging in HAWAII

  1. I was born and raised in Hawaii and I left when I was 18 years old to join the military.
    I couldn’t stay away long. 1 1/2 years after I left I came back. Later got married to a military guy and left again. The marriage didn’t work out we separated and I went back to Hawaii again and stayed a long time.

    Then I moved to Los Angeles almost 12 years ago and this year, I want to move back for good since most of my family and friends are there.

    I was just telling my co-worker yesterday I can’t stay here another year. I am ready to come back home. Just need more money and to find a job ; )

  2. Desperate to move to Hawaii but live in the uk so visa would be really expensive. Visited last year and I think about coming back every day. Your podcast keeps keeps the nostalgia going so thank you. One day I’ll come back and hope for longer than 3 weeks

  3. Great show, Thanks Britt for the great information. Both me and my wife (Gul) have start looking for condos for our upcoming trip to Oahu in June or July. Can,t wait Bruce please let me know if you have anything condos available at north shore side our only requirement is it has to be on water and ground floor 😉 .

    • Im sure Bruce saw this…not sure if he has condos on the North Shore, but he does in Waikiki…really good spot…prime spot…away from the crowds actually. The entire thing with being on the water and grownd floor…why pay all the extra money for a place you won’t even be in except at night…when the water is a few steps away from most Condos and Hotels anyway…I always see people wasting their money on the wrong things when coming to hawaii…don’t be those people.

  4. Opening the app and finding a new podcast is always like a gift. You two have become friends on my long work drives. I love listening to you both chatter about daily life happenings on the Island. Neither one of you are annoying and you have a great dynamic and respect for each other. We would love to move to the Hawaii, the Big Island when kids go to college. If not financially able, our second choice is to leave SoCal and move to Idaho ( supposed to be up there with Hawaii on the happiness scale for retirees). With the money we save, hoping to be able to live in Hawaii for about a month each year. Just wanted to thank you guys.

  5. We are hoping to be boomerangers soon. We moved there for a year in 2013 and moved back to Canada but we are miserable and want to come back so bad. Getting a job offer is my top priority and as soon as that happens we will BOOMERANG back to paradise.

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