Today we talk with BRIAN BERUSCH, a story teller who’s had numerous creative works appear in some of the world’s leading consumer magazines. He’s consulted for popular brands in hospitality and media  as a Publisher, Producer, Screenwriter and On-air correspondent.

A lot of people just go through the motions when on vacation and just behave like “tourists”.  Brian shares with us the concept of being The Traveler, not the Tourist  espcially when traveling for work and writing assignments. We agree with that when it comes to visiting Hawaii too;  bring the approach as Brian suggests, don’t discover new places as a Tourist, but as a Traveler who visits new locations with a desire to grow and learn from the local culture and people.  Invest in the community and you’ll feel more a part of it than a Tourist does who leaves no impact on the place they just left.  One of the best things about living or visiting Hawaii is the impact you leave behind while here or after you leave.

If you want to see some really creative work, check out his company Story House Hawaii He also has an amazing blog loaded with helpful information about Hawaii called B on Hawaii.

26 thoughts on “Be a TRAVELER, not a TOURIST.

  1. I liked what Brian said about owning vs renting in Hawaii. Ive often thought that if you can afford what you want to live in Honolulu then investing in real estate for rental purposes on another island or a studio in Waikiki is a viable option. When we lived in Honolulu we kept our home on the mainland and rented it out so that our time we spent renting in Honolulu didn’t feel like a financial loss because we continued to accrue equity in a great market in Canada. Brian’s perspective sounds like a healthy positive way to look at it.

    • Yeah, Brian makes a lot of sense…but Big Island living is VERY POSSIBLE as it’s till relatively cheap for many people…those who live on Oahu are now packing up and leaving for the Island of HAWAII so they don’t have to leave for the mainland which would make them leave Hawaii completely, no one born here wants to do that…it’s very sad and Oahu is only going to get more and more expensive…unfortunately…Those Running Oahu have no FUCKING IDEA what is coming down the pipe…I have been saying it and seeing it for a while…Complete and utter collapse of the middle class on Oahu, over development, over population as well as a major Housing crisis and last…a Tourist CRISIS because at some point in the near future Tourism will Halt and start to decline on Oahu…The word is already going around…Vacationers are NOT HAPPY with what has happened to Oahu and their OVER DEVELOPMENT as well as OVER CROWDING and COSTS to come to Oahu…AT SOME POINT travelers will CHOOSE the other Hawaiian islands over Oahu because Oahu will no longer feel like HAWAII, it will be just another overpopulated City by the sea with shopping and housing for the rich…this will devastate the economy on Oahu from the top to the bottom…no one will be saved…the poor, the middle class, the rich…small and large business owner…This is why I can’t say enough…NOW IS THE TIME to buy property on the BIG ISLAND…next year alone there will be a 5% jump in Property there…Numbers don’t lie…People are moving to the other islands to start a better life where they can actually live without stress and raise a family in comfort…Today I see nothing positive on buying anything on Oahu…invest in the other islands.

  2. Aloha boyz,

    Do you guys have a Twitter account? Would like to add your social media accounts. Hope business is doing well.

  3. Another great guest. Keep up the good work. Every once in a while I drive by a property for sale here and it gets me thinking, man maybe I should start figuring out how to save to buy a house here, then I come to my senses. Sure renting can be a hassle but if you find a good landlord, it’s really one less thing I have to stress about.

    A question I had is regarding the state of Hawaii tax returns! Going on two months I’ve been waiting. These bums would make me pay interest if I owed and hadn’t paid them by now. Is it always like this?

  4. Aloha gentleman. I have a few comments about the podcast. First, please don’t be hesitant to say aloha on the show. You guys are true ambassadors who love Hawaii and have earned the privilege to share that with your listeners. One bad movie shouldn’t make you question the amazing things you gentleman do.
    Second, the gentleman’s comment about living in the farm house for four days as his way of connecting with Italy is the same thought track I had when deciding to stay in Kailua when I visit Oahu. Now I know Wayde hates Kailua, but from my perspective, shopping at the local grocery instead of an abc store or driving back from a day trip through the neighborhoods really gave me a tiny glimpse of what life could be like if I lived there. For me that is a memory that will last a life time.

    As always, thank you for being the best part of my week.


    • Hold up there X MAN! I never said I HATE Kailua….I HATE what’s HAPPENED to Kailua….HUGE Difference…I love every place I go to and visit in Hawaii…I just hate what has happened to many places that once had been and had a really small town feel…I’m sure you heard…Waimanalo Beach and Town is NOW # 1 in some books and have been put as #1 by DR. BEACH…well…The Kanaka Maoli, who make up 50% of those living in Waimanalo, are NOT too happy about Haole’s telling Haoles to visit their little secret town and beach…Unlike Kailua and Lanikai which have mostly Haoles running and living in those areas, Waimanalo doesn’t…that’s why shit is going to hit the fan if Waimanalo becomes more popular…THE LOCALS won’t allow it…remember…Most of Waimanalo is HOMESTEAD LAND for Hawaiians…they had been kicked out, off the beaches and their fishing grounds by the Haole…they won’t let them take over their beach as well…A battle will be brewing soon in Waimanalo…mark my words.

  5. Hey guys, amazing podcast. I’ve just discovered it and listen to 8-10 episodes a week on my hour long commute to and from work. I am finally moving to Oahu August 11th so your podcast has been very helpful and entertaining as well. This has been a wish of mine since fishing alone at dawn on Maui in 2011. This huge Hawaiian native comes walking down the beach towards me, we were the only two people on the beach, and we stood there and chatted for fifteen minutes. At the end of our conversation he says hey man what’s your story? I said “well I just bled out in Mt. Sinai and they resuscitated me two months ago.” He gives me the biggest grin in the world and says ” Bro now you’re HERE.” He walks off and we never even swapped names. I’ve been to twenty eight countries but I knew right then I wanted to move to Hawaii.

    Anyway I’m moving to Hawaii Kai and as there will be a revolving door of visitors so I want to send a lot of business your way.

    You guys are the greatest. I worked kinda hard for a half year to get my dog set to move, find a place to live, figure out selling my stuff here etc and it’s all coming together. You guys have been great basically confirming most of what I learned so far and definitely enlightening me to some new things I should be aware of.

    • SUCH AWESOME NEWS BRAH! So…Get settled in…and give yourself some time to ajust and we can get you on the show…Tell us a little more about your story…and who you are moving with etc..job…etc…all the good stuff…we would like to hear…Mahalo!

      • Sounds great. I’ll be in touch. And all my friends are already asking about what to do while they’re here so there’ll be a lag then I’ll send business your way.

  6. Hey guys, finally got a chance to leave a comment after listening for over a year. So my story (briefly) – First came to Oahu in 2013 for 3 months as a contractor for temporary work at one of the refineries here. Literally knew next to nothing about Hawaii but I ended up falling in love with the raw beauty of the island. I did a lot of mountain biking and even some hikes after I discovered Wayde’s world poor mans guides to Hawaii videos on YouTube. Which I think you’ve now taken a lot of them down. (Bad for business? Lol). I ended up traveling to Kauai and the big island. I even made a short video of my Kauai trip.
    Anyhow after coming back to the mainland my girlfriend and I decided to move to Hawaii permanently. We started planning watching the housing market, traffic, job hunting etc and choosing a location and last May we took the leap. We are here living in Kaneohe with our dog (pain in the butt to fly dogs here btw) and it may not be the perfect picture we envisioned but it’s pretty damn close. We’re happy here. The daily commute on the H3 through the ko’olau’s is breathtaking.
    We have been fortunate to find careers – she’s working for an major architecture firm in Honolulu. We are doing alright but it does seem a little scary when thinking about raising a family here, day care, schooling, and the additional living space needed all come with higher costs and the prospect of owning a home is still many many years away. So we have a long way to go but we are still holding on to the dream of living in paradise.
    Mahalos to you guys for doing a great job with the podcast and keeping it real and honest.

    • BRENT! Why did it take so long to reach out to us??? The GOOD NEWS…You have been here for a little while…THE “ONE YEAR ITCH” as they say…Looks like you made it brah! LETS GET YOU ON THE SHOW!!! Reach out to us if you guys are interested…We would LOVE TO HEAR yout story…Im sure the listeners would!!! As for taking down a lot of my Videos…YES…I DID…There are reasons…I was causing more harm than good with them, but it took me a while to figure that out and take some Kuleana for it…I removed about 20 videos or so…mainly because it was causing too much foot traffic in places there shouldn’t be any…illegal hikes as well and hidden spots…I was the DEATH of my own SUCCESS!It was a great Advertising tool, but was it worth Profiting off the Aina for it? In the end I said NO, and I also just stopped making videos…Maybe I will start up again, but right now I am working on a GoFundMe project to try to bring a docu-series to Hawaii and do it in a respectful way for Hawaii and it’s people.

      • Well Im glad I had a chance to see all those videos before you took em down. Before we moved there the first time I must have watched those videos over and over a million times.

  7. Always great hearing about personal stories and especially about the love for the islands that brings us all together. But I have some thoughts on the whole “aloha” discussion. Bruce, please don’t overanalyze the use of the word too much. I know you want to be on the good side of everyone and be politically correct, but the woman you gave too much air time to is nuts. Exclusionary, divisive rules for language accomplish nothing. It only makes a very, very small number of people feel they are better than everyone else, and only for the purpose of gaining an advantage over others. Ultimately it only breads resentment and exclusion.

    There’s racism evident in Hawaii, in part, because of this perpetuation of divisiveness. Think about anywhere else in the world if a group of Germans or Swedes or Italians or whoever, claimed to be the real natives of that country (and even if it were true) and asserted themselves as the pure bloods, and deserving of special laws and perks. The rest of the people would be outraged. On the extreme side, you get Nazis. It’s a slippery slope.

    Cultures change. Languages change. Maybe 1000 years from now, people will consider the Japanese native Hawaiians? It’s not too crazy to speculate. This is human history and how our species evolve over time. The truth is that we are all emigrants (even the Kanaka Maoli) and we all have a right to claim Hawaii or any other place, our home.

    • SD…well…I don’t think Bruce will agree with you on all that talk of yours…I don’t agree with what you said either…if you have some direct questions you would like to ask us on this subject go ahead and we will get to them on our next podcast, but it’s Wed, so get those questions in. As for 1,000 years from now…You implying that the Japanese will be Kanaka? That’s just insensitive nonsense…I’m not even sure the Human Race will be here in 1,000 years…What people outside Hawaii and people who move here don’t get…Once the Kanaka are gone…The Aloha is gone…until you live here…until you eat with, breath, hike, swim and converse with Kanaka you will just never get that. The Native Hawaiians, the Kanaka Maoli…they are the Blood Cells of Aloha…they carry it from one end of the islands to the other…They are the ancestral spirits of love on the islands…The mana is the breathing soul of the islands…the tradewinds, the aina, the kai…The Spirit of Aloha only came with the Kanaka…and when they are gone…so will the aloha be gone. Like the Native Americans, The Native Hawaiians never was given a choice on what happened to them, their people or their aina…it was forced upon them and it was only a little over 50 years ago that the US made Hawaii a State so it continues to be FRESH on the Kanaka’s mind…Kanaka continue to see their land raped and destroyed while at the same time a silent genocide is being carried out across the aina as Kanaka continue to decline. There are so few Kanaka, that the United States is SO EMBARRASSED of this Genocide that they have only recently choosen to include a generalization of what a Kanaka or native Hawaii is since 2010…HOW DO YOU GO from 10,000 Kanaka in 2003 to 500,000 in 2010??? IMPOSSIBLE! There are said to be between 5,000 and 8,000 Kanaka Maoli left…You may just get your wish soon SD…You can go to your fake Haole Luau with pale skin Japanese doing Hula soon, maybe the menu will consists of Sushi as well. I’m sure the place will be full of Aloha and Mana…

      • Here’s the thing. My comment doesn’t mean I wish for anything. I love Hawaii and it’s history and culture. I deeply respect the Kanaka Maoli. But I don’t believe that they (or anyone) are the only ones who have the spirit of aloha. Again, what I have a different view on is the exclusionary aspect of this argument. The idea that only some people are allowed to be this, to feel that, to claim that. I just don’t buy it. That’s my take. Why? Because I feel more aloha, and live more aloha than many of those who can claim to be of that ancestry. That won’t leave me. And it won’t leave you or Bruce or anyone else who has made Hawaii their home. Nobody has a right to tell me I can’t use the word aloha. That’s just silly. Words and meanings evolve. And we are all mixed and hybrid peoples now.

        Personally, I believe aloha means love. And that is universal. Nobody has an exclusive right on sharing kindness, being neighborly, living righteously, spreading love, etc.

        I hope the Kanaka Maoli thrive and are not lost or forgotten. My comment about the Japanese in 1000 years was simply an example of a trend that is obvious. They are the biggest demographic now in Hawaii. Who knows what history will say in the future if that statistic continues? Just an observation. The Kanaka Maoli were likely from Tahiti (or some other area) prior to coming to Hawaii too. Did they claim they were Tahitian for 100 years? We don’t know. Did it take 500 years before history decided they were native? This is what I’m trying to get across. Time isn’t static. People emigrate and cultures change. Everyone has been assimilating for a very long time. For better or worse, that’s just how the world evolves.

        I like what Jefferson said: “I am increasingly persuaded that the earth belongs exclusively to the LIVING and that one generation has no more right to bind another to it’s laws and judgments than one independent nation has the right to command another.”

  8. Hi there! I just found your podcast a couple days ago and I have been listening to them nonstop since! We are in the process of getting all our ducks in a row to move to Maui. We own our own business and it is all online based. We first went to Hawaii (Oahu) for our honeymoon back in 2008 and we immediately fell in love with the beauty of both the land and the people. We have since travelled to Kauai and now Maui a few times. Two years ago we made the decision that we would move to Maui. We feel that this is the perfect time in our lives to do so (no kids and all our income is online based). Saying all of that, we will definitely be renting a home vs. buying. I love what Brian says about this. It is exactly what I have been feeling regarding the real estate market in Hawaii.

    Anyway, I love listening to your podcasts and can’t wait to listen to more! We are taking our time getting everything ready to make the move and do it right! Thanks for all the info and work you put into doing these. I will be donating 🙂

    • Aloha Danielle!! Sorry it took so long to get your post up and big mahalo for the donation!! Wayde and I are going to talk about your post on the next show, we took a break this week and will have a brand new show up on Thursday!! I think Maui is a great choice but we’ll get into more detail on the show.

    • Mahalo for supporting the Show Daniele!!! Maui or any island, but Oahu would be best to move to…if you got a online Biz or clients from the mainland, that’s even better!

      • Hi Wayde! You’re welcome for the support 🙂 You guys work hard and deserve it! Yep, all our income is online based. Our main business is my jewelry business – It’s nice to know we could move pretty much anywhere we’d like as long as there’s a post office 🙂 Maui has really called out to us though so that is ultimately where we would like to move to. Oahu was just too much like a big city for us. We want somewhere that’s in the middle. Not too laid back like Kauai and not too busy like Oahu. I think we found the perfect middle of the road island in Maui!

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