HAWAII…who doesn’t dream of moving to Paradise, right? Well, for many they don’t believe it’s possible, however story after story we prove that’s not the case here at the LUCKY WE LIVE HAWAII Podcast. If you have the passion and determination to make Hawaii Nei your home…there is very little things that can stop…except yourself!

Today we talk with two amazing people…one who has moved here and one that is moving in the near future…We’ll hear both sides of a move to Hawaii…and for those who are NOT American citizens the Story of PAUL THOMPSON from Canada may just hit home to many wanting to move to Hawaii, but are not american citizens. We’ll also be hearing from EILEEN LINTAO…making the big move from the BIG APPLE to the BIG PINEAPPLE…lol.

Paul Thompson is a Canadian I.T. professional who had a dream to live in Hawaii since he was a young boy. Paul and his wife Lisa and daughter made that dream a reality not once but twice. Moving to Hawaii can be challenging enough even if you are an American citizen but as a Canadian it was even more of a challenge. Paul and his family first moved here in 2013 but family reasons took them back to the mainland. After 2 years back on the mainland and the strong desire to live in Hawaii still present, they moved back to Hawaii again in 2016 to continue the adventure. 

if you want to see what Paul’s up to check him out on IG: Palliser1

Eileen Lintao is one of the few folks that took her dream of Hawaii living and made it a reality in only a few months! She traded her Wall St job and the cold winters for sunny warm weather and relaxed lifestyle. Hear what inspired her to make the big move.


Why you should BOYCOTT HAWAII #boycotthawaii

#boycotthawaii…Let me say that again HASH TAG BOYCOTT HAWAII!

It’s about time we look into this Travel Ban our President has put forth as HAWAII is once again front and center with the 9th circuit court of appeals as they have BLOCKED the attempt to make this Travel Ban a reality once again!

Its seems like people feel we should be BOYCOTTING HAWAII because Hawaii’s courts have Blocked a ban to stop the EVIL MUSLIM TERRORISTS from entering our Great United States of America!

Sounds legit right? DAMN RIGHT…and we AGREE! There SHOULD be a BAN…and you SHOULD boycott Hawaii….We give a S#IT load of evidence on why you SHOULD Boycott Hawaii! Hawaii is a nasty vile place of scum and villainy…Don’t come here Mainlanders…it’s an evil, evil place of Sun, Sea and Rainbows where Birds sing to you, Palm trees sway in the trade winds and pineapples and coconuts grow a-muck all around you…trust us…no one likes too much of that kind of CRAZY S#IT!

Hopefully with this podcast we’ll save every HAOLE from ever having to travel to Hawaii again!





Hawaii Island Dreaming

Dreaming of Moving to HAWAII ISLAND?

Well Beth Balik is HAWAII ISLAND DREAMING…She plans on moving soon to the Big Island and after following our podcast, learning and educating herself and doing her research she is fully prepared to make the move to Paradise and see if Hawaii is the place for her.

Listen in on our podcast this week and find out Beth’s intentions and thinking as she makes her move to HAWAII ISLAND!

We had a lot of comments come in this week so we’ll be going over them and the News as well as Hawaii being the first state to take Trumps Travel Ban to court…Naturally Bruce Bitches about the Travel ban and calls Wayde a raciest…but it’s not the first time Wayde’s been called that is it…lol.

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Aloha everyone…I need to ask for some ALOHA from all of you…My dear friend and a man I highly respect and love, Unko George Kalilikane has been sharing his love and aloha at Pokai Bay for many years teaching FREE Paddle Board lessons and sharing his mana, love and knowledge at the bay.

There was once a man named Duke Kahanamoku who was the Ambassador of Aloha…Today this generation has been Blessed with Unko George…What Unko has been doing on the West Side of Oahu is inspirational and a testament to the kindness and aloha spirit that is much needed in this day and age. The Aloha is still strong in Hawaii and Unko George is proof of that…But…Today he NEEDS OUR HELP!

Over the last 7 years Unko George has been giving away FREE stand up paddling lessons. He has passed 11,000 free lessons and never ONCE asking anything in return! However with the weather, beach and salt air it has taken a toll on the truck he uses to tow his trailer and his boards for the Free Lessons…All rusted out now Unko needs to find a replacement. Unko George has given SO MUCH of himself to all of us…it’s time to give back to him so he continue his Blessing at the BAY OF DREAMS.

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