There is a REALITY we don’t wish to face sometimes…The acceptance of LEAVING HAWAII.

I can’t count on my hands how many friends and acquaintances have left the islands over the years…some had been here only a year or two…but other had been here 20-30 years or even all their life!

When you make such a BIG CHANGE in your life to move across the Earth more than likely the hope and dream is to make it your final resting spot…Unfortunately sometimes dreams and hopes can be shattered…and when that happens you need to make the choice to do what is best for yourself and your family.

To live in Hawaii for 10 or 20 or more years it can be an ABSOLUTE CULTURE SHOCK when returning to the mainland…and for some…people who return after a long time in Hawaii can NEVER RECOVER!

For many…they feel they have failed…perhaps that they even have let themselves down…BUT…as long as you know HAWAII itself and the SOCIAL SYSTEM in place was BUILT for you to FAIL…you’ll have a GOOD HEAD START to make every effort to not allow that to happen.

JUST BE WARNED…Hawaii may be Paradise for some, but for way more it’s a system that is built to allow you to FAIL! As long as you know this you can put things in place to safeguard yourself as much as possible so you DON’T end up like the THOUSANDS of people who leave Hawaii every year because they just can’t make ends meet.



When is the best time to MOVE to HAWAII? Is it when you are young? Is it when you are old? Perhaps it’s best to come to retire…or is that the worst idea?

We sit down with a long time Podcast listener and friend, STEVE DEWEY and discuss his story and journey to Hawaii and his dream to plan his move to paradise.

Steve’s been coming to Hawaii with his Dad since he was a kid…most of his life however he has lived in Seattle. Steve and his Wife is just getting a little sick with the clouds, cold and gloom of the Washington area…but is Moving to Hawaii that easy?

What concerns does Steve have about his move to Hawaii? Many who move to Hawaii have difference circumstances as to why they can’t move today or limits them on WHEN they can move to Hawaii. We discuss these concerns with Steve and perhaps this is everyone’s chance to consider the reasons for moving and not moving yourselves to Hawaii as well as when and when not one should move here.

HAWAII WARS 2018 “Return of the Podcast”

Well…it’s 2018…where the F@%# did we go?

Well…you see…Bruce’s been Slingshoting around the galaxy, Wayde’s been on a quest in a Galaxy far, far away to uncover the obnoxious SOCIAL JUSTICE WARS which is the LAST JEDI…

I think both have had valid points as the Podcast was put aside to deal with such serious matters the last month…With that said, Wayde and Bruce will be discussing all the SHIT STORMS that have been hitting the islands known as HAWAII. What is coming for these islands in the middle of nowhere in 2018?…Could it be another Proton torpedo or Ion missile attack? WHO KNOWS! What Battles have taken place and what ones are still to come?  We cover all your vital comments, voice messages and questions today and even cover the Last Star Wars movie…One of us loved it, one of us hated it…we’ll also talk about the horrible Kermit the FROG Ige. We try to get to the bottom of what happened with this Bomb scare that happened the other day and what if a NUKE hit Hawaii? Are we safe? Can Hawaii deal with a Major Disaster?

Get ready FOLKS…this show is not for the weak minded or the Social Justice Warriors out there with their PURPLE Fucking hair! This is serious bullshit we’ll be talking about and we’re not talking about Droids either on this Podcast either!

We hope this takes off the NEW YEAR with a bang! So get ready to make the jump to light-speed with the “Return of the Podcast!”