*Update…Lots have contacted us about the FULL FACE MASKS…although we have used them and they had worked efficiently, we CAN’T recommend them until MORE testing takes place in Hawaii waters concerning them. Mahalo~

Over the last TWO WEEKS Hawaii has lost 8 vacationers to Snorkeling related Deaths…that’s over a death every other day for the last two weeks!

Unimaginable honestly…but it happened and we just lost one of them again at Hanauma Bay just YESTERDAY!

WHY IS THIS HAPPENING and how can you make sure it doesn’t happen to you, your wife, your parents, or children….THIS IS A MUST LISTEN!

We discuss TRADITIONAL SNORKELING equipment and the NEW FULL-FACE NINJA MASKS that some say are AWESOME, like myself, and others say could be causing a problem…Of the 8 people who died the last two weeks several of them had been wearing the NEW FULL FACE MASKS…for me I enjoy them much more than traditional masks, you have much more vision, can breathe out of nose and mouth and best of all if you have Facial hair, like I do, it doesn’t leak for me like the Traditional Mask…I discuss my personal feelings for both and why I like one over the other and my experience with them both…but Bruce does bring up a good point on the RESEARCH on these NEW FULL FACE MASKS…do they have issues with TRAPPED CO2? Could they actually be making people pass out? I never had an issue except that I don’t go more than 15 feet down with them because of the pressure on my entire face…but that’s be my only issue and I don’t often go down that deep for snorkeling anyway….There are good and bad about both I guess and it’s really what you prefer…but PLEASE DO THREE THINGS:


2.) BE IN GOOD SHAPE…Snorkeling is NOT for someone that doesn’t exercise…You don’t notice because you are just floating, but Snorkeling is like riding a treadmill. 

3.) IF YOU ARE 40-50 or into your 60’s…before you go to Hawaii and snorkel…ask your Doctor is you should be doing it…WE ARE NOT JOKING HERE!

DON’T LEAVE HAWAII IN A BODY BAG….that’s not how we want your dream vacation to end.



Today we meet David Williams a long time Hawaii resident who shares his story and love for the Islands. He’s a former Marine who in the past few years has taken to Social media to spread his message about the Aloha State. The subject of political correctness has come up often on the podcast and one of our listeners suggested we have him on the podcast to discuss race relations. She even offered to donate $150.00 bucks if we did it!  How could Bruce refuse $150!

Even so we think a show about Race was long overdue. While David is not that optimistic about race relations in general on the mainland he does believe that people can learn a lot about getting along by taking the lead from Hawaii.

These islands are a melting pot for the world to see…for many here in the islands people don’t see Race nor Gender or Religion and that’s a hard thing to come by where there is not a lot of judgment. NOW…don’t get us wrong…We DO have resentment and prejudice against some here like the Military and Haole’s…When you steal lands away from another race you’re going to have problems one way or the other…

The United States has had it’s fill of treating the Native American Indians, Native Hawaiians, Puerto Ricans and African Americans unfairly…Hopefully no one is ignorant of that and if you are you should be doing some history on it to learn the things our school systems don’t teach you.

We are hopeful this Podcast will enlighten you to see a different perspective and the perception of Race from a different point of view~

Going Local on Your Hawaii Vacation

The election is finally over and Wayde is,  of course, one a happy camper! Thrilled about the outcome and extreamly excited about Donald Trumps plans,  he’s obviously not alone. Bruce on the other hand is very disappointed, sad and thinks the American people got duped. He points out that HRC did win the popular vote and had the shoe been on the other foot, Wayde would have been crying and bitching about the democracy. As usual the system is fine when you’re on the winning side of the coin.

Today we’re joined by some awesome podcast friends (also Trump supporters) in the studio to talk about something we can all agree on, Making your Hawaii Vacation local.
Jim and his family share their story of family and friendship that led to a Hawaii Vacation. Here for a week from Pennsylvania, they talk about how they found us, reached out and are having a much better vacation because of the information we share on our podcast.