Why we ALWAYS return to Hawaii


Why do people always return to Hawaii? It’s never just once…most people who come to Hawaii for vacation either move here or vacation here again and again…Hawaii leaves an impression on people…The aina, the mana…there is something here people can’t let go of…perhaps it’s the Aloha way.


Today we bring in several friends, Christina Harrison-Garcia and Angela Forbes from the mainland to discuss what Hawaii means to them and why they keep coming back…frequent flyer miles have something to do with it…lol…We didn’t expect the conversation to go that way, but you can learn a thing or two from these ladies we bring on…If your desire is to come to Hawaii more often…you may want to have a listen!

17 thoughts on “Why we ALWAYS return to Hawaii

  1. Hi Guys,

    I’ve just recently started listening to your podcast and have been going back through all of the older episodes. I fell in love with Hawaii when we visited on our honeymoon 6 years ago and we’ve been back almost every year since. I love learning more about what’s going on in the news and hearing your perspectives on living there as transplants from elsewhere on the mainland. Moving there is definitely on our someday list.

    Also, I haven’t listened to the whole podcast yet so you may have figured this out already, but I’m pretty sure the listener who mentioned a CSA is referring to “Community Supported Agriculture” which is also referred to as a farm share. It’s where you pay a fee per season to a local farm and in return you get a portion of their crop for the season. We’ve participated in a couple here in CT over the last few years. It’s a great way to support local farms and get fresh fruit and veggies every week. Hope that clears things up!

    Thanks for all your work putting the show together!

  2. Thank you so much for letting us be apart of this week’s radio podcast. It was great to meet you Bruce and your beautiful wife. Wayde thank you for the fabulous beach day!!! 😘



    • Mahalo nui Angela, great meeting you guys too, thanks for all the helpful advice, hopefully we can see you guys next time, and the next and the next……………lol

  3. Hey Bruce and Wayde… its Monika here from Vancouver….just working on my computer and catching up on some recent podcasts. Have a great day guys!
    And….what brings me personally back (not as often as I would like) is the usual,the warmth the sun etc etc but mostly the culture. I’ve been intrigued with it since I was about 15 and it not only stayed with me over the years but now that I’m older I’m more interested in picking up historical books and watching documentaries.You can find beautiful beaches and sunshine almost everywhere but there is only one Hawaii.
    If we were American we would 100% gather everything up and moved there…cause a week or 2 every few years does not do it for us…
    Thanks guys!
    Aloha to Yaling! 😉

  4. Hi! I mean….”Aloha”! lol….It was great meeting you Bruce and the beautiful Yaling! Thank you so much for including us on the podcast this week, it was a blast! After listening to the broadcast I thought I would share the answer to the unanswered question, how did Wayde and I meet? My hubby, “that Jay guy” from the podcast lol, reminded me of the details and it is actually a pretty cool little story so I decided it was worth sharing here. I drew a blank on the spotlight! Stage fright I suppose? ADD? Idk? lol Anyway, here is the story….We have 4 kiddos and before their first trip to Hawaii they started watching Wayde’s Poor Man YouTube videos in preparation. We brought a couple of extra teens on that trip so we had 4 teenagers and 2 kids in tow. Jay and I had already been Facebook friends with Wayde for quite some time at this point and had messaged casually back and forth for a while. I got this bright idea to invite Wayde to join us for Chief’s Luau and he was game. The kids had no idea that he was going to join us that evening. Wayde, being Wayde, had a bright idea of his own to surprise the kids and he sent me a message detailing his vision on how to pull off the surprise. Surprisingly I still have the old FB message buried deep within the old messages, and I quote…..or copy paste, lol…. “Hey…So I got a crazy idea…Because my place is on the way…I was thinking of something…but we have to time it right and I need to know what kind of car you are driving…lol…I will assume the kids don’t know I’m going still…Why don’t I pretend to be hitch hiking…you guys pull over and I ask if you guys have room for a poor man to join you guys…Is that crazy? Am I off my rocker? lol”. And so there it is, this is how we first met Wayde, we picked up this fun, crazy, poor man-guide-hitchhiker off the side of the road and he joined us for a luau! As we were pulling over one of the teen girls protested that we could not possibly pick up a hitchhiker because the Tahoe was “already too hot and crowded.” Then one of the other teens yelled out, “Hey! That looks like Wayde! Is that Wayde!?” Turned out to be, as the kids put it, an “epic” night. At the luau Wayde was the honorary “chief” of our table and that lucky dog got to drink the Kava! Besides “Chief Wayde”, also in attendance at the luau that evening were several members of Polynesian royalty from all over Polynesia and their families, they sat right near us too. Also, the term “jungle chicken” was born this night, lol. Oh, and how can I forget this, the boys got a lesson from Wayde on why they will probably always choose the kakui nut necklace over the flower lei’s….it was something about “man balls” was all I was told by the teens, lol…After the luau Wayde gave the kids each one of his cool neon guide shirts, which they still wear (and I occasionally steal and wear too, lol). Prior to the trip one of the teens had said, “What if we run into and meet Wayde there on Oahu? That would be epic!” So Wayde apparently made their trip, well, epic! I have painted Wayde out to be this awesome guy right?! Well now I feel compelled to thank Wayde again for that evening, so Mahalo again Wayde! I tried to keep the story short, that didn’t happen but now you know the answer to how we met!

    On another note, if anyone is interested in the world of free travel I am more than happy to help! I can be contacted via FB messenger under Christina Harrison-Garcia. I am currently mentoring several people and would love to help more people to attain their travel goals.

    I am signing off now. I may not have left a 11 minute voicemail but I probably left a 12 minute essay! lol…Hope to see you guys again sooner rather than later! -Chris

  5. Hi Guys.
    I have been listening to the latest few episodes out here working offshore on a pipeline project in the North Atlantic Ocean,(Canada) – freezing my nuts off and dreaming of being on the beach in Maui this coming August!!!

    I first visited Hawaii over 20 years ago with my ex wife and her mother (yuk) and from that moment, something grabbed me and has never let go.
    I’m not sure what it is, but my love and passion for all things Hawaii continues to grow and grow. That moment when I feel the trade winds blow over my skin when I get off of the plane, the smells, the whole Mana of the place, the Aloha spirit etc, it just grows stronger with every visit – particularly in Kauai on my last visit which was part of my wonderful honeymoon (arranged by you Bruce!)
    I’m unsure right now whether I can make it back there in August (due to my work – or rather the lack of it) but I will do all I can to make sure my little Koa Wood box makes its first visit to Maui and will be re opened for the first time since I closed it whilst sitting on poipu beach in April 2013……

    Keep up the awesome work guys and Wayde, I wish you continued success with Core 58 – I will make a donation here and also to core 58 as soon as I secure my next work contract…..
    Dave Sturdy
    PS I have only just got round to watching the Lost TV series ! I am on season 3. Jason Jonston will be mortified at this news haha ! 😉

    • That Koa Box idea of yours Dave…I’m working that into our new tours…I’ll give you the downlow we we get them going…You’ll love the idea. Mahalo for supporting the Podcast as always Dave and for supporting CORE 58…Any donation helps…We’ll be releasing EPISODE II in a few weeks.

  6. And my bucket list continues to grow…

    1. Epic hike with Wayne
    2. Kona brewery with Bruce and Wayne
    3. Honu photography
    4. See a green flash

    That’s what keeps bringing me back! Thanks guys you rock.

  7. perfect comment on reddit regarding the kahuku graduation fake drama:
    “So after reading this misleading article I have to come to the conclusion that she was not going to be given permission to wear a white robe instead of the red and she PLANNED to sit it out in protest but she didn’t have the credits needed to graduate anyways so she was benched from the graduation. She did not sit it out in protest as one is led to believe in the caption under the photo and now she’s going to film a documentary which I’m assuming will have as much bias and spin as the author of this article.”

    if you actually wanted an answer about kahoolawe… they navy did spend 7 years and $400 million dollars cleaning it up. clearly they didn’t finish the job, but they spent a lot of time and money working before handing it over.

  8. I recently stumbled on the podcast and find it both interesting and entertaining. You guys really crack me up! Your authenticity and realness comes across strong and that’s fucking refreshing. I felt inclined to comment as I will be returning to Hawaii in June for two weeks. This marks my 4th trip to Hawaii in the past 5 years. I was born at Tripler back in the 60’s and always feel a strong connection with the aina when I return. What are your favorite hikes in Maui and Oahu? I’m travelling with my daughters (22 & 24) and this will be their first trip to the islands. We are seriously contemplating a jeep tour in Oahu in order to get insiders perspective. Do you do custom tours? Please note I feel inclined to make a donation to support the podcast especially since I’m going back and listening to past episodes. Hope to meet up with you guys one day.

    • Yeah…we can do something custom for you…Just book it in advance and if you want me, ask…or you won’t get me…Im cutting my days down to workign with the Jeep Tours twice a week because I have a new Venture I started…so just a heads up. We talked a littl about hikes on Oahu on this last podcast fro you…as for maui the road to Hana has some great Hikes….Please check out my 30 top spots on Maui on my WEBSITE here: http://www.poormansguidetohawaii.com/#!hawaii-nei/crxv

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