Today we bring into the Studio KATHY SILLS…Owner of ALOHA POPS to talk about her lifes journey to Hawaii and her Dream to Own her own Business here…Kathy is a So. Cal girl who grew up in Newbury Park/Westlake Village. Her dad was a Captain for American Airlines and her moms never worked, but made sure the entire family got to extracurricular activities.Kathy has always been active and a good athlete.On a whim she moved to Hawaii 27 yrs ago. Her Uncle lived in Hawaii and she thought it would be cool to see what kind of journey she could go on in Hawaii. Kathy has always lived life full throttle and lives by the rule of Work Hard Play Harder! She met and married her husband of 18 years after he pulled her over. He worked for HPD as a cop and retired after 28 yrs. Kathy worked in the car biz for 18 yrs as a service adviser and on to service manager, but once again got tired of that job…
However after 18 yrs and by fluke ended up buying a Juice Bar inside Golds Gym. Kathy then opened a cafe at Mission Houses museum for a little while, but started getting bored so she decided to buy a Worksman Ice Cream Tricycle off eBay and was selling other businesses ice cream. Kathy once again got tired of this, but because she was selling other people’s product so Poni from StreetGrindz came by to show Kathy personally how to make ice pops herself and the LIGHTBULB went on! She eventually closed the cafe to focus on Aloha Pops and the rest is history.
Kathy will never forget some of her biggest supporters…She said she will always remember bill 59 and Tulsi Gabbard supporting us!
So is running a business easy in Hawaii? HELL NO…it’s not for the weak minded, but for the ones who never quit and keep fighting, it’s worth it to live the dream of living Hawaii!

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  1. Hey Guys,

    I hope you didn’t think I was saying you guys are redundant, I meant that constantly saying “hey guys, another great show” sounded redundant. All your shows are great, it shouldn’t surprise anymore, you have a well established product of high quality.

    It was fun hearing about the street vending world. Don’t feel too alone though, R regulations, permits and fees are stupid high everywhere. Last summer my wife and I wanted to start selling ice cream treats when we went out on the bikes. Every jurisdiction wanted us to have their permit, their insurance, their inspection, etc. ad naseum. In our area, a decent bike ride can travel through three cities On one path. The resort areas were even worse; one wanted $5000 for a seasonal permit even though we might only be there one or two weekends all summer.
    Kudos to Kathy for being able to tolerate that level of stupid and build something nice. Screw that other vendor guy, pop the tires on his cart, I hate losers who can’t compete so they tattle on everyone to get the government to handle it for them.
    Looking forward to next week, thanks.

    • If Kathy went to Boston…or if I ran a little cart…everyone knows what happens when you talk STINK about someone else…You get a BEATING or how they say it in Hawaii…DIRTY LICKINS!

  2. Great show yesterday. I gotta’ get me a popsicle. I heard the song “Molokai Blues” you weren’t sure of the band performing the song. They are “Ukulele Boy Band”. They are in the studio right now in the mainland working on their latest album. Plenty more songs coming soon….Aloha

  3. You guys have really taken the podcast to another level this year. Thanks for all you’re doing!

    speaking of Big Island…
    LeBron James posted video of a private waterfall to 11.6 million instagram followers. That will certainly draw attention to the island.

    • Mahalo Mark…Yeah…LeBron James’s video isn’t going to change anything…just get people excited about Hawaii and wanting to visit…that’s a good thing…to Vacation…not to stay…lol

  4. Hey man. I found your podcast about a month ago and I’m working my way through them. I sent you an email a couple of weeks ago with these questions, but I think it got bounced. Anyway, here it is again. Me and my gf were on Maui and The Big Island back in January and listening to the podcast really brings it all back. Much appreciations.
    Anyway, I have a couple of questions and if you wanted to answer them on the podcast, I’ll get to hear when I catch up. As I said, me and my lady were on Maui and The Big Island back in January and I ran into a problem I wasn’t expecting. The trade winds stopped like the third day in and my breathing got really bad. I have asthma but never have any problems at home on the east coast. It was so difficult, that I had to call my doctor and have him phone me in a prescription while we were on The Big Island. Does this happen a lot? I had never even heard the term vog before that week. We are coming back to Maui in October for our honeymoon and I’m not sure if I should expect it to be the same or if that was a rare occurrence.
    Second question, have you been to Shipwreck Beach on Lanai? I’ve seen pictures of it on the web and I know its a short ferry ride over to Lanai from Maui. Is it worth it?
    Third question, if I say Howzit? to people when I’m in Maui, am I going to look like an in touch guy that knows what’s up or a lame tourist trying to hard?
    Thanks a lot and keep doing what you’re doing.

    • We missed your questions Matt…I never saw them before so lets break them down on the show this week…Bruce will be sure to get them on our News/Comment section of our show! Mahalo~

  5. Hey guys, another great episode! Thanks for the shout-out a couple weeks ago and I, like many others it sounds like, am excited about the Island of Hawaii show! Can’t wait! Mahalo Wayde and Bruce

  6. So I am looking to move over in the fall of this year and I am from the east coast, and football is my obsession. What types of “cook outs” do you do their since the football games come on so early?

    • First of all Hesston…you gatah focus on Friend building first before you start thinking FOOTBALL BBQ’s on the Beach…Hawaii loves football…We get the tents, grills, large screen LED’s and out them all on the beach and party all sunday…We start the Grill up and Beers at 7:00am! Best think about Football in Hawaii on Sunday is we start the grilling and drinking early so you have plenty of time to recover for work money! Games are on at 7am, 11am and 2-3pm for Sunday night Football…so you can chill after 6pm.

  7. Hey Guys, it’s Dave! Sorry for not making any comments for ages, but I have been super busy with work and buying a new home.
    Anyway, I am catching up with back episodes and just finished listening to the whoofing episode (wow!)
    Looking forward to getting up to date with the rest of the shows over the next week or so.
    As I am in the early stages of planning 2016 trip to Hawaii, Hope you will do a Maui special show soon !
    Aloha !
    Dave from England – at work, offshore in Australia !!

  8. Well apparently my other user has been banned because I haven’t been able to leave a comment in weeks. Great interview, if one thing is consistent with people that survive here in Hawaii its that they never get complacent and are always working to make it.

  9. Hey Bruce and Wayde. I’m in the same boat as Dave from England. New job and buying a new house has kept me really busy. I have been listening to all the episodes just haven’t commented. Bruce you gotta keep the opening, It’s part of the show! Can you bring the guy from vho7v clothing on the show? I’d love to hear his story and about the company.

    Great work with all the guests. Maybe I’m not listening closely enough but can you explain how you know the guests in future editions.

    Thanks, big fan….

    • We’ll be sure to mention how we know guests…but We ussually do that at th start of the segment about the guest…As for Ed and his VH07V Brand…We have asked him several times to come onto thr show…He is currently attempting to get on SHARK TANK to expand his Brand…He’s very busy and just doesn’t have time to do the Podcast…He also has a large family and kids and lives on the other side of the island…When we get a chance we will do our best to get him on…We continue to try…

  10. Finally caught up to this podcast. Your guys exchange about why you haven’t done the History podcast was hilarious. I understand though, and I want the show to be enjoyable for both of you guys so no pressure!

    Best of wishes

  11. Haha, awesome. Found this in a Google Search. Yes, Xavier, we’ve been trying to find a good moment to talk story for the podcast. Just haven’t had our schedules meet yet. Plus, we live on opposite sides of the island. LOL! One day for sure! 🙂

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