We are very excited to be talking to Director PHIL PAYSON and Producer ZOE EISENBERG on their Award winning SHORT FILM“Aloha from Lavaland”

On June 27 2014, a vent in Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano erupted and lava began flowing
directly toward the center of Pahoa, a small rural town on the Big Island of Hawai’i. Hard
to predict and impossible to stop, the flow threatens to cut of the town’s only access road,leaving the residents of this remote community to rely heavily on one another as they prepare for possible isolation.

Produced in conjunction by Gift Culture Media, Larkin Pictures and Pure Mother Love,
this 55 minute award-winning documentary explores an inner community perspective of the lava fow, following residents as they ask and answer important questions about
community, sustainability, harmony, and what it really means to live in such an
unpredictable paradise.

In addition to street interviews and news coverage, the documentary follows a local
Hawaiian kumu (healer), a sustainability expert and the leader of a sovereign Hawaiian
community over a period of seven months as they attempt to prepare for the unpreparable. Shot in a grass-roots effort by several Pahoa community members, Lavaland offers a unique insider’s look at life in the midst of a slow motion disaster.

If you are interested in watching this film or learning more please head to the Website or Facebook page~ Mahalo




7 thoughts on “ALOHA from LAVALAND

  1. Wade,

    Is your book only available as an ebook? Do you sell it as a paperback too? I am interested in purchasing one, but do not have a device that would allow for ebook.


    • Jeff…come on now man…Have you even looked at the Website? If you are writing these comments on a computer or phone you can download my eBook. You can either download a PDF file for those who CAN’T read ebooks…or a EPUB file for those who CAN read eBooks.

  2. Aloha!

    Thanks so much for responding to my questions about lava flow zones. I have done some research on my own, but this show was a great help. I enjoyed hearing about the story of the producers of “Aloha from Lavaland”. I have friends who moved to Pahoa back in 2015, and it was an interesting area of Hawaii to visit.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Kim from Nashville

  3. What a super interview with the filmmakers! I bought the film on Amazon and watched it with two of my sons this morning. There are so many beautiful messages in the documentary that are relevant to anyone living on the planet Earth. My favorite part was when the man talks about how the National Guard creating conflict is hilarious, and then this scene is juxtaposed with the people saying how great it is that the military is there.

    I have spent a lot of time on islands in the Great Lakes, and the island culture is similar in some ways even though it’s a lot colder! Also, some of the cultural conflicts reminded me of when I moved to Northwestern Montana. There are similar conflicts there among the Native Americans, the long time Montanans (loggers, ranchers, & miners), and the new transplants. Eventually, I just wanted to go home to Michigan, where I was born.

    I would love to visit Hawaii someday, but it seems unlikely to happen soon because I have so many young children that it is difficult for us to travel. A friend of ours recently moved to the Big Island, so one day I hope to see it. Meanwhile, your podcast is fascinating, and I hope you are able to continue your work in raising awareness about various issues facing Hawai’i. Both your podcast and the documentary film have helped me to get a clearer picture of what it is actually like to live there.

  4. Whats going on gents, and I use that term loosely. Hope you guys had a good Thanksgiving, was listening to the podcast where you guys mentioned the Tesla wall mount and was wodering if you guys know anyone already using it? How was the install and the transition to using this as primary energy source?

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