AFFORDING a trip to Hawaii

Affording a Trip to ParadiseAffording a Trip to Hawaii…That’s what enters everyones mind when thinking about Hawaii…usually that’s where it ends as well…in the mind. Many people DREAM of coming to Hawaii for a tropical and exotic vacation in a far off land and when they think of that island in the middle of the Pacific, many think it’s impossible to afford such a trip in this day and age…Well…IT’S NOT!!! You can do this…You can get yourself, your loved ones, your family to HAWAII on a BUDGET! It can be done and it can be done in a reasonable way when you do it LOCAL! When you bring it down to the foundation, the lowest level…when you get LOCAL people to support your dream of getting out here…Not computers, faceless Travel websites, but REAL PEOPLE like Bruce & Wayde…Both of us had dreams, both of us have been in your shoes at one time…we know, we have been there and we can help you get to where you want to go, may it be Vacationing or Moving…We go into everything on this podcast…Flight, Hotel…renting hotels or condos, Rental Car, Food, Activities, miscellaneous items for yourselves and friends and family back home…We cover and help you budget your DREAM to PARADISE…Please enjoy this Podcast about MAKING THAT TRIP OF A LIFE TIME HAPPEN! You WILL get to HAWAII and we’ll help you DO IT!

4 thoughts on “AFFORDING a trip to Hawaii

  1. Just heard your comments about Haleiwa and I’m heartbroken. We we’re on Oahu 2 months ago and stayed around Haleiwa and Pupukea and loved it there. We did of course go to Honolulu a couple days for #1 Pearl Harbor for the day and then #2 See what Waikiki was all about, climb Diamond Head, view of Mount Tantalus etc….

    Would never ever ever stay in Honolulu…..ever. The traffic, noise, people…..too much. The idea of vacation is to relax….no way could you relax in Waikiki. We did also stay 3 nights over in Kailua but rented a studio 4 blocks from the beach and was so neat to not see any hotels. The thing about Haleiwa was, it was so historic, so quiet and layed back. Will be a shame to see Haleiwa turned into a mini-Waikiki. Just sad news…..

  2. Great podcast as always. Enlightening stuff on expedia and FB, the latter being okay at best for things, and that’s in spite of itself.

    Very good tips on saving money and of course the swap meet, which the WWH videos showed and it became a lifesaver. Another point, just to throw in there: thrift stores. Don’t know anybody else’s views on those, but there are a lot of shirts, shorts, etc that are identical to the tourist gift shop clothing, and for maybe 10 percent of the price, if even that.

  3. Great show guys. I’ve been trying to assure friends and family that want to visit us after the move that it is possible to visit Hawaii on a budget.

  4. Killer pod again guys. I have been a spounge since these started. I have been doing everthing I can to live into thi sdream.

    Thank yo uboth so much for sharing teh annaversery video for me and re posting the article on Bruces Blog.

    I was wondering teh name of teh intro and exit song?

    Looking forward to this Friday

    Mahalo Nui loa


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