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ALOHABRUCEBruce Fisher, also known as “Aloha Bruce” is owner of Hawaii Aloha Travel and a Hawaii vacation evangelist. Long time local to Oahu, Bruce joined forces with Wayde (a.k.a “The Poor Man”) of Wayde’s World activity adventures to produce a podcast that details interesting topics of Hawaii for listeners the world over. While Bruce produces another podcast through Hawaii Aloha Travel, the Lucky We Live Hawaii podcast is a chance for him to really loosen up and talk about topics beyond just Hawaii vacations. It’s a place for him to relax and speak his mind. With a conversational tone, this casual podcast highlights Bruce’s knack for on-the-spot discussions and spontaneous entertainment.

The Lucky We Live Hawaii podcast give listeners insight into Hawaii from a local’s perspective. Honest, direct, and a Hawaii-style entrepreneur at heart, Aloha Bruce opens up and shares his thoughts on topics like the aloha spirit, the meaning of haole, how to “make it” in Hawaii, summer seasons, and feeling appreciative of the Hawaii lifestyle.

A veteran in the travel industry, Bruce has seen it all when it comes to the ups and downs of life (and vacationing) in Hawaii. With humble beginnings in the radio and broadcasting industry, Aloha Bruce has worked his way up to being a Hawaii vacation juggernaut. His sociable personality, powerful voice and passion for Hawaii have gained him results in broader aspects of business. Grateful for everyday that he wakes up in Hawaii, this travel guru has much to share with podcast listeners.

Get the inside scoop with Aloha Bruce on all things Hawaii related. This podcast offers some humor, witty banter and spontaneity mixed with down-to-earth experiences. Join Bruce as he shares his opinion on the finer things in life, like Hawaii style living. Start at the beginning or skip around. It’s all fun stuff to know.

WWH1213Aloha everyone, the names Wayde Fishman, they call me “The Poor Man” here in Hawaii…Why the Poor Man? When I first moved here I didn’t realize the cost of living difference, but once I awoke to it I knew that if I intended to stay here in Hawai’i and survive I needed to change my habits that I had back on the mainland. I needed to live, shop, eat and enjoy Hawai’i like a local and so the Poor Man began his journey. The journey wasn’t easy…Trial and error followed me everywhere I went, but I never gave up on my dream because if you have ever felt the spirit of Hawai’i Nei, the Spirit of Aloha, then you would understand and know it’s power, the mana covers the aina. It’s felt on every corner of the islands, atop every mountain, along every reef and under every volcanic rock . This is the only place I have ever felt whole, the only place I have ever truly belonged and the only place I will never leave behind.

In a day and age where I felt the American Dream was dead, the only way I was going to fight for my dreams and make them come true was not so much with money, but with my heart, mind and spirit. I knew if I had a passion for something, if I had an idea or vision of what I wanted my life to be, I needed to picture myself in it and make it happen…money would follow! I was done talking about it like so many do and I choose to ACT NOW on my dreams! No one was going to spoon feed me this one. This is my baby and my baby alone. Today after losing one battle after the other things have turned in my favor because I never gave up and I always believed in myself. Now I know that nothing is impossible and I am living proof that no matter how little money you have, how few people you know or how foreign your surroundings my be…you can succeed.

When I originally moved here with just a suitcase in the late 90’s I lived in a duplex with roomates in Kalihi…Next door lived a Hawaiian family. They opened their home to me and I befriended them. Ike, the head of the house hold, showed me so much: the culture, the food, the hula, mele and the spirit of aloha. He treated me like “ohana” and I gained a great respect for him. His concerns of the take over of his lands, loss of his people and the sovereignty of the Hawaiian nation came to the forefront of our conversations. These islands have a deep history far beyond it’s beauty and it would be ignorant to come here and not learn about her deep cultured past and how forward these islands have come or how far they have digressed depending on what side you fall on. Being originally from Boston I just didn‘t understand the spiritual side of my life and the Aloha Spirit until Ike awoken me to it, once done my life forever changed. Please take the opportunity to visit the sacred places, the temples and palaces . I promise that you will leave these islands with a new respect for the true Hawaiian people and the land they love and cherish.

Seven years ago I started Wayde’s World “Poor Man’s Guide to Hawaii.” I was forced to learn how to get around all the gimmicks and expensive things in Hawaii and live on a poor man’s budget like all locals do! I learned the hard way, so others didn’t have to. After hearing from so many tourists, “Hawaii is so beautiful, but it’s so expensive”, I decided to create a Youtube channel on Hawai’I, then a website, then tours, then a nonprofit called 808 cleanups to let visitors know that they can experience all of Hawaii’s beauty, food, accommodations and activities off the beaten path without sacrificing anything.

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  1. I stumbled across Bruce and his company a year or two ago and I am happy to have stumbled across Wayde’s as well. I have been pouring over the videos as we are coming to experience Hawaii in September. I don’t want to be the typical tourist that just lays around on the beach. I want to experience all that Hawaii has to offer, to eat what the locals eat and see the places that Wayde has shown me in the videos. Thank you both for opening my eyes that Hawaii is so much more than everyone thinks.

      • We really enjoy your podcast, We were wondering if we could share our story with You via your podcast. We started off with a dream of moving to hawaii. With hard work and planning we made it come true. We even started a YouTube vlog too tell our story. Would it be possible to come and share it with You sometime.


  2. We just found some of your video’s and then the website. Its awesome to see all the amazing places & things there is to see in Oahu. We are planning a feb visit so we are finding everything very helpful. I had 1 question about your circle island tour? How long of stops do we have at the locations? Keep up the great work… L & J.

    • Aloha Linda and John…We have many stops on our Circle Island Tour and unlike any other Tours on the island ours is the ONLY PRIVATE and PERSONAL Tour done in a SAFARI JEEP and because they are PRIVATE we do, see and stay at many of the Locations as LONG AS YOU WANT to stay at them and we plan out the day as we go, nothings in stone and there are no time frames with me, I love speding the entire day with my guests from morning to night or until you pass out in the Jeep from exhaustion…lol…Some places you may want to stay longer at, some places you may not even want to see at all so really it’s ALL ABOUT YOU and what you want to see and do!!!! So if interested, please give Bruce and HAWAII ALOHA TRAVEL a call, talk to Bruce or talk to one of the Ohana there from the website and Book a Tour with us…Aloha guys and welcome to the OHANA!!! Wayde

  3. I just want to say thank you for putting the time and effort into these podcasts.
    I just finished listening to your podcast about moving to Hawaii. I visited Hawaii a couple years ago and fell in love with the culture. This is exactly what I was looking for. (looking at a 5-7 year plan to relocate) You both are great….Keep up the great work.


    • Mahalo Darinn…5-7 years is a good first step…gives you plenty of time to figure out your game plan and listen to all our Podcasts to help you out in planning, but to also keep you up to date with news and issues hitting Hawaii…Maybe people think Hawaii is Paradise, but the truth is…We’re not in Heaven yet and there are problems here just like everywhere else so informing you about issues here will also let you know the direction you may want to go when you move here…Oahu may not be the island for you…it may be Maui or Kauai…You never know 🙂

  4. Aloha guys! I’ve been a listener to the podcast from the beginning… I’m a carry over from Bruce’s podcast, which I’ve been a listener of for several years now. I always enjoy keeping caught up on the latest and sometimes not so greatest news in Hawaii. We’ll be making our 10th trip to the islands next June and are planning a move there in 2014. We stay longer every time we visit and will be doing extensive research on prospective condo rentals and potiential employment during our month long stay next year on Maui…

    Love the podcast!

    Aloha and mahalo,

  5. Excellent show!!! – and I hope you return because it gives us something special to look forward to each week. I would HOPE residual business gained by doing this podcast will prove it’s value … it would be a shame if it went away. I appreciate your love and respect for the Islands and your FREE worldwide show.

    Mahalo for the hard work!

  6. So happy to have found you guys. My daughter and I are coming over in October and have booked a couple tours with Wayde – can’t wait. Your podcasts and all of the information you provide is invaluable. I am glad you guys have raised the tipping issue in your podcasts. In Australia we don’t tip. Maybe at a restaurant if the service was great, and sometimes at a cafe when you pay for your coffee you might throw a couple bucks in the tips jar. The whole tipping thing makes me a little uncomfortable because I have never done it before. I don’t know who to tip, how much to tip, when to tip. What if the service is crap? Do I have to give a token tip?

    Thanks for the awesome show, it is teaching me heaps!

    • Aloha Marissa…can’t wait to see you both soon…When it comes to tipping we go by two things…If they do a great service you tip them 20% of whatever the service cost…so if dinner cost $150 and the server did an amazing job give them 20% tip…if the Server did a horrible job, food and service was bad…give them nothing. It’s up to you.

      For me…if you do a great job and give a great service I tip you 20%…if you suck…I give you nothing.

  7. Hi! I’m from New-Brunswick Canada. I’ve I ent in hawaii for our honeymoon two years ago. Since then we have been missing Hawaiu greatly and lisening to your podcasts has bring us closer from Hawaii. And I would like to say thank you for that. Also we have been watching wayde videos on youtube all the time!! We are thinking going back in a year or so and will be in touch for the jeep tour and also for help about planning our vacation. Thanks 🙂

    • Mahalo Nui Loa Paul…We are happy we can bring Hawaii to you! YES…PLEASE stay in touch and we’ll help you the best we can…Please give us a call 6 months before your planned trip dates so we can help you the best we can! Also when booking a Tour REQUEST WAYDE so he can do your Jeep tour! Again, mahalo for listening and for commenting…don’t be a stranger! ALOHA~

  8. New fan of the show. Coming to Oahu in January. Last time we visited Hawaii was the Big Island a few years ago. When we returned to snowy February Colorado, we suffered a post vacation, post Hawaiian depression. We countered it by listening to Hawaiian music, eating tropical flavors, wearing our Hawaiian shirts under our coats as we shoveled out the driveway. Yeah, yeah, yeah, a first world problem. Poor babies. But I’d love to hear you guys tackle how to handle the post-Hawaii vacation blues for those of us on the mainland. Some ideas we had were tracking down the web pages of various small coffee growers and ordering directly from them; ordering Lili’koi and Mango jams from the online store of abcstores.com — we even tracked down a malasada/ plate lunch joint in our hometown of Denver! Any other mainland bastions of Hawaiian food/culture/the Aloha spirit you can share? Mahalo!

    • Greg, We talked about this in a show a while back…how to make your home back on the mainland feel more like Hawaii after visiting…It was a really good show! It was called “BRINGING HAWAII HOME”…Here is the Link: //luckywelive808.com/bringing-hawaii-home/

  9. Came across your website. Looking for some help locating a song. It does not come up on ANY search. Wrote down the words before I left for Hawaii, thinking I would just google the words and it would come up. No luck.

    Lyrics are: “I’m going to Hawaii, I can hardly wait. I want to say “aloha” to the aloha state.”

    If you could help or point me in the right direction I would appreciate it greatly.

  10. I love listening to You guys as I do my morning runs here in Maui. it’s quite a treat to run not having to avoid the ice I usually encounter in Minnesota. I get a kick out of listening to a Bostonian and a guy from Miami share their passion about Hawaii. I’ll keep listening to you guys even after I’m back home shoveling that white shit from my front stoop. A Hui Hou!

  11. Hi guys! Love your show, discovered it about two months ago and have nearly finished listening to all 100+ episodes!

    I won’t bore you with the standard stuff about how we’ve felt the call of the island (like you Bruce, neither my wife nor myself has been to any of the Hawaiian islands) but feel compelled like gravity to be there.

    We’ve got 3 kids: 3, 16 & 17, and the oldest 2 are about to graduate from high school in a month.

    We’re moving to Maui in November, and I wanna pick your brains about a couple of things if you’d be willing to help.

    The first is location, because both kids will be out of school and working in the family business, we were thinking about the Pukalani area, and we chose this location for a few reasons:
    We can get into a rental for about $2600 a month. (Based on rental searches and craigslist)
    It’s close to the Waldorff School which we are hoping to place our youngest when he becomes eligible.
    We don’t want to be too close to Kahului, because we’re interested in buying some property, and constructing a few modest homes on it for our kids and my in-laws.
    The main question (if you know) is how is that area? Is it safe? Would a non-agriculturally inclined family do well in that area? Our work allows us to work remotely, so a commute for us would revolve primarily around grocery shopping and occasional client meetings.

    The second component I need your advice on is our moving plan.

    Our annual income at the time of our move will likely be somewhere in the $120k range, with banked savings of $20-30k. Of this, we are expecting to spend around $15k on the move itself which includes, airfare, house rental deposit, a 16′ PODS container, cost of shipping our vehicles (enclosed container), pet veterinary fees, and some initial costs for buying requisite furnishings.

    Our goal is to not have any additional debt when we arrive (Credit Cards)

    My only true unknown is where do I stay when I’m scouting for an appropriate rental? I wouldn’t want to rent a place sight unseen, nor do I want to waste a bag of cash on lodging. Would you say AirBnB is the best route or should I buy a tent and camp on the beach or in my rental for a few days?

    We are a family of presentation designers, and have built a pretty large business based primarily on working with remote clients. This is not our end goal, as we would prefer to build a business with both feet rooted on the islands. We understand that this will take awhile since the area doesn’t naturally lend itself to our line of work.

    What would you guys do?

    Thanks for taking the time, and thanks for your help.

    If you answer, I’ll become a regular monthly donor!

    All the best,

    Rico & Mayra

    • Rico & Mayra…We will focus your question at the start of our next show as this weeks show is done already and should be up tomorrow…We will put some time on your question and discuss it on our next show for you guys…We have a few things to look into first for you guys…Mahalo for you question and your desire to be a donor~ Mahalo

    • I felt compelled to answer a few of your question seeing as how 1) I recently relocated to Hawaii (wife and son in tow) and 2) I work remotely.

      As far as where you should stay, I would highly recommend that you rent a place upcountry for a couple of weeks and use that as your base of operations if that is the area you want to live in. I have friends who live in Pukalani and its an okay area. I’ve never heard any complaints, its definitely cooler temp than Kihei which is where I live. You can get a lot more bang for your buck up there, but just realize that you sacrifice convenience, quick access to the beach (if you even care about that). Never ever give anyone money that you haven’t met in person and if you have the budget for it I would say use a real estate company. Any property owned by someone that lives off island has to be managed by a licensed property manager. So unless you know them personally never deal with anyone that lives off island. I would also suggest you consider Wailuku, Waikapu its across the valley from Pukalani and also has some great homes and family communities.

      I worry a bit about your kids that will be graduating from high school. I get the sense that maybe they are home schooled? 16 yo graduating from high school doesn’t happen every day. They may feel a bit isolated especially at that age. Depending on how active you are in the community or if you are a part of any world wide organizations etc, it may be easy for them (and you) to find friends. Otherwise they wont enjoy island life. And you need close friends as they will become your new family. From personal experience, if it wasn’t for our close friends and new family I’m not sure we would be here now. They are the ones that will keep you grounded when things go wrong.

      Take your current budget and double it if you aren’t willing to compromise. If you are used to a certain life style simple thing like buying furniture will become an ordeal .

      As far as work is concerned I work remotely and I haven’t had to deal with many challenges there other than having to work on a mainland time zone. So I’m awake at 3:30 am every day, even days I want to sleep in. I’ve never had problems with internet, but I can’t speak for the area you are looking at.

      Hope I’ve answered your questions and I’m sure you have more. Feel free to reach out and let me know if I can help at all.

  12. I look forward to listening to your podcasts weekly. I wish I had found you before I spent 10 days on Maui this past year. Next trip-I will be utilizing your services. I love the chemistry between the two of you. I fell in love with Maui, as everyone does. That trip changed my life. I cannot tell you how much I miss fresh Ono at the Paia Fish Market. Also-I remember you were talking about a natural food store in Paia-the name of it was “Mana Foods”-loved going there. Thank you for taking the time to help people navigate the islands of Hawaii. I will have to send you a picture of a tattoo I had done with the islands-it made that much of an impact on me.

  13. Aloha! My name is Joe, my wife and I have recently purchased a 1 acre property on the big island. I spent 3 years of my childhood in Maui (3rd-5th grade) I told my mom when leaving with tears in my eyes. I’m moving back when your not my boss. So now that she’s not my boss 😌 I’m going back. I was born in Southern California in the San Bernardino area. We moved to Maui for a job and boyfriend waiting for her on the island. It was great, but the guy wasn’t he became abusive and that ended our Hawaii life. Hard to get away from an abusive ex on a island. But we shot for the stars and landed in the clouds of California. My mom became a flight attendant so Hawaii trips became frequent. I’ve always wanted to live in Maui or Kawaii (my moms favorite island) as a kid, but once I visited the Big Island as an adult. As soon as we hit the road my wife and I looked at each other and said we’re moving here. We spent 7 days tent camping in Ho’okena park. We mostly stayed in between Caption Cook and Ocean View. Or trip was amazing and life changing. We have been stuck ever sense looking at land, looking up rules, water, lava flow, and so forth. I’m a photographer and have been for awhile now. I started doing product photography for living spaces furniture going on 5 years. On the side I work freelance as a videographer and photographer. I’ve had steady business and now have the opportunity to edit videos from home. My wife and I plan on having our land paid for in 3 years 50k with 875sq feet and 750sq feet framed structures on the property in very good condition, septic already hooked up and catchment system already running water into the house. We currently owe 10k in school debt combined and owe 7k on our Jeep. So as of now we get paid $50,000 combined and are $67k in debt. We plan to kill that within 2 years and spend the last year saving. I would like to be a photographer or doing something with video on the islands. But you guys always scare the living shit out of me with your podcast lol. But I never back down from a challenge. I know what I want to do and I know where I want to live. I’ll take it as it comes. Thankfully We are living with family to save cost. My wife and I purchased our property knowing its problems like WATER! We bought in Ocean View which is notorious for being dry and only one well in town. But we love the vibes and love how it’s off the tourist map. We don’t have kids don’t plan on having any soon. Just FYI. I love listening to you guys! Just recently found you about a week ago and have killed 27 episodes! (Lots of traffic listening) I will be donating soon! My wife isn’t the biggest fans of you guys because the first episode I showed her was about elephant anuses and mastubation. So keep up the good work your tips are very very helpful durning our transition. By the way love listening to Wayde talking about how he wants to move to the big island! And I wrote a lot because you guys always want to know more information about the people that write in.


  14. Aloha guys!
    I’m writing you on a flight back to California from Hawaii, so sad! Our 2 year plan is in full effect, we will be killing the rest of the debt including our house. My brother n law will be moving out there and be our land keeper/carpenter. My wife and I will be supporting his work on the island with our main land jobs for the 1st year. Then I plan on moving over there before my wife, try and get a job doing somthing involving video or photo work.
    If not willing to take any work. I’m use to driving 2 hour commutes for work in California, so the hour drive to Kona for work is haven. Other then the update, somthing weird happened this weekend. I remember your guys episode about Aumakuas well… I’m a dog person always have been. This trip I came by myself to do a little work on my water catchment and planing. This was the first time I actually spent the night on my property since buying it. Me being by myself I felt a little nervous not scared, just a feeling of uneasiness. I’m use to having my wife or friends with me. As soon as the sun dropped I heard noises coming from the woods. 3 dogs popped out they didn’t growl and didn’t seem to want anything. the 3 dogs came up to my car and laid down alongside it. A giant German Shepard with bright yellow eyes, and what looked like 2 lab/pit mutts. They kept me company until the sun came up, I gave them the extra katsu chicken I had sitting in the car. Then they went on there way. The next day I bought a small bag of dog food and a big jug of water for them and sure enough at sunset they came back to my car and I fed them and gave them the water. They stayed with me until sunrise again, then they went on there way again. After the first 2 nights I felt more comfortable and I’m not sure if the dogs felt that because they didn’t come back. But they help me feel safe and secure for the first 2 nights I felt they came to give me company so I wouldn’t be alone. It was a really weird feeling and I could only think of your episode talking about spirt animals. I don’t know if they really came to keep me company or not but it was still a great feeling and made my trip even better. Just wanted to share my story and can’t wait to go back in August.

    Thank you!

    I made a donation btw, keep up the good work!

  15. Hey guys, I discovered your podcast recently and I’m enjoying it very much! Visited O’ahu and Hawaii island back in 2008 and I’ve been itching to go back. I do have the dream to move here too! I’m discovering your back episodes so I don’t know if you’ve already addressed moving with multiple generations – I wouldn’t move without my mom. We lost my dad recently and I know how hard it is to care for a sick parent, impossible if you live so far away. Just wondering if you’ve encountered success stories or if people end up moving back to the Mainland when their parent needs help. Thanks for the candor and humor. Next time I’m here I’ll book through you!

  16. Aloha Bruce & Wayde,
    I’ve listened to your guys’ podcast from the beginning. I don’t think I’ve ever actually left a comment, so I just wanted to drop a quick line and tell you what a fantastic job you do. Your knowledge of the island is immeasurable. Be it locations, news, or every day in’s and out’s of living in Hawaii. Some things you just need to hear from a local! You guys have helped me so much.

    I’ll fill you in real quick on my story. It was always my dream to move to Hawaii since I was a teenager. I’m currently 40 and single, living in Dallas, TX. Vacationed in Hawaii several times but it always seemed unrealistic to live there. I’m in the accounting field and I would look and look at the job openings there to see if I could swing it. It seemed like most of the jobs paid even less than here in TX where the cost of living is so low. So one day I just took stock of my life… I don’t want the traditional family, office job, or house with the picket fence. My dream is to live in Hawaii. I’ve sincerely felt that calling from the island that you guys have talked about. So instead of trying to figure out how to make my career work in Hawaii, I looked at it from the other direction. What jobs are available there that make a livable wage and that I would enjoy… I finally decided to go to nursing school, a complete career change. It’s going to take me a little longer to get there. But I don’t want to move there, fail, and have to go back to the mainland. I want to stay for good. So I’m about a year and a half from graduating. Will probably try and get a couple years experience and then start applying for jobs there, like there is no tomorrow lol. Hawaii is my dream and I WILL make it there. It’s about a 3.5-4 yr plan, but I’m chipping away every day! And I have you guys to thank! Sincerely guys, thank you for everything you do. I try to donate when I can and will definitely be more consistent with that in the future. Sorry for the rambling lol, but I’ll be vacationing there in May 2017. Beers are on me!

    • Always excited about your story Jeff and how much you have supported and believed in me personally…Let me know more about your Plans for May 2017 when it gets closer…We’ll hook up and spend some time together. We talked about your plan on the Podcast…You got a good plan…Nursing school was a smart choice…plent work here for sure…You got a good perspective on Hawaii as well so making it here I don’t think will be a problem for you…it’s the no Fail attitude that will allow you fly high here! Mahalo braddah~

      • Always glad to help anyway I can braddah. I’ll definitely be in touch as May gets closer. I’m honored you guys brought up my story. I’m absolutely committed to moving out there. Big mahalos for your words of encouragement!

  17. I found your podcast the begining of August and have listened to every episode. I can’t wait for the next podcast to drop. One visit to Maui and I’m hooked. It’s such a magical place and was more than I could ever imagine. I wanted to ask about credit cards for air miles is that recommended? I don’t fly often only to Hawaii I will be traveling with my family of three. Keep up the great work. Mahalo

  18. Howzit Guys?

    I found your podcast last winter when looking for shows from and about Hawaii. I really enjoy the local news part of the podcast before getting into the topic of the day. I am currently listening to all back podcasts starting form the beginning. I like to keep up to date with news and things going in Hawaii. It sounds weird but I consider you guys friends already. I feel that we share a love and respect for the area, land and people of Hawaii. You also just sound like cool guys like me and are similar to the kind of friends I already hang out with.

    A little about me. I have been to Hawaii many times and visit regularly. I have Ohana on Oahu in Kapolei/Makakilo. Like you, I felt like the Islands are where I need to be the very first time I visited as a teenager. I have lived in Seattle since 1990. The climate is mild and it is a fine place to be and all BUT I AM OVER IT! Too many gray cloudy day!!! The older I get (I’m 46 now) the more I need consistent sunshine and warmer temps. The tropics really agree with me mentally and physically. I have had a plan in place to make the move. As of May 2016 the move date was in site. Our son is planning on moving out leaving us empty nesters. My wife is excited to go as well. Like you Wayde, we are in love with Hawaii Island. Our plan is to be on the Big Island even if we need to live and work on Oahu until I can transfer over to Hawaii Island or retire. Work for me in Hawaii will be no problem. I am a refrigeration engineer. I service commercial and industrial refrigeration systems, specializing in supermarkets. My wife is a social worker and has taken travel agent courses. She is passionate about travel. I see her getting a job in the travel industry.

    This all changed in May when my wife was diagnosed with leukemia. We are still getting our heads around this. The good news is that it appears to be a slow progressing type of leukemia and it will likely be years before she has complications and will need treatment. Either way this has put our move on a temporary hold. We are still hoping to make the move after knowing things are stable enough. As you know the medical care in Hawaii is not what it is here is Seattle. There is world class cancer treatment here and my wife’s current doctor is the best around for the type of leukemia she has.

    Anyway, I hope to meet you guys on our next trip over there. I am interested in taking a Poor Man jeep tour. When we travel we like the roads less traveled. We don’t care for the huge tours and resort type of vacation. We love to immerse ourselves in the area and with the locals. If we don’t stay with family we rent a condo. Hotels and resorts are not for us.

    Oh, and when I do make it over there permanently I plan to get involved with non profits and giving back. Hawaii needs our help to stay the Hawaii we love. And yes Wayde, 808 clean ups is on the top of my volunteer list!


    Steve Dewey “Seattle Steve”

  19. Good Morning Bruce and Wayde….

    I hope you folks are enjoying a blessed week so far! I just wanted you both to know I love all the great podcast and the humor you both provide all of us listeners. I especially crack up when you use the foul language, don’t change a damn thing with your show you guys are original and have a purpose that’s plain to see if other folks only open their fucking ears and hear what you two are preaching, lol.

    Thanks again brothers….
    Buckeye Griff.

  20. Aloha guys! Just found your podcast this week, wish I did last year,lol. I wanted to share my story, short version!
    My wife and I first visited Maui in 2008, dreamed of moving from NC ever since. Time has come! We now have a 6year old boy and 3 year old girl. My one way ticket is for feb 7 2017. Btw that submit button click was most excited I’ve ever been. I’ve been in sales for 15 years and my plan is real estate when I get there, wife been in dental field for 14 years, dental office mgmt and assistant. With amateur interior design as side gig. We are coming with $110k and a two year minimum plan. Want to stay in Maui but open to wherever our adventure takes us. Any feedback is highly appreciated!

  21. Hi – I am trying to find out who took a photo that is on your site of a rainbow over the natatorium. Can you let me know if it is your photo please? Thanks, Evelyn

  22. I stumbled across your podcast and am really enjoying listening to you guys. It’s funny and informative but also very down to earth and relatable. Have you ever done a show on moving with pets? Our family is moving to Oahu next year and would love any insight on that subject.

  23. Hey you two crazy guys,
    I’m a young acting and thinking California grandma. I found your podcast because I’ve always loved Hawaii and it was my dream to live there. I’ve been to all the islands except Molokai. Kauai was my favorite island and I went over there last October to look around and maybe find a place to live. After a few days of sticker shock, mostly in the grocery store, the awful traffic, the crowds and the prices of homes I said to my husband, “I don’t want to live here.” We have a beautiful home in Palm Desert, CA and I’ve learned to really appreciate the beauty of the desert, the pools the mountains and the peace, plus tomatoes are .25 cents a pound. For someone who loves to eat healthy and cook every night it was a nightmare in Kauai to find fresh vegetables and fruit we could afford. I ended up buying a package of brown rice, some inexpensive chicken and canned vegetables. I couldn’t wait to get home. I’ll always love Hawaii but flying over there is such a hassle nowadays. I listen to your podcasts at night on my iPod when I go to bed. I love your sense of humor and the cats in the background fighting is a riot. Bruce, I forgive you for being a Hillary fan..and Wade, I know sometimes you get frustrated with Trump but give him a chance. He is a renegade and says things that make me cringe at times but he loves the country and truly wants to make positive changes. He doesn’t need to make millions from politics like so many do.
    If we ever make the trek to Hawaii again I’ll have Bruce make the travel plans. That is for sure.

  24. Hey guys, this is Sally from Palm Springs. Heard your podcast replying to my email. I’m not offended that you called me “lazy” for not thinking about growing my own fruits and vegetables to save money. You just didn’t know the whole story. I am the president of our Garden Club. I have a community garden where I grow every herb and vegetable that will fit into my plot. Lazy is not a word anyone that knows me would label me. It’s okay. My idea was to buy a small home on Kauai and have that beautiful garden. I don’t want to live in a condo and have a garden on a balcony. No way. But, we just couldn’t find a home under $700,000 that was livable or had a decent yard. We have a 2000 sq ft Spanish style home with pool, gate guarded, huge yard and we paid $235,000 for it. I was a Pan Am stew and have lived 22 different places including Holland, had 5 husbands and worked in a newsroom. I just wanted to live a quiet life on the island and have a garden. BUT reality hit and we’re going to just settle for renting a condo in Princeville every year. Bruce, I will call YOU. Also, when we were in Princeville in October we rented a condo and I had to go to Foodland for groceries, that is why I knew tomatoes were $6.99 a pound and milk was $8.00 per gallon. I can grow killer tomatoes but had to buy them on vacation.
    Well, now you know my story. I’ve always liked bad boys, hence, the 5 husbands. Four of them were very bad (but fun and sexy). It was easy to meet the rich and famous when you are with Pam Am. The good old days when stews were female, YOUNG and wild.
    Talk to you soon Bruce to make travel plans.

    My best to both of you,
    Sally from Palm Springs, the home of the movie stars, mountains, pools and spas.

  25. Hi Bruce and Wayde,
    I just found your podcast and have listened to a ton of episodes already and love it. I made my first trip to Oahu last January and fell in love with the people and the island. My girlfriend and I stayed in Waimanalo and it was an absolutely perfect vacation, so much so that we are considering a move to the island in a few years. Keep cranking out the podcasts because they are great and full of great info. We are returning in January 2018 and will be booking a jeep tour!

  26. Hi Bruce and Wayde, nice to read your posts! How can I email you?
    And may I ask for a small change in one article?
    “They killed off the majority of the Hawaiian people with sicknesses and disease, they stole their lands, their women, imprisoned the Hawaiian Queen…”
    maybe better write: “the women”.
    Not “their” woman. People can´t be owned, I think.
    Thanks for considerung.
    Would be nice to have an e-mail, couldnt find one for another question.
    Best and mahalo

  27. Happy Aloha Friday Bruce and Wade! This is Mindy Johal from Mainland (the Bay Area, California to be specific). Anywho, I started listening to guys back in the summer of last year when I made the decision to move to Oahu. I was engaged then (not any more, thank goodness gracious, because that would have turned out to be a mess in paradise…I can elaborate at a later time lol). So, it’s now been about year now of listening to you guys, and I have to say, I love you guys! You’re both so hilarious and I’m glad to have you guys in my life (even though you didn’t know it until now lol). So, I work in San Francisco and am planning my move to Oahu in the very near future. I work in healthcare and have made one connection so far through LinkedIn; so, she has been helping me send out my resume to hiring directors she knows. Fingers crossed, I’ll find something soon! Also, I am coming to visit at the end of the month (Labor Day weekend)! Not sure if you guys will be available, but I would love to say hello if you are! Oh, and I donated finally! Apologies that it took a year….Mahalo and love you guys!

  28. Recently moved here (currently in Hawaii Kai) from Utah. Been here 1 week, but Hawaii holds a very special place in my heart. I got married here, my dad’s ashes were scattered at Waimanalo and now my family and I are so grateful for this opportunity to really experience all Hawaii has to offer. I fell upon your podcast as I was looking for a local perspective of what to expect in Hawaii. I appreciate your straightforward/candid approach to sharing so many of the wonderful and relevant information. Have heard about 10 episodes thus far and am excited to learn more about you both! Thanks for what you do and how you do it.

  29. So glad we found you! We are desperately trying to get off grid as much as possible and Hawaii is our favorite place in the world and we travel the world. Working towards getting back there long term with a tiny house.

  30. Hello Bruce and Wayde. My name Is Edward, I live in New York and I currently have a t-shirt store and sell shirts on amazon. I would like to know if you guys would be interested in advertising my Aloha T-shirt in your site. I can send you the HTML link that way you can put it on your site. Every shirt that sells from your site I will split the profit with you guys. Below I will include the link of the t shirt . Let me know what you guys think. Mahalo


  31. Hello Bruce & Wayde,
    I found your podcast about 6 months ago and have been working my way through them one by one. I can honestly say that this is one of the most enjoyable listens in the podcast world. It is refreshing to hear all of your honesty and passion. I have watched all of your YouTube videos and love them. I hope that you continue since I am running low on listening material. While I don’t think that I could ever get my entire family to move there I do plan to come over for a long Vacation. I will defiantly utilize Aloha Travel and would for sure book a Jeep tour. While I don’t want to write a super long message, I understand that you both have full lives and that business comes first but if you do continue I will gladly contribute to the podcast.
    Thanks for being real.

  32. Hi guys,
    Just for a laugh – or cry – my Realtor bluntly tells me there’s no chance of finding anything decent for a mere $800K in the 2,000 sqft range with schools above a ‘poor’ rating.
    Over a million is pretty much required in Oahu.

    I’d venture that this includes Kauai and Maui.too…. or soon to be called the “Beverly Hills.Islands” -?

    Do you see the gentrification of the Big Island and Molokai as inevitable?

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