50 HAWAII WORDSMany Visit HAWAII and some of us even live here, but do we know some of the more used words in Hawai’i??? There could be 100’s of words we could choose to go over, but we broke it down to some of the most common 50 + WORDS YOU ALL SHOULD KNOW in HAWAII. You should know what they mean and when to use them and when not to! Don’t you want to be a part of Hawaii and a guest when you are here instead of a ( HAOLE ) tourist? If you are new to the islands and a ( MALIHINI ) for a few years in the Military or perhaps you’re a Traveling Nurse don’t you want to dive into the culture of Hawai’i and respect it? What if you moved here and plan to be here for the rest of your life, it won’t be too long before you become a ( KAMA’AINA )…if you are going to fit in and try to embrace the Hawaiian culture and local Pidgin we use when “Talking Story” now’s the time…This PODCAST should get you excited…You are about to get a breakdown of the most often used words in Hawaii and once done with this next hour…you won’t forget them!

3 WORDS 3I think when it comes to words used in Hawaii many ( MALIHINI ) new comers to Hawaii feel they can’t or are not ready to use many of the common words used by Locals and Hawaiians. ( KANAKA MAOLI ) None of you should feel that way…may it be a two week vacation, a few years stay or the rest of your life…It’s never too early or too late to understand and respect a new culture and way people live and talk. Locals and Native Hawaiians will be surprised and excited to hear them!

3 WORDS 2Today you’ll learn what words like…HALE, HEIAU, KUPUNA, KAHUNA, LAULAU, HULI HULI, HOWZIT, CHEEHOO, SHOOTS, MALAMA, AKAMAI, KULEANA, KOKUA and LIVING PONO mean…These are just some of the most important words to know and understand here in Hawaii…You’ll hear them when locals talk to each other, you’ll hear Hawaiians use them, you’ll hear them used at Luau’s and BBQ’s…Once you learn them, respect them and understand them, you can start you melting into the pot that’s called HAWAI’I NEI…Our Beloved Islands 🙂

7 thoughts on “50 WORDS to KNOW in HAWAII

  1. Howzit going Wayde and Bruce, love the podcast , you guys are a good team with all your back and forth banter.We look forward to your weeky shows. Linda and I laugh out load especially when the F Bombs are flying. We finally got our Trip Advisor review published and we hope it helps. Wayde already knows the two hikes we want to do in 2015. Guess we better get in shape LOL. Hawaii 50 tour sounds great as well, we saw a few signs and trucks but never any cast members. Ok Wayde we are going to have a MAJOR RAGER the next time we meet up my friend. I have a quote for you. ” I HATE THE FUCKING WINTER ”. Lol. Shoots

    Every time I hear that song a bit of emotion stirs inside me. Unexplainable. Having only lived on Oahu for 3 1/2 years back in the 90’s, Hawaii had such a profound effect on me it’s unreal.
    Very thankful for your web site and videos Wayde, this pod cast as always and I heart radio with Island 98.5 plugged in as a favorite!

    • Mahalo Nui Loa Ray…glad you have loved my website and videos on youtube as well as the Podcast…let us know if you want us to do a podcast on something else you would like to hear about 😉

  3. I thought you would’ve mentioned chicken skin! I get that most times I listen to the podcasts!! But I appreciate you can’t mention ALL the pidgin / lingo 🙂
    Did you guys ever discus webcams of Hawaii , I have found a few which are pretty good, sometimes sit and look at the live images of Hawaii from my home here in the UK, dreaming and scheming of our next visit , hopefully in 2015.
    Love your work guys.
    Best wishes as always.

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