25 Reasons why HAWAII may not be for you

Is Hawaii for you? Are you sure you can make ends meet? Are you sure you can make friends? Are you sure you can live the easy laid back lifestyle? Are you sure you can live pay check to pay check or have 2 jobs so you don’t have to? This are the Questions you NEED to ask yourself and we go over a list of QUESTIONS you should ask yourself before you FANTASIZE too much about moving to Paradise…We LOVE HAWAII…but it’s not for everyone and for those how DO live Hawaii…We have sacrificed a lot to be here!

Below is a list of 25 reasons why HAWAII may not be for you!

and trust us…this list could be double if we weren’t so fucking lazy! lol



1. You are NOT a patient person and are laid back.

2. You love the changing of the Seasons.

3. You are not a fan of Asians.

4. You love going to Concerts.

5. You’re in love with Hawaii a lot more than your Partner or Spouse.

6. You love the City Life because the Country doesn’t do it for you.

7. Social Status is important to you from having a big House to driving a Beamer.

8. You are not willing to make huge sacrifices with either getting a different Job, making less money, living in a smaller place or taking on several part-time jobs to live Hawaii’s lifestyle.

9. You are not into the outdoors, wildlife and nature.

10. You love Road Trips.

11. You have Kids and want to put them in a good educations System…unless you have the money for private school.

12. You are afraid of understanding and accepting other cultures and religions.

13. You are against the U.S Military, because it’s pretty visible here in Hawaii.

14. You don’t like living the slow life and are into development and progress.

15. You currently enjoy good health care.

16. You don’t like being a Minority.

17. You believe Hawaii should catch up and be like the mainland States.

18. You won’t be able to afford paying double the cost for everything!

19. You are not capable of adapting on a whim to your new environment from Work to the Outdoors.

20. You Hate Traffic.

21. You are not ready to defend yourself against a Local Born and raised…Meaning…Have a good reason why you deserve to be there as much as them.

22. You enjoy FREE SHIPPING…yeah…no one ships free to Paradise!

23. You Don’t feel comfortable in a Swimsuit…at some point your excuses for why you’re not wearing a Bikini or Board Shorts can get deafening!

24. Don’t like to Eat. We eat too much here and it’s disrespectful not to eat food people make for you.

25. You don’t want to learn about Hawaii’s past or the Hawaiian Culture and history.

12 thoughts on “25 Reasons why HAWAII may not be for you

  1. All really good questions. I moved to the country to get away from a lot of stuff, like traffic. That’s one thing I dislike, the rest of the questions are great.

  2. Hey guys,

    I checked out the Hawaii Jeep Tours site… but noticed you didn’t have anything on Maui. Do you think you’ll ever have one in Maui? I’ll definately have to check out a couple tours if we ever head to Oahu or Kauai.
    Keep up the good work.

  3. I’m surprised that you haven’t heard from George Szigeti for a sponsorship of the podcast. I can’t help but take it a little personally when I tell Wayde that we’re set on moving to the Big Island next year and then this podcast came out a few days later. Well too fucking bad, we are on our way. Kim is going to be providing quality mental healthcare and I’m going to teach karate. We are going to be contributing to the society and the ‘aina.

    Aloha Mother Fuckers!

    PS Kim Ua hapai

  4. Is it true that there are some beaches in Hawaii that locals will probably kick your ass for visiting? I’ve been told that there are locals only beaches and to watch where I go. Any truth to that?

  5. Hey fucking idiots, please provide me with an address where i can send a token of my appreciation for all the hours of senseless entertainment the two of you have provided over the years. Someone will have to sign for it. Trust me you will love it and it will help the show. Someday I will stop over so you guys can give me the tour of a lifetime and we can party like its 1999. I hardly go to Oahu because its such a fucking mess but i might come over for a day or two. Enjoy, from your favorite asshole.

  6. Oh man, I loved this list.
    Couple of the items that have really smacked me in the face since moving here.
    The education system. Now private school was probably never in the cards but man I wish it was. We have had such inconsistent results with teachers here. 1 year we get this upcountry Hippie who wasn’t engaged at all and the only thing she really took the time to track was how many sick days she could use without getting herself into trouble. The next year the teacher was amazing. This year the kid is getting the equivalent of straight A’s but we don’t know how because we haven’t gotten a lick of completed homework back since the beginning of the school year. Ridiculous.

    The second was this whole shipping scenario. In my infinitely flawed wisdom we purged just about everything with the expectation that we could order anything we needed through Amazon Prime. I have never been so wrong in my life. You should have seen the look on my wife’s face as we spent hours on Amazon only to find out that either a) there was no way this seller would even consider shipping to Hawaii or b) you may has well put a down payment on a house because shipping rates were insane.

    I wouldn’t change our experience for the world because every morning, I roll out of bed and work on my lanai to the sounds of birds and palm trees swaying.

  7. Hey guys My wife and I went to your beautiful Island for the first time in January and now we are hooked!! We loved it so much we are now going to come back every other year!!! Just found this podcast and started listening from the beginning. You guys are awesome and thank you for putting this Podcast out!! My question is about the music, I really love a lot of the stuff you guys play but when I listen to the pods, I am not always in a positions to write the songs down or take note. Back to my question would you be able to tell me who sang the song that Wade described as love song that sounds like its about a girl but its about Hawaii (very early episode). He also said it brings tears to some of his friend eyes. There was another song too that was about Oahu sung by a man who I believe has passed, but the song was about how disappointed his ancestors would be because of all the development on the island. Any help would be great!! Thank you guys for the hours of entertainment!!

    P.s. I still am working my way through all the Podcast but could you guys talk about you recommendations or the “Must haves” for Main landers to through put on a Hawaii themed party?
    Thanks guys!!

  8. New to the show, as I just found you guys by accident, but am glad I did. Fam and I are moving to the Big Island and I have been reading up on everything I can and need to know. Mahalo for everything.

  9. On #7 are you kidding me??? Do you know how many BMW’s are on the road? You must not livecin Hawaii! LOL. People in Hawaii like driving vehicles of status and having big houses if can afford it.

    • You clearly don’t live here…if you are local you struggle here and certainly don’t give a rats ass about STATUS…Status is for the implant Millionaires and foreigners who rape this island!…Stop snorting that crack…it can fuck you up brah!

  10. I was born and raised here but I’ve always been different. I honestly feel like the shoreline here are the bars to a prison. I don’t care about the beach I like when life is laid back but I’d never call Hawaii country. I don’t want just one house I’d love to own several hell I’d love to own several here and rent them out since I know I’d make a killing, and I’d have so much equity. I don’t want to drive a beamer I want to drive a Bentley. I don’t own a pair of slippers I own four pairs of dress shoes that it paints me to wear in the climate here. I also only on one pair of board shorts but believe me I only take them out once every two years or so when someone asks me to go to the beach. I feel like this place gets old after about five days when you’ve done and seen everything. Everytime I leave I have the desire to lose my ID and chance not being able to fly back. Waking up in a place that is about the size of Chicago makes me depressed I truly do not know how my parents chose to live here for a long period of time.

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