20 Things you DIDN’T KNOW about Hawaii

Today we talk about 20 things you didn’t know about Hawaii…This list could be 100 things or more, but we focus on a few things people wouldn’t know or would never think of…like the 12 letter Hawaiian alphabet or that Kauai has no building taller than a palm tree or that the largest ranch in the United States is in Hawaii. We’ll cover subjects like the Outlawing of billboards and the world’s largest and tallest sea cliffs…Did you know people who live in Hawaii out live anyone else in the United States or that Hawaiian aloha shirts began when missionaries gave the Hawaiians white shirts to cover their nudity. The Hawaiians found them boring so they painted the shirts in bright colors to make them more attractive. Did you know there is no Time Change in Hawaii and lets not forget what the The SEVEN MILE MIRACLE on Oahu’s North Shore is…or that the  Apollo astronauts trained for the moon landing in Mauna Kea and filmed the moon landing there as well…lol. We go over a lot of fun filled facts many people living in Hawaii and abroad don’t know or don’t think about!

NOTE: Bruce is off to China so there will be no eppy next week!!

12 thoughts on “20 Things you DIDN’T KNOW about Hawaii

  1. Aloha guys,
    I am writing you from Denmark, from a small town called Middelfart (some call it the windy part of middle earth!!) I have been in love with Hawaii since Thomas Magnum toured the islands in his Ferrari (sorry! Robins, I know)
    As a zoo keeper I must agree with Wayde, Macaws CAN have/show emotions. As I work with giraffes, I can tell you that studies in Africa shows that G’s show emotions as well, as mothers will stand guard over their calves for a period of time, mourning them.
    Being from Scandinavia, every winter I get a winter Depression. Sucks, BUT listening to you crazy guys and you talking about news and stuff from the Islands of dreams, helps! I AM SO going to buy the “Fuck you, and the canoe you rode in on!” bumper sticker! Seriously funny!
    Guys! Mahalo for a fantastic loose and entertaining podcast
    Your friend
    Giraffe Henrik
    P.S. I would like to send you a gift, where could I send it to?

  2. Aloha Bruce and Wayde,

    Good to hear a positive podcast, for a change! Although now that I’ve been living here for a month, I’m starting to see more of the negative stuff about Oahu that you guys talk about frequently on your podcasts. I can see why it’s difficult not to, as it’s become a part of our daily lives. It’s frustrating! But at the end of the day, I’m reminded when I look at my Hawaii pics why I chose to live in paradise. That’s the real reason why i post all those pics on FB 🙂

    Oh and Bruce, the Trump soundboard clips were seriously annoying. Cut. That. Shit. Out. Or as Marc so eloquently states “Talk Less. Drink More”

    Mahalo and shoots,

  3. Hi Guys,

    Thanks for all you guys are doing with the podcast. Lots of interesting info this week. A couple of questions for you…

    Any idea what song / singer you played in the last episode? Loved it. Just a thought, but it would be awesome if you included the music details in the show notes.

    Also, have you ever done an episode comparing your thoughts on all of the islands? I am mostly curious because I’ve heard you mention that you’re not really crazy about Maui, but I don’t think I’ve heard why. Maui is my favorite island, so I’m super curious about your opinions of why it’s not as great as the others. I’ve listened to every episode so maybe I missed that along the way. Would love to hear more about that.

    Thanks again for all the work you put into this!

  4. Sitting here rather sloshed (what British say for being drunk) scared watching the uk election. The man that is likely to get in power in the U.K. Scares me far more than Trump!! Trump is a complete bafoon but every so often says somthing that makes complete sense. Sooo tempted to just sell everything and apply for my green card and come to Hawaii. I am lucky my wife has a US passport all beit she has never lived in US just born there.

  5. Hello boys! I have been listening to all your old podcasts (which is a trick since they are not all on iTunes) and loving them! I am a fairly new listener and enjoy Wayde’s history lessons. I have been visiting Hawaii since I was a teenager and even though I was born and raised in So Cal, Hawaii is the only place I have ever felt home. My family and I are moving to the islands next year and I can’t wait to be part of 808 cleanups. Thank you for all the laughs and insights on life in Hawaii!
    Regarding Escobar, birds have feelings and personalities and will bite the shit out of you if you upset them and be silly if they are happy. Have fun!

  6. Hey, guys,

    The Hawaiian alphabet actually has 13 characters, not 12. The ‘okina is considered a consonant. It is, as you said, a glottal stop. (FYI, English has examples of glottal stop in the words “kitten” and “button”, where you don’t throw the /t/ completely against the palate.)

    Not only do Hawaiian words always end in a vowel, but *EVERY* syllable ends in a vowel, or is just a vowel, and is just one or two characters. (Since the ‘okina is a consonant, it always precedes a vowel, which must end the syllable.)

    Some older street signs here in Hawaii *DO* have diacritics, such as the ‘okina and the kahakō (long bar across stressed vowels). But the US removed all diacritics from traffic signs across all the states to standardize spelling a while back, which is why you won’t see the ‘okina or kahakō on what looks like a newer sign.

    Missing the ‘okina or kahakō can greatly change not only how a word sounds, but also its basic meaning. For example, the word kāne (kaa-nay) means male while the same word without the kahakō, kane (ka-nay), means skin disease. Likewise the word moa (mo-ah) is a chicken while mo’a (mo ah) means cooked.

    Fun fact: the big island is Hawai’i (old name) while the state is Hawaii (no ‘okina) and are pronounced differently.

    The ukulele was not imported from the Portugese, but is actually a Hawwaiian adaptation of the small guitar-like Portugese “machete”, a small guitar used by the paniolo. “Uku” means “flea” and “lele” means “jumping”, and the name refers to the look of the player’s hand as it plucks the strings.

    • The Ukulele is a Hawaiian name, however back in 1879 a ship named the Raven’s crag arrived in Honolulu from Madeira Portugal with a man names Manuel Nunes and two of his friends who came to work in the Sugar Cane fields. Manuel Nunes developed the ukulele based on his native Portugese instrument called the braguinha…Nunes has from the start taken claim that he had invented the ukulele.

  7. Hi guys! I’m trying to get caught up on the podcasts. This is for Bruce. You mentioned that you were volunteering at the Hawaii Cat Foundation. We might be heading to Oahu next Spring and I was wondering if they allow visitors to check out the cats. I e-mailed them but have not heard back.

    Thanks, Denise

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