Sometimes you have to say F-YOU!- Feeling the BERN in HAWAII


If you don’t have any interest in politics in Hawaii and in general…well…this episode isn’t for you…but if you want to hear a fucking smack down on WTF is happening in our political system these days you may get a little upset with this “No Holds Barred ” Episode cuz we have a guest with Ballz on this show today,  Chelsea Lyons Kent…plus…what’s sexier than a women who knows her politics, doesn’t back down and actually looks like Tina Fey…HELLO!


Chelsea Lyons Kent at this time is known for her appearance during the national television broadcast of the Democratic National Convention presidential nomination roll call, where she gives the middle finger to the status quo of the Democratic Party. The gesture infuriated many in Hawaii, but made her a hero to the die-hard Bernie Sanders supporters.

Please check out her story here…you may be surprised how the system actually works…so much so you may just become as pissed off as Chelsea.

No matter who you Vote for in this Election things are about to change in this Country for the worse and I say worst because it must be worse before it gets better.. At least that’s what I think, AlohaBruce has a completely different take, he actually thinks this country is great and the process works. He also has some facts to back up that bizarre thought LOL.

People like Chelsea and I believe A REVOLUTION is coming…you can see the writing on the wall…PEOPLE ARE PISSED OFF may it be Bernie supporters or Trump supporters…The Status Quo can be no more…Over the next four years who every gets in…this country will be tested like no other time, because the test will come from within the country itself…The young will rise and the United States will be changed forever! Prepare yourselves…peaceful or violent…REAL CHANGE IS COMING!


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It sometimes takes a lifetime to find their authentic selves, but for  Hawaii Born and Los Angeles-based artist JoLivi, it took a little loss, some good ‘ol fashioned heartbreak, and a newfound sense of confidence to find who she truly is as an artist.


 Formerly known as LeiHoku and today known as Jolivi…Jo has gone through a lot of difficult things from her grandfather passing to her going through a really bad breakup. Jo got her heart broken over and over, but she kept going back to the relationship and it made her feel things she never felt. It made her think about things on a deeper level. It changed her. It helped her grow as a person and as a writer, so she got my pen and paper out and started writing in a way she never written before.

Through the process joLivi found her true voice. The result has become a Electro-Pop sound of songs filled with passion and a personal side hailing from the darker recesses of her mind and heart. Songs like GAMES, DON’T MATTER and CHAINS.

Grammy nominated Brandon Friesen, who has racked up six Juno Awards, produced her EP. He helped her find the inner soul of her voice in a way that she was able to share her feelings – whether it’s being sexy or reserved or just allowing herself to feel sadness. Jo’s vocal emotion is present throughout her music.

Interested in her music? Check JOLIVI out:


When she use to be LEIHOKU here in Hawaii her Hawaii music was amazing as well…We have several videos from her early days in Hawaii…The past may be the past, but it is who you are, where you came from…and today Jo has learned so much…Her future is so very bright…There are only big things on the Horizon for her…We wish her blessings and the very best her way.



Yeah…are you surprised? We talking STICKER SHOCK for you thinking of moving to Hawaii…It’s not all SUNSHINE and FUCKING RAINBOWS here folks!


We sit down with DOC & KIM while on vacation as they look for places to live in Hawaii. I think maybe we sugarcoat things sometimes on the show about how AMAZING it is to Live Hawaii…it is…don’t get us wrong…but the Reality is when we speak “HAWAII” we are usually talking about the island of OAHU, because we live here…but sometimes we do talk HAWAII in general as in all the islands…However, when it comes to Oahu, and we have been saying it for a while now, the island of OAHU has TODAY BECOME a Rich Man’s PARADISE…So everyone thinking of moving to Hawaii needs a “WAKE UP CALL” and “SLAP IN THE FACE” on what will be best for you! The Island of OAHU may NO LONGER be an VIABLE OPTION for you and your family. You may need to look at the other islands where it’s more affordable and the MANA and ALOHA is still alive and well.