Many of you have asked if Bruce and Wayde would talk a little about their HAWAII LIFE Story…what brought them to Hawaii and what they did once they got here…Today we talk about Wayde’s HAWAII LIFE PART I  which started since the age of 7 on his first visit to Hawaii and the entire island chain on the Cruise Ship the SS INDEPENDENCE for 10 days with his family. He spent several trips on the SS, even though he got seasick. He still loved the Adventure of traveling by sea…He eventually move in the late 90’s. Unlike Bruce, Wayde moved here for a short time in 95, then returned in the end of 98/99 and then left again in 2002 after 9/11 and then returned again and has been in Hawaii ever since.


Wayde, Dad & Brother Jeff: PCC 1977

The First Trip to Hawaii in 1977 was a Trip that changed Wayde’s Life…The Day he connected to Hawai’i and the Mana of the Islands~


Wayde, Mom, Dad & Brother Jeff: Kauai 1980

When Wayde first moved to Hawai’i he didn’t exactly realize the cost of living difference, but once he awoke to it he knew that if he intended to stay here in hawaii and survive he needed to change his habits and adapt to Hawai’i Life. He needed to live, shop, eat and enjoy Hawaii like a local and so the Poor Man began his journey. The journey wasn’t easy…Trial and error followed Wayde everywhere he went, but he never gave up on his dream because if you have ever felt the spirit of Hawai’i Nei, the Spirit of Aloha, then you would understand and know it’s power, the mana covers the aina. It’s felt on every corner of the islands, atop every mountain, along every reef and under every lava rock . Hawai’i was the only place Wayde ever felt whole, the only place he had ever truly belonged and the only place in the end he could never leave behind.


Wayde & Brother Jeff: Hawaii Island 1980

Today the American Dream is very hard to come by and Wayde fight for my dreams and make them come true. It took heart, mind and spirit. If you have a passion for something, if you have an idea or vision of what you want my your life to be, You need to picture yourself in it and make it happen! That’s what Wayde did. He stopped talking and choose to ACT on my dreams! Today the struggles and successes continue… but Wayde loves Hawai’i to much to gave up.


Brother Jeff, Mom & Wayde: Honolulu 1984

When Wayde originally made a scouting move to Hawaii in 1995 he went with his Brother and his good friend Jimmy D (Kimo D) with just a single small suitcase and stayed in Kailua. Once again the group explored the entire Island chain…The Stories to tell…so many crazy days and nights across Hawaii…


Kimo D, Brother Jeff & Wayde: Kailua 1995

In the Late 90’s Wayde finally made the Jump along with his Brother and KIMO D.  They all lived in a duplex with roomate EB (Eric Bruce) in KALIHI in late 1999…Below in the Duplex lived a Hawaiian family. They opened their home to Wayde and he befriended them. IKE, the head of the house hold, showed Wayde so much: the culture, the food, the hula and the spirit of aloha. He treated Wayde like “ohana” and he gained a great respect for him. IKE talked story about his concerns of the take over of his lands, loss of his people and the sovereignty of the Hawaiian nation came to the forefront of their conversations. These islands have a deep history far beyond it’s beauty and it would be ignorant to come here and not learn about her deep cultured past and how forward these islands have come or how far they have digressed depending he said to Wayde.


KUPUNA IKE: Iolani palace, 2001

Being originally from Boston Wayde just didn‘t understand the spiritual side of his life and the Aloha Spirit until IKE awoken him to it, once done Wayde’s life forever changed again. IKE always said to visit the sacred places, the temples and palaces . He said he promised that if you did you would leave these islands with a new respect for the true Hawaiian people and the land they love and cherish so much.


First Hike under Wayde’s World Hawaii: 2010

After many struggles, success came in 2009 with “Wayde’s World Poor Man’s Guide to Hawaii.” Wayde was forced to learn how to get around all the gimmicks and expensive things in Hawaii and live on a poor man’s budget like all locals do! He learned the hard way, so others didn’t have to. After hearing from so many tourists, “Hawaii is so beautiful, but it’s so expensive”, Wayde decided to create a Youtube channel on Hawai’I, then a website, then tours, then a nonprofit to let visitors know that they can experience all of Hawaii’s beauty, food, accommodations and activities off the beaten path without sacrificing anything.

long bar

Wayde Filming at Cromwells: 2013

Since being in Hawai’i, Wayde has gone on to work for and start several design businesses in Application Development, Social Media, Business Branding and Web Design. Today Wayde is the Founder & Owner of Wayde’s World Hawai’i LLC, Co Founder of Hawai’i Jeep Tours LLC and Co Founder of 808 Cleanups, a 501(c)3 nonprofit network dedicated to teaching environmental education, responsibility, community, Hawaiian culture, island values, well-being, and Aloha Aina (the love of our land). He’s passionate about Hawai’i, it’ s culture, wildlife, diverse environment and the sustainability for future generations to live and survive in Hawai’i. His Hope is to bring a Reality Docu-Series to Hawai’i about the real island life style, it’s people and it’s culture…The Dream Continues.


Business 12

Once again we sit down with a MOVER and a BUSINESS CreatorMike Sorenson. it’s the theme here as of late on The Lucky We live Hawaii Podcast…One of the things we want to make clear is coming here will require you to do many jobs…maybe even things you have never done before…perhaps you will even need to reinvent yourself to make ends meet…at least here in Oahu that is.  It’s getting harder and harder to survive here on the Gathering Place and from the people we have been bringing on as guests…it proves it. So stay positive and hopefully you can get a Transfer from your job on the mainland…that would be the way to go, but if you can’t…get ready to work and get your hands dirty…cuz there is a Price for Paradise~



HAWAII…The Big Island, so big it’s actually still affordable to buy land and build a home and it’s still growing. So big that you can fit all the other islands into it anD still have room! THAT’S HOW BIG WE TALKIN FOLKS! This may be the YOUNGEST of the Hawaiian Islands, but this is OLD HAWAII, this is the BEST that country living has to offer, but be warned…because this island is SO BIG you may find yourself driving more than enjoying it, so PLAN OUT your Big Island trip or move well in advance!


Hawaiʻi is said to have been named for HAWAI’ILOA, the legendary Polynesian navigator who first discovered it. Other accounts attribute the name to the legendary realm of Hawaiki, a place from which the Polynesian people are said to have originated, the place where they go in the afterlife, the realm of the gods and goddesses. Captain James Cook, the English explorer and navigator who was the captain of the first European expedition to Hawaii, called them the “Sandwich Islands” after his patron, the Earl of Sandwich. Cook visited Hawaii several times, but the last time he mad a serious mistake by putting a musket to a chiefs head…because of this disrespect he was killed on the Big Island at KEALAKEKUA BAY…Also known as COOK’S BAY today back on February 14, 1779, after a mêlée over stolen goods.

Hawaiʻi was the home island of Paiʻea Kamehameha, later known as KAMEHAMEHA THE GREAT. Kamehameha united the Hawaiian islands under his rule in 1795, after several years of war, and gave the the entire Island chain and his Kingdom the name of his native island he was Born on, Hawai’i.


The Island of Hawaiʻi is built from five separate SHIELD VOLCANOES that erupted somewhat sequentially, one overlapping the other. These are (from oldest to youngest):

Sugarcane was once the MAJOR Backbone of Hawai’i Islands economy a Century ago, but the Sugar Plantations started to downsize and in the late 90’s the last plantation closed.  Today, as most would guess, Hawaiʻi Island’s economy is based on TOURISM, centered primarily in resort areas on the western coast of the island in the North Kona, South Kohala and on the Northeast coast of the island in Hilo. More recently, Hawaiʻi Island has become a focus for sustainable Tourism and off grid living for those who live and have moved to Hawai’i Island. Diversified agriculture is a growing sector of the economy. Major crops include MACADAMIA NUTS, COFFEE BEANS, PAPAYA, FLOWERS and BOTANICALS, Tropical and Temperate Vegetables as well as Grapes in the higher elevations for Wine production. Only coffee grown in  KONA may be branded as KONA COFFEE. The island’s Orchidagriculture is the largest in the state, and has resulted in the unofficial nickname “The Orchid Isle.” The island is home to one of the United States’ largest Cattle Ranches, PARKER RANCH, which sits on 175,000 acres in Waimea. Hawaiʻi is also known for ASTRONOMY, and numerous Telescopesare operated on the summit of MAUNA KEA, where atmospheric clarity is excellent and there is little to no Light Pollution.


During your amazing Journey to Hawai’i Island or your move you will focus on two central Town Areas…One is on the West Side, KAILUA-KONA and one on the East Side, HILO…North or South of either Town is Beautiful…However…KONA is Drier and HILO is Wetter…So you will have Warmer and sunnier weather on the West Side…and Tropical weather with Rain on the East Side. There are plenty of things to do on Both Sides of the Island…



*During the Podcast we also discuss places TO STAY and places TO EAT!


You won’t be able to cover everything during a single trip to Hawai’i Island…it may take you MANY…it may take you YEARS of visiting to see all the things you want to see and if you move to The Big Island…trust us…you won’t get bored…it’s too big to get bored…YES…it’s CHILL…Super CHILL…layed back indeed…but one of the EXCUSES everyone says about Hawaii is…“ROAD TRIPS”…You can’t take Road Trips in Hawaii…WELLTHEY ARE ALL WRONG and it’s one more reason why we are not only Lucky to Live Hawaii, but lucky we have the BIG ISLANDHAWAI’I ISLAND to go on all the F#$%ING ROAD TRIPS we could ever ask for!!!