We are very excited to be talking to Director PHIL PAYSON and Producer ZOE EISENBERG on their Award winning SHORT FILM“Aloha from Lavaland”

On June 27 2014, a vent in Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano erupted and lava began flowing
directly toward the center of Pahoa, a small rural town on the Big Island of Hawai’i. Hard
to predict and impossible to stop, the flow threatens to cut of the town’s only access road,leaving the residents of this remote community to rely heavily on one another as they prepare for possible isolation.

Produced in conjunction by Gift Culture Media, Larkin Pictures and Pure Mother Love,
this 55 minute award-winning documentary explores an inner community perspective of the lava fow, following residents as they ask and answer important questions about
community, sustainability, harmony, and what it really means to live in such an
unpredictable paradise.

In addition to street interviews and news coverage, the documentary follows a local
Hawaiian kumu (healer), a sustainability expert and the leader of a sovereign Hawaiian
community over a period of seven months as they attempt to prepare for the unpreparable. Shot in a grass-roots effort by several Pahoa community members, Lavaland offers a unique insider’s look at life in the midst of a slow motion disaster.

If you are interested in watching this film or learning more please head to the Website or Facebook page~ Mahalo





It’s been a while…3 years to be exact since we last had a conversation on this Podcast about Life Off Grid and living a Sustainable life here in Hawai’i.

A lot has happened over the 3 years since our first podcast on Living Off Grid in Hawaii. Our last Podcast on the subject has been one of our most popular, most downloaded, and most frequently asked about. It has reached #1 and #2 on the Google Search Engine. If you are interested in listen to the complete “LIVING OFF GRID IN HAWAII” Podcast please click the link:

It’s been a long time coming for this NEW ADDITION of OFF GRID LIVING IN HAWAII. Wayde’s Book Cover LIFE OFF GRID interview in the November 2017 issue of Hawaii Business Magazine and his Ebook has been release. Wayde discusses living off grid in Hawai’i and how to live a sustainable and affordable lifestyle in a State where the cost of living is the highest in the nation! We all know Hawai’i is changing and we must change with it if we wish to stay here. It’s the only way to sustain and protect our family’s future here in Hawai’i. Wayde’s been very excited to share with all of us the future opportunities that will be available for sustainable living here on the Islands of Hawai’i.

LIVING OFF GRID IN HAWAII will guide you step by step on how to live off grid, live a sustainable lifestyle and lower your energy and food bills while leaving a smaller environmental footprint on planet Earth.

They say there is a price to pay for paradise. There doesn’t have to be, when you start taking responsibility for the choices you make. We CAN afford to continue living in paradise when we take back control of our lives, but we have to stop talking about it and start taking action!

LIFE OFF GRID is a big step for those wishing more control and freedom. For our species to sustain itself for generations to come, some of us must choose to lead the rest of us down a path of sustainable living. If we don’t…we simply won’t survive as a species.

If you are interested in living a sustainable lifestyle and this topic interests you, please head over to Wayde’s WEBSITE and download his eBook:



Today we meet David Williams a long time Hawaii resident who shares his story and love for the Islands. He’s a former Marine who in the past few years has taken to Social media to spread his message about the Aloha State. The subject of political correctness has come up often on the podcast and one of our listeners suggested we have him on the podcast to discuss race relations. She even offered to donate $150.00 bucks if we did it!  How could Bruce refuse $150!

Even so we think a show about Race was long overdue. While David is not that optimistic about race relations in general on the mainland he does believe that people can learn a lot about getting along by taking the lead from Hawaii.

These islands are a melting pot for the world to see…for many here in the islands people don’t see Race nor Gender or Religion and that’s a hard thing to come by where there is not a lot of judgment. NOW…don’t get us wrong…We DO have resentment and prejudice against some here like the Military and Haole’s…When you steal lands away from another race you’re going to have problems one way or the other…

The United States has had it’s fill of treating the Native American Indians, Native Hawaiians, Puerto Ricans and African Americans unfairly…Hopefully no one is ignorant of that and if you are you should be doing some history on it to learn the things our school systems don’t teach you.

We are hopeful this Podcast will enlighten you to see a different perspective and the perception of Race from a different point of view~