HAWAII’S Comfort/Junk Foods

HAWAI’I…the land of the Beautiful and In Shape…RIGHT?

NOPE! Not with the shit we eat here! lol

Yes, you can eat an organic Vegan diet here and live happily ever after, but who the fuck wants to deprive themselves of all the unholy junk foods Hawai’i Nei has at it’s disposal!

When it comes to comfort and junk food Hawai’i has no shortage on where and what to choose from…Having a bad day in Traffic?…have some Spam Wasubi…Did your boss yell at you?…screw it, get a plate of Chicken Katsu…Did your Boyfriend just break up with you?…Damn, you better get yourself a half dozen Coco Puffs!

Hawaii is a beautiful place with beautiful healthy food…but it’s also a place of unholy Junk and comfort foods that if you don’t watch it can blow your waistline out of this world!

We are not telling you to NOT stuff your face with these AWESOME FAT INDUCED COMA RIDDEN FOODS…We are just telling you…do it in moderation…but while in moderation enjoy every fucking bite of it!



Preparing for DISASTER in HAWAII

Are you planing on vacationing to hawaii, moving or live here already? ARE YOU READY in case DISASTER STRIKES HAWAII???

Probably not!

We here in Hawaii have our mix of Disasters…Hurricanes, Tsunamis, Earthquakes, Flash Floods and Volcanic Eruptions! Shit can get serious here…Yes Hawaii is a paradise, but at anytime on a picture perfect day DISASTER CAN STRIKE!



We’ll discuss what we have seen and been through in our 20-30 years here on the island and what we did to get through it. You always been to have a plan when it comes to Disasters. You don’t want till the last minute to be ready. Even if you are vacationing you should be knowledgeable about your surroundings and when you check in to your Hotel or Rental ask what to do in case of an emergency or natural disaster…knowledge is power!



Making HAWAII your second HOME

Everyone wishes to visit Hawaii at least once in their life time…others wish to move to Hawaii and others already live here…Everyone has their own perspective of what Hawaii means to them…for another group of people, Hawaii just becomes a second home. Today we talk Story with the Garcia FamilyJay Garcia and Christina Harrison-Garcia…

These two as well as friends and family have been coming to Hawaii on a yearly basis making Hawaii their second home. They spend their time here in Hawaii like any local family enjoying everything Hawaii has to offer from the beaches, the hikes, the great food, as well as activities here in Paradise.

The both of them and their friends and family have seen so much of they world, but Hawaii has a special place on their hearts…a place they always return to…Their hope is to move for good and retire one day in Hawaii. Today we talk about their journey, hopes and dreams on living in Hawaii for good!