Talking Story – WE’RE BACK!


We both took some time off last few weeks…much needed, but here we are back once again to talk a bunch of shit about nothing because we have been 110% NOT prepared to do a podcast this week…but fuck it…You want to hear a podcast right? So we did one talking about absolutely nothing at all…it’s called TALKING STORY and we just shoot the shit about the NEWS and COMMENTS you guys left…Next week we will be back in full form to talk about something…who knows what, but I’m sure it will be Fucking Fabulous!





No one wants to talk about LEAVING HAWAII…but at some point we all should or must leave…may it be for vacation, a trip back home, for work, or unfortunately because we can no longer make ends meet in Hawaii. Even those BORN & RAISED sometimes leave Hawaii because they are going off to school or can’t make ends meet anymore in Paradise. It happens…it happens to the best of us and at some point we need to all face it for one reason or another.

We’ll be the first to let everyone know…Leaving Hawaii is a hard thing to do and there are many reasons why someone would leave…No matter the reason…leaving Hawaii is NEVER EASY…but we’ll be the first to also tell you…returning to Hawaii ALWAYS IS!