HAWAII 5-0 and the BOOMERANG effect


Today we sit down with Amy and Zoom Bakari to get some juicy info on HAWAII FIVE-O and the show from how many seasons are left to what’s been happening as of late on the show. We also discuss their personal story and how HAWAII FIVE-O became such an influence on Amy and her husbands life and their move to Hawaii.


We’ll also discuss boomeranging again with our friend Renee Marcou and discuss here journey back and forth from Boston to Hawaii and her connection to the islands that always call her back to paradise. Hawaii has a special place in many of our hearts and there are things happening here every day, from TV events like Hawaii Five-O to Tours with our Jeep company to people coming back and forth to Hawaii trying to make a choice to stay or leave again…There is never a dull day here in Paradise…ever…and we are truly blessed to call this place home.

Dealing with your EX’s on an Island


We have all been there…Even Wayde and Bruce have…Dealing with EX’s in the same small town or city or even A SMALL ISLAND where you have mutual friends and acquaintances IS NOT EASY! There are so many things you have to deal with and bullshit that follows. You also have to be careful with what you say and do because word can always get out if you have mutual friends because some friends may have already picked a side where their allegiance is either for you or your ex…that’s when they can play both sides, but they will also snoop and relay gossip to you or the ex one way or the other.

on the downgrade

That is only scratching the surface as everyone in the end wants to move along with their lives, but sometimes certain circumstances can make it easier than others…Your EX moves far away…perhaps even to another state…Your EX takes a massive downgrade while you and your friends laugh about it…these things can make a breakup easier, even make you feel bad for them. Running into them alone or with their new partner can always be an awkward situation and no one wants issues or a scene. When things like this happen you need to take the high road and realize that if it was meant to be it would have…You don’t want to ever be with someone who isn’t worthy of you, doesn’t deserve you or doesn’t want to be with you!

ex shit

Some people wish only misery for their EX’s…but some wish them the best…Which one are you? Are you still friends with your EX’s?…Do you wish they would just get hit by a truck? What kind of EX are you? We’ll be discussing these questions in this episode and how to avoid confrontations with them while taking the high road because the truth is EX’s are a shitty part of life and just because you’re in Hawaii living in Paradise doesn’t mean you don’t have them…On a small island you only have so many choices and more than likely you’ll be running into them so it’s best to be ready and prepared for it when it happens…The best advice I can give is FORGIVE…forgive him or her ASAP…No matter what they did to you or to your friends and how they treated you or your friends that’s the kind of stuff  you can’t be holding onto…sooner you let it go the sooner you move forward so that running into your EX on a small island won’t be an issue anymore and maybe, just maybe you can be friends with them in the end.

Boomeranging in HAWAII


People come and go from Hawaii all the time…Either you stay for the rest of your life or you leave forever…Now…for a long time it has been the Yin and the Yang for a long time now…but we are starting to see more and more what we call the “BOOMERANGING EFFECT”.  Yes…Those who come to Hawaii…leave Hawaii and once again return…sometimes several times before it for good…but in the end they always return and when they return for the final time…it’s for the rest for their life.

BOOMERANGING HAWAII LIFE is one of the hardest things to do…it takes great CONVICTIONS and a DEEP SEEDED PASSION to be a BOOMERANGER in Hawaii…but Wayde has done it, several others we know have done it and out Guest today has done it…
brittToday we welcome to our show Brit Young, Britt  first moved to Hawaii in 1997, urged by her (then) boyfriend, now husband, Rob, to come live here in paradise. After a year trying to break into the news business, unsuccessfully, she and Rob moved to Idaho. After two years there, they were asked to come back to Hawaii and work at KGMB. There, Britt worked as a news reporter and meteorologist for about 5 years. After the birth of her first child, she decided to leave the business and go to graduate school to pursue a masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. She and Rob moved to the mainland for 8 years to pursue his career in real-estate development, and Britt worked as a therapist. However, the opportunity arose for them to return to Hawaii this past April–and they grabbed it! Since they’ve been back, Britt has been a producer at PBS and a blog-writer for Hawaii Aloha Travel and plans to keep on writing–even after she establishes her own therapy practice.  She shares her very interesting story about how her and her family moved here 3 times!! This time it’s defiantly for good! If you’re thinking about moving to Hawaii this podcast is a MUST LISTEN!! Britt shares the ups and downs of settling down in Hawaii and how having the support of her husband made all the difference.