We have never done a show on what it’s like to be in the Military here in Hawaii…Lucky for us we finally got someone in who has been all over the world and stationed in many places including Hawaii. Of all the places our Military guest ANTHONY has been…Hawaii is his favorite and it’s a place he is working to now to day to move for good once he gets out of the military in his last year in Japan. We discuss what it’s like making a big move and what he likes about Hawaii and the pluses and minuses of living abroad.


Why we ALWAYS return to Hawaii


Why do people always return to Hawaii? It’s never just once…most people who come to Hawaii for vacation either move here or vacation here again and again…Hawaii leaves an impression on people…The aina, the mana…there is something here people can’t let go of…perhaps it’s the Aloha way.


Today we bring in several friends, Christina Harrison-Garcia and Angela Forbes from the mainland to discuss what Hawaii means to them and why they keep coming back…frequent flyer miles have something to do with it…lol…We didn’t expect the conversation to go that way, but you can learn a thing or two from these ladies we bring on…If your desire is to come to Hawaii more often…you may want to have a listen!

Why you SHOULD move to Hawaii


Yes…We are real about Hawaii…We tell you the good and bad about Hawaii and sometimes that can get people down…The truth is people have this fantasy like idea that Hawaii is some Heavenly Paradise where God himself resides…where no evil or bad things happen…Well…last time I looked we are still living on earth and we wake up when we are pinched…So, it’s not heaven just yet folks…Hawaii has it’s issues, but…but…even so Hawaii is still the most beautiful and amazing place to ever live and be a part of and even if Hawaii isn’t perfect it’s sure a hell of a lot place better than any other place on Earth and so today we discuss just that….Why you SHOULD move to Hawaii and there are many positives reason to do just that!