Well…it all comes down to this Podcast…Sleeping with the fish!!!

You know what they say about that right? Yep…In the end the Big Fish always gets whats coming to’um!

We go full blast into Fishing in Paradise and dealing with Shore Cast to the Deep Blue Beyond with the big boys…from Mahi Mahi, to Ahi to the Blue Marlin. We promise…we won’t forget the little guys here…there are plenty of them that are a taste above the rest.  so sit back, relax and learn a thing or two about fishing in paradise with Chad Cromer as he takes us through his fishing routine and what you can plan to catch from the Big Fish to the little boys!


Today we have a hell of a show lined up as we discuss Beth and Kevin’s move and transition to BIG ISLAND LIVING on HAWAII ISLAND. We’ve been excited about getting these little cubs into the Lucky We Live Hawaii Cave so we can hear all about their journey together to Paradise. It’s been a long time coming and we have a good feeling this will help others prepare themselves for making such a big move across the globe not only mentally but physically.

Beth and Kev got plenty of ALOHA to go around and if you bring they type of love and desire to make your dreams come true as they have and are willing to to change with the times and your surroundings you’ll be sure to make your dreams come true in Paradise as well…and if you’re in Kailua-Kona stop by and say Aloha to them at the KONA BREWING COMPANY…I’m sure one of them will give you a FREE BEER!



There is a REALITY we don’t wish to face sometimes…The acceptance of LEAVING HAWAII.

I can’t count on my hands how many friends and acquaintances have left the islands over the years…some had been here only a year or two…but other had been here 20-30 years or even all their life!

When you make such a BIG CHANGE in your life to move across the Earth more than likely the hope and dream is to make it your final resting spot…Unfortunately sometimes dreams and hopes can be shattered…and when that happens you need to make the choice to do what is best for yourself and your family.

To live in Hawaii for 10 or 20 or more years it can be an ABSOLUTE CULTURE SHOCK when returning to the mainland…and for some…people who return after a long time in Hawaii can NEVER RECOVER!

For many…they feel they have failed…perhaps that they even have let themselves down…BUT…as long as you know HAWAII itself and the SOCIAL SYSTEM in place was BUILT for you to FAIL…you’ll have a GOOD HEAD START to make every effort to not allow that to happen.

JUST BE WARNED…Hawaii may be Paradise for some, but for way more it’s a system that is built to allow you to FAIL! As long as you know this you can put things in place to safeguard yourself as much as possible so you DON’T end up like the THOUSANDS of people who leave Hawaii every year because they just can’t make ends meet.