Funny Questions About HAWAII

Funny QuestionsToday we go into some common questions and some funny and crazy questions and things that have been said to the both of us…it’s never a dull moment when it comes to being asked questions…As we have both said over and over…There is never a Dumb or Stupid Question…ALL QUESTIONS are VALID when it comes to Hawaii, so just know we get some pretty normal questions from time to time, but we also get some silly and funny ones. We dedicate this show to those fun questions. We also break down the news for the week and what’s happening on the islands of Hawaii…The exciting new is the NEW Branding and Launch of Bruce’s Travel Site…HAWAII ALOHA TRAVEL…this is going to be something special and we should all be exited to know that this will be your one stop shop for Booking and planning your entire Hawaii vacation!!!


50 HAWAII WORDSMany Visit HAWAII and some of us even live here, but do we know some of the more used words in Hawai’i??? There could be 100′s of words we could choose to go over, but we broke it down to some of the most common 50 + WORDS YOU ALL SHOULD KNOW in HAWAII. You should know what they mean and when to use them and when not to! Don’t you want to be a part of Hawaii and a guest when you are here instead of a ( HAOLE ) tourist? If you are new to the islands and a ( MALIHINI ) for a few years in the Military or perhaps you’re a Traveling Nurse don’t you want to dive into the culture of Hawai’i and respect it? What if you moved here and plan to be here for the rest of your life, it won’t be too long before you become a ( KAMA’AINA )…if you are going to fit in and try to embrace the Hawaiian culture and local Pidgin we use when “Talking Story” now’s the time…This PODCAST should get you excited…You are about to get a breakdown of the most often used words in Hawaii and once done with this next hour…you won’t forget them!

3 WORDS 3I think when it comes to words used in Hawaii many ( MALIHINI ) new comers to Hawaii feel they can’t or are not ready to use many of the common words used by Locals and Hawaiians. ( KANAKA MAOLI ) None of you should feel that way…may it be a two week vacation, a few years stay or the rest of your life…It’s never too early or too late to understand and respect a new culture and way people live and talk. Locals and Native Hawaiians will be surprised and excited to hear them!

3 WORDS 2Today you’ll learn what words like…HALE, HEIAU, KUPUNA, KAHUNA, LAULAU, HULI HULI, HOWZIT, CHEEHOO, SHOOTS, MALAMA, AKAMAI, KULEANA, KOKUA and LIVING PONO mean…These are just some of the most important words to know and understand here in Hawaii…You’ll hear them when locals talk to each other, you’ll hear Hawaiians use them, you’ll hear them used at Luau’s and BBQ’s…Once you learn them, respect them and understand them, you can start you melting into the pot that’s called HAWAI’I NEI…Our Beloved Islands :)


HAWAII VOLUNTOURISMVoluntourism is becoming a well known word, not only in Hawaii, but all over the world. It puts you in touch with the local community and the aina here in Hawai’i Nei. When planning a vacation to Hawaii, why not put a day aside to be a part of the community and Hawaiian Culture…volunteer with the Sierra Club of Hawaii or the Hawaiian Trail and Mountain Club. You can volunteer at places like the Amy Greenwell Botanical Gardens on the big island of Hawaii or at the Lanai Culture and Heritage Center on Lanai…What about the  Maui Coastal Land Trust on Maui or on Oahu at the Ahahui Malama I Ka Lokahi which conserves Hawaii’s Native ecosystems…What about helping the animal population here at the SPCA or the HUMANE SOCIETY. Do Beach clean ups, pick up trash, remove graffiti and tagging. You can also get out on the aina, plant indigenous plants and trees and remove invasive ones. Even Volunteering at the Pearl Harbor Visitors Center is an option! The locations are endless and you will be surprised that most hotels that visitors stay at have Voluntourism and you can ask about volunteering at the front desk of your hotel.

Two of the best sites to see all the things you can Volunteer with is at: AND

Below is an example of Voluntourism in Hawaii at Travel2Change:

HAWAII’S Farmers Markets

HFMWith the Price of EVERYTHING so High in Hawaii food stores we truly needed to address Food…mostly because it’s essential for survival and it’s out of control here! From OJ priced at $10 a gallon to Organic Eggs from the mainland at over $7 a doz. These prices are just not high because they come here on boat…they are priced this way because these businesses now you need to eat! So how do you deal with this? How can you survive? Are you going to settle and just give up, saying “This is the Price for Paradise”…HELL NO…You have some of the BEST RESOURCES here in Hawaii…ORGANIC FARMERS MARKETS! We get into locals markets and the great small business owners and farmers running them and one of the best sources here is the HAWAII FARM BUREAU FEDERATION:

IMPSo what’s on the News today at Lucky We Live Hawaii? Well, first off we go over what this show is all about, because it seems of late that a few listeners want us to censor how we talk and what we talk about…well, hate to break it to the few recent followers to the show…what you see is what you get…This is a FREE COUNTRY and we have no intentions of censoring ourselves, what we stand for or what we believe in…sorry, not going to happen…so if a few of you don’t like the tone of the show…You are welcome to not listen to it…hey, it is a free country. Also we dive into a few news subject with the main one being the NEW INTERNATIONS MARKET PLACE…The state and the builders just released a VIDEO (6mins) of the new Market Place…It may not be CHEAP, it may not be ORGANIC, it may not have that OLD HAWAII CHARM…but Bruce and I have to admit…it looks pretty damn beautiful even if it looks like everyone other damn place built lately in Waikiki…So lets hold our breath and see if they can pull off what they pulled off in the video. Here is the LINK to the INTERNATIONAL MARKET PLACE video on Youtube…watch it…it may surprise you folks:


WATERSPORTSinHAWAIIWhen you think of Hawaii and things to do here one of the first things that come to mind are WATERSPORTS! Hawaii has more watersports than you can dream of…Kayaking, Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Snuba, Parasailing, Boat Sailing, Stand up Paddle Boarding, Surfing, Body Boarding, Skim Boarding, Shore Casting, Deep Sea Fishing, Shark Cage Diving, Wind Surfing, Jet Skiing, Wahle Watching, Dolphin Excursions, Mana Ray Dives, Outrigger Canoeing and the list goes on and on…We cover all this on this weeks podcast…and the best thing is…many of them don’t even require you to be able to SWIM!

RAILWe go HEAD ON into our NEWS first on the Podcast and let us tell you…We let the SHIT FLY on this “State of Disrepair”…from SHIT BAGS on Hiking Trails to showing NO ALOHA on our Crosswalks, to Potholes to even the EMBARRASSING STATE of our FOSTER CARE system here in Hawaii and last RAILTHE DAMN RAIL…Does an island even NEED RAIL? We live on an island for God sakes…What are the ramification of having such a monstrosity on a tropical island anyways? Well…we let you know! At least we end this Podcast on a POSITIVE NOTE with a POSTIVE QUOTE….WE as individuals MATTER…and that’s just one more reason why we are so Lucky to Live Hawaii no matter what comes our way or what MAINLAND mentality comes to invade our island home…We’ll never lose our Aloha Spirit and we’ll never stop fighting to live Pono.

Is Hawaii still a HAPPY place to live?

HAWAII NO LONGER HAPPYWell…looks like Hawaii isn’t the HAPPIEST PLACE in the United States anymore! Go figure that…But WHY??? There are MANY, MANY reasons, but to think that going down to #8 against 7 other FREEZING COLD STATES is TRUTH…is well…BULLSHIT! We get into more details as to why this POLL is full of SHIT, but either way…there are REASONS as to why I could understand Hawaii no longer being #1…#2 or 3 sounds more reasonable, but why do they deserve to be knocked off their ladder? Well…they deserve to be…because it’s a FUCKING WAKE UP CALL to the State and the ASSHOLES running it! There are too many people getting hand outs with shady back door deals and the States POLITICIANS are the REASON why Hawaii is no longer #1….The people, the locals, the Kama’aina and the Kanaka (Hawaiian Blood line) ARE NOT being listened to! This poll looked at 170K people in Hawaii…with more than likely 75% of them being from only OAHU…which to me…is PURE BULLSHIT…but eeven so…this PROVES SOMETHING IMPORTANT…OAHU RESIDENTS ARE SICK AND TIRED of what’s happening to the “GATHERING PLACE”.


Racist Rant in HAWAIIAfter discussing News in Hawaii we GO DEEP into RACISM and the issues we continue to face here in Hawaii…It’s Deep and I understand and have stood by the Kanaka Maoli from the start…but to fully understand and agree with what has happened here in Hawaii you need to be able to have dialogue and intelligent conversation…In the case of a DISTRUBING Video and Racist Rant…there was none of that…What happened on Maui was AWFUL and it needs to be talked about and broken down….and people from around the world need to know…THIS IS NOT HAWAII.

Flowers and Fauna in HAWAII

botanicals of hawaiiIt’s Valentines Day…why not talk about the Flowers and Fauna of Paradise…There are so many Local and brought in species that it’s hard to keep track…some invasive, some nessesary for Hawaii to survive. When you think of Hawaii and the Flowers and Fauna many come to mind…Plumeria, coconut, Banana, Taro, Koa, Birds of Pardise, Kukui, Ginger, Naupaka, Aloe, Banyan, Monkey Pods, Tea, Kiawi, Awa (kava kava) Lilikoi, Hibiscus, Eucalyptus (Rainbow Trees) and many, many more…Hawaii is a special place and many of the species of the world exist here as well as the indigenous ones who only call Hawaii home…The smells, the colors and the beauty of the beings that give us food and air are essential to not only sustain Hawaii, but our species…and it’s one more reason why we are so lucky to live here in Hawai’i Nei.

Rainy Days in HAWAII

WINTER IN HAWAIILots of people from around the world come to Hawaii and most come during the winter months…well, more than likely it’s Winter in Hawaii as well, but what does winter mean in Hawai’i Nei??? Unpredictable weather…This means it could be sunny one day and rainy another. Winter in Hawaii will give you cooler temps, more rain, more wind, more waterfalls, more waves and more rainbows…it can also give you an extended Storm front that could hang over Hawaii for your entire vacation! If you happen to choose to come to Hawaii for Winter, between Dec-March you have a 50/50 chance something like this could happen…it’s just reality. Dealing with a storm front your entire trip can be upsetting and even more so depressing, but lets turn it around…Winter for us in Hawaii is the most beautiful time of year and will bless us with things you can’t see or do in Summer…So please…take whatever weather comes your way and see it as a blessing and make the most of it, rain or shine…In the Winter there are endless activities…See waterfalls, do ridge hikes in the clouds, go to botanical Gardens, do shopping, go to museums, see rainbows, see whales and dolphins, see the big North Shore surf and enjoy what nature has given you for the season…Winter here is the greatest time of year…everything is full of life and alive…singing and inviting you to listen and watch…Don’t see this time of year and the weather that comes with is as a curse, but as a blessing…for us here in Hawaii…it’s one more reason we are so LUCKY and BLESSED to live here!

Starting a Business in HAWAII

Starting a Business in HawaiiYou want to start a business in Hawaii? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? That’s probably the most common response to making such a bold move…Let’s face it…Creating or opening a small business is not easy here in Hawaii and there are many factors that can make or break your business…Many think they can just move to Hawaii and open a business and some find out the hard way by losing everything. You need to know your market and your community…It’s one of the hardest markets to get into…not only because everything cost more here, but because the infrastructure has it’s issues as well. Learning and ajusting to the Hawaii market is unlike any in the United States…If you don’t know your customer and what they like and don’t like…you can forget having a business in Hawaii. It takes a great passion and mind set to start a business in Hawaii…Being considered the WORST STATE to do business in the country is the icing on the cake…but if you believe in yourself, in your product or your business concept…do some research and study up on it before you actually do it…no matter where you are, Hawaii or any place else…You always have a fighting chance to succeed in the business world!

24544491_BG1We also cover the news of the week and some very distrubing issues with the KAM SCHOOLS and the HIKING COMMUNITY. Kamehameha Schools has gone BEYOND the normal bullying and have choosen to attempt to CENSOR Bloggers and STOP hikers from using the trails and hiking systems of Hawaii. As we speak new laws are being formed that may STOP hikers from enjoying the amazing trails in Hawaii…This is a serious concern to ALL OF US and we can not let these NON PROFIT ORGANIZATIONS with HALF BILLION DOLLAR GROSS INCOMES bully us around…they are the problem and they don’t want to sit and have an adult conversation with the community…they get what they want because they control the land and they control the money when what they really control is their own hypocrisy!!!