HAWAII…The Big Island, so big it’s actually still affordable to buy land and build a home and it’s still growing. So big that you can fit all the other islands into it anD still have room! THAT’S HOW BIG WE TALKIN FOLKS! This may be the YOUNGEST of the Hawaiian Islands, but this is OLD HAWAII, this is the BEST that country living has to offer, but be warned…because this island is SO BIG you may find yourself driving more than enjoying it, so PLAN OUT your Big Island trip or move well in advance!


Hawaiʻi is said to have been named for HAWAI’ILOA, the legendary Polynesian navigator who first discovered it. Other accounts attribute the name to the legendary realm of Hawaiki, a place from which the Polynesian people are said to have originated, the place where they go in the afterlife, the realm of the gods and goddesses. Captain James Cook, the English explorer and navigator who was the captain of the first European expedition to Hawaii, called them the “Sandwich Islands” after his patron, the Earl of Sandwich. Cook visited Hawaii several times, but the last time he mad a serious mistake by putting a musket to a chiefs head…because of this disrespect he was killed on the Big Island at KEALAKEKUA BAY…Also known as COOK’S BAY today back on February 14, 1779, after a mêlée over stolen goods.

Hawaiʻi was the home island of Paiʻea Kamehameha, later known as KAMEHAMEHA THE GREAT. Kamehameha united the Hawaiian islands under his rule in 1795, after several years of war, and gave the the entire Island chain and his Kingdom the name of his native island he was Born on, Hawai’i.


The Island of Hawaiʻi is built from five separate SHIELD VOLCANOES that erupted somewhat sequentially, one overlapping the other. These are (from oldest to youngest):

Sugarcane was once the MAJOR Backbone of Hawai’i Islands economy a Century ago, but the Sugar Plantations started to downsize and in the late 90’s the last plantation closed.  Today, as most would guess, Hawaiʻi Island’s economy is based on TOURISM, centered primarily in resort areas on the western coast of the island in the North Kona, South Kohala and on the Northeast coast of the island in Hilo. More recently, Hawaiʻi Island has become a focus for sustainable Tourism and off grid living for those who live and have moved to Hawai’i Island. Diversified agriculture is a growing sector of the economy. Major crops include MACADAMIA NUTS, COFFEE BEANS, PAPAYA, FLOWERS and BOTANICALS, Tropical and Temperate Vegetables as well as Grapes in the higher elevations for Wine production. Only coffee grown in  KONA may be branded as KONA COFFEE. The island’s Orchidagriculture is the largest in the state, and has resulted in the unofficial nickname “The Orchid Isle.” The island is home to one of the United States’ largest Cattle Ranches, PARKER RANCH, which sits on 175,000 acres in Waimea. Hawaiʻi is also known for ASTRONOMY, and numerous Telescopesare operated on the summit of MAUNA KEA, where atmospheric clarity is excellent and there is little to no Light Pollution.


During your amazing Journey to Hawai’i Island or your move you will focus on two central Town Areas…One is on the West Side, KAILUA-KONA and one on the East Side, HILO…North or South of either Town is Beautiful…However…KONA is Drier and HILO is Wetter…So you will have Warmer and sunnier weather on the West Side…and Tropical weather with Rain on the East Side. There are plenty of things to do on Both Sides of the Island…



*During the Podcast we also discuss places TO STAY and places TO EAT!


You won’t be able to cover everything during a single trip to Hawai’i Island…it may take you MANY…it may take you YEARS of visiting to see all the things you want to see and if you move to The Big Island…trust us…you won’t get bored…it’s too big to get bored…YES…it’s CHILL…Super CHILL…layed back indeed…but one of the EXCUSES everyone says about Hawaii is…“ROAD TRIPS”…You can’t take Road Trips in Hawaii…WELLTHEY ARE ALL WRONG and it’s one more reason why we are not only Lucky to Live Hawaii, but lucky we have the BIG ISLANDHAWAI’I ISLAND to go on all the F#$%ING ROAD TRIPS we could ever ask for!!!



Today we bring into the Studio KATHY SILLS…Owner of ALOHA POPS to talk about her lifes journey to Hawaii and her Dream to Own her own Business here…Kathy is a So. Cal girl who grew up in Newbury Park/Westlake Village. Her dad was a Captain for American Airlines and her moms never worked, but made sure the entire family got to extracurricular activities.Kathy has always been active and a good athlete.On a whim she moved to Hawaii 27 yrs ago. Her Uncle lived in Hawaii and she thought it would be cool to see what kind of journey she could go on in Hawaii. Kathy has always lived life full throttle and lives by the rule of Work Hard Play Harder! She met and married her husband of 18 years after he pulled her over. He worked for HPD as a cop and retired after 28 yrs. Kathy worked in the car biz for 18 yrs as a service adviser and on to service manager, but once again got tired of that job…
However after 18 yrs and by fluke ended up buying a Juice Bar inside Golds Gym. Kathy then opened a cafe at Mission Houses museum for a little while, but started getting bored so she decided to buy a Worksman Ice Cream Tricycle off eBay and was selling other businesses ice cream. Kathy once again got tired of this, but because she was selling other people’s product so Poni from StreetGrindz came by to show Kathy personally how to make ice pops herself and the LIGHTBULB went on! She eventually closed the cafe to focus on Aloha Pops and the rest is history.
Kathy will never forget some of her biggest supporters…She said she will always remember bill 59 and Tulsi Gabbard supporting us!
So is running a business easy in Hawaii? HELL NO…it’s not for the weak minded, but for the ones who never quit and keep fighting, it’s worth it to live the dream of living Hawaii!



There comes a time when we all need a REALITY CHECK…once again we get one this week…The Reality of Paradise. Lots of people come and go to these islands of Hawaii…Some are born here…some are flown here…sadly…both groups come and leave…and many for the same reason…MONEY!

It’s sad that this world is based around the mighty dollar…who doesn’t wish it was different, but the Real Reality is to make it in Hawaii you need a lot of it…Unless you plan on living OFF GRID on Big Island or one of the other islands…it’s going to be hard for you if you move to OAHU…And that’s just not because of the MONEY aspect…20 years ago if money was the only issue we wouldn’t even be discussing this…sadly…for the island of Oahu…it’s much more than money these days that we must factor in…MONEY, TRAFFIC, OVER-DEVELOPMENT, LACK OF AFFORDABLE HOUSING, OVERCROWDING and TOO MANY TOURISTS! For the other islands…NONE of these problems are an issue except for some of the money concerns, but there are ways around living on the other islands without much money so if moving here is on your mind…you will need to seriously consider listening to all 90 or so of our Podcasts so you don’t make the same mistakes as many have and do…

Today we have a guest who moved to Hawaii and left…and wants to come back, but for now the mainland is their best bet. Tara Coomans, originally from Green Bay, then Scottsdale, moved to Hawaii for 7 1/2 years wonderful years and loved every moment. While in Hawaii she created a Digital Marketing and Branding Firm. She was on numerous nonprofit boards, an active community volunteer and served as an advisor for BlueStartup, a Honolulu incubator. Tara is a Diver, a Kayaker and a beach Lover and she really misses her life and days in Hawaii. Currently she lives with her husband, Jeff and their two Poodles, Stella and Zoey in West LA, but hopes to return one day to where she considers HOME…Hawai’i Nei.