Sports in Hawaii

Sports in HawaiiSports in hawaii is pretty much non existent when it comes to Pro Sports…except for SURFING so if you plan on moving here don’t expect to get excited about the Hawaii Sports world! The Ironman Triathlon, Triple Crown of Surfing and the PGA are the closest you will get here in HAWAII and even the NFL PROBOWL has been an on and off thing here in Hawaii…We hope it comes back for good…COME ONGIVE US THE PROBOWL FOR GOOD…PLEASE HAWAII!!! 

Ignorance is bliss I guess for those who have lived their lives without any major professional sports teams and it’s hard to pick ones to root for on the mainland…I guess it’s a bunch of bandwagon types here, could be the NFL chargers in football one year, the Patriots another or the Seahawks the next year, if you are winning, well I guess people in Hawaii are following you and buying hats and t-shirts…but you won’t see anyone with gear on of a loser here, well you may see some wearing Raiders gear…god help those poor souls…lol. There is just no dedication to Pro Sports teams here, not sure they know what that is in Hawaii…some also pick a team that have a player on it from the Rainbow warriors football team or baseball team that make it to the Pros and go with that…Since COACH CHOW took over the Rainbow Warrior college football team they have been a complete stinker and Chow knows it, but lets look past that Hawaii doesn’t have any pro football, baseball, basketball, hockey or anything else…What they do have are all the Watersports and Extreme sports of the world as well as PRO SURFING…The sports here in Hawaii are actually sports that any of us can have a go at so why not get out there and try surfing, bodyboarding, spear fishing, free diving, wind sailing, beach volleyball, stand up paddle boarding, Kayaking, Hiking and the list goes on and on…SO DON’T GIVE UP HAWAII…if you can’t find any sports on TV that gets you excited to watch in Hawaii…just get out and do your own sports!


quit bitching hawaiiOk…so we here in Hawaii don’t really have anything to bitch about…RIGHT? Well…Maybe…or maybe not…Just because we live in Hawaii, the MOST AMAZING and BEAUTIFUL PLACE on EARTH, doesn’t mean we DON’T BITCH…We got issues and problems here just like anywhere else in the world, but SERIOUSLY… what could we possibly BITCH about here in Hawaii? Well…lets break it all down for you guys…there are plenty!



























AND THE LIST goes ON and ON…You’ll hear them all…but in the end…is there really anything serious to BITCH about in Hawaii? Not really, considering we are the luckiest people in the world to live here, but what the hell!


Hawaiian History( * EXCUSE US once again for the AUDIO issues…Not truly having the funds to have a fully funtional Studio has created issues for us, but we are always trying to fix them…Mahalo Nui Loa for your Kokua, understanding ) So when did it all start in Hawaii? With what History tells us the first settlers to the Islands arrived from the Marquesas sometime around 500 known as the TRUE Hawaiians or “KANAKA MAOLI”…Settlers from Tahiti arrived sometime in 1000 and may have enslaved the Marquesans.  The Marquesans, also known as Menehune, had been a much smaller race…Tahitians had been much stronger and larger, forcing them to build temples and work in the fields. The Menehune had been the true first settlers to Hawaii, making them the true Original Hawaiians of the islands. Today the invasion of the Tahitians are known by all as the HAWAIIANS “Kanaka” who currently live on Hawaii with possible bloodlines of the Menehune still on the last known locations of Kauai and Niihau…In a Nut shell that explains the time before the West discovered Hawaii. The WARRIOR race of Hawaiians known today had been the Tahitian Warriors that invaded HAWAII so many years ago…King Kamehameha the Great, being the Largest, most powerful and greatest Tahitian/Hawaiian Warrior of them all at at over 7 feet tall and 350 pounds. But is this a story and myth or is this fact? IT’S FACT and this is how we know…it is WELL KNOWN that the ALI’I NUI…ROYAL CHEIFS wore the feather cape of Royalty in the Red and Yellow feathers…The Cape still exits today and is the length of 7 Feet…Hawaiian chiefs NEVER EVER let their feather capes touch the ground when worn in Battle…So Kamehameha stood well over 7 Feet…possibly 7’3″ or 7’4″ in his prime. 

Hawaiian History4The British explorer Captain James Cook was the first known Westerner to sight the island of Oahu, on January 18, 1778 sometime after his exploration of Tahiti. He was killed in a fight with Hawaiians when he returned to the islands a year later, Turning his gun on the chief was abad, bad idea. With this discovery of Hawaii many Westerners would soon come to the islands with the idea of conquest in mind. Powerful Hawaiian rulers of Royalty (Ali’i Nui) battled for control of the island chain. In 1795, King Kamehameha the Great, who controlled the Big Island of Hawaii, captured Maui and Molokai and set his eyes on Oahu. Kamehameha’s large fleet of battle canoes landed in present-day Waikiki which is all part of Hawaii history. His warriors moved across the valley and into the mountains pursuing the late Chief of Maui and now Chief of Oahu, Kalanikupule, who took rule from his late dead father, Kahekili, who was ruler of Maui and Oahu. From the first battle on Maui against Kalani to his battle at Punch Bowl and his last at Nu’uanu Pali, Kamehemeha was relentless in uniting the Hawaiian islands. Several months later after the coward Kalani had ran from the battle of Maui and Oahu he was found in the mountains and put in front of the the Great King where he was sacrified! Kahmehameha’s place as ruler and King of the Hawaiian islands was complete with the surrender of Kauai’s cheif Kaumualii.

Hawaiian History5During the reign of King Kamehameha Honolulu was a village of small huts near the water, but it was clear to sailors that Honolulu harbor offered a perfect place to set anchor. As more ships came, Honolulu began to grow and grow so King Kamehameha moved his residence from Waikiki to Honolulu to tighten his control on the sandalwood trade, but his reign ended in 1819 when he passed of natural causes. By the 1820s, whaling ships began to stop in Honolulu. Their crews were a rough crowd. Taverns and brothels soon followed. Not far behind after the Kings Death were Christian and Morman missionaries who traveled to the islands to convert the Hawaiians, who the Christians called savages and sinners. The missionaries exerted enormous power and influence by the mid 1,800’s and they managed to convince the Hawaiian royalty to change their Kapu ways as well as prosecute drunken sailors and curb the growing prostitution trade. Most whaling boats abandoned Honolulu for the safer confines of Lahaina on Maui. The sons of these original missionaries would in time become businessmen who wielded enormous power in the islands. They cheated and lied to the Hawaiian people and took control of most of the land, and operated large and profitable sugar plantations with slave like labor. Westerners also brought many diseases that decimated the native Hawaiian population. Faced with a worker shortage, the plantation owners brought in thousands of Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese, Filipinos, and Koreans to work the land and today this is the base of the major diversity and melting pot Hawaii is today.

Hawaiian History6Hawaii had become a desirable place to outsiders. In 1843, the British held the island for five months before being defeated. The French followed in 1849, also being defeated. The Hawaiians got their kingdom back again and again, but could not stop the steady flow of foreigners coming to the islands and with each group of outsiders that came, more disease and death followed for the Hawaiians who had no immune system to fight these illnesses. By 1893, the Hawaiian kingdom was once again under siege by outsiders when AMERICANS had flooded Hawaii…at this point the Hawiian Kingdom and the Hawaiian warriors had been decimated with disease…they had almost no one left to defend Hawaii. 

Hawaiian History3Haole Sugarcane planters, the Christian missionaries and American businessmen plotted with the United States Minister to Hawaii, John L. Stevens, to overthrow the Hawaiian monarchy. Queen Lili’uokalani, who had recently succeeded her brother, Kalakaua, was pushing for democratic reforms when she was forced to relinquish her authority. But the queen did not cede her powers to the provisional government that had just overthrown her. She ceded it to the United States with the hope that it would do the right thing for the Hawaiian people. The U.S. President Grover Cleveland agreed the overthrow of the Queen and her people had been illegal. “By an act of war, committed with the participation of a diplomatic representative of the United States,” Cleveland wrote,“and without authority of Congress, the Government of a feeble but friendly and confiding people has been overthrown. A substantial wrong has thus been done which a due regard for our national character as well as the rights of the injured people requires we should endeavor to repair.” Cleveland ordered the lowering of the U.S. flag, but the provisional government refused and fought against Clevelands requests. Hawaiians, greatly outnumbered and at this point without weapons to defend themselves, were no longer in control of their own destiny. The provisional Haole Missionary government in Honolulu systematically tightened its control of the islands, even imprisoning Queen Lili’uokalani for several months in her own Palace that the Late and last King, Kalakaua built for her. By 1898, Hawaiians could only watch as the United States finally annexed the islands, removing and destroying the last of the Monarchy of Hawaii.

Lowering of the Hawiian flagBecause of the overthrow and annexation, Hawaiian control and Hawaiian citizenship were replaced with American control and American citizenship. ALL RIGHTS had been taken away from the Hawaiian people…EVEN TO VOTE! The Kanaka Maoli (Native Hawaiians) suffered a unilateral redefinition of their homeland and people, a displacement and a dispossession in their own country…GENOCIDE!  Today, many of the remaining Hawaiians are among the poorest residents on the islands and continue to suffer today while vacationers and travelers watch them smile and dance at Luau’s, never knowing or understand the TRUTH of the dying Hawaiian people, history and culture.

HAWAII US MILITARYFor the United States, the Territory of Hawaii, especially Honolulu, became a key military post. Large installations were built, including bases inside Diamond Head, an extinct volcano and important Honolulu landmark. Massive guns and Pillboxes have taking over many of the historic and cultural locations in Hawaiian history. Many today lost in time. Through the early 1900s, the military presence grew steadily until the Pearl Harbor attack…The United States and Hawaii was brought into war and Hawaii was never the same with…Today there are 11 Military Bases on Oahu and countless live fire locations where the land has been destroyed…The Island of Kahoolawe itself was utterly DESTROYED by the military and still is void of life today…once a very SACRED island and the Largest trading post at one time for Hawaiians…There’s a REASON why vacationers and vistors don’t know of this island or have never heard of it…because the US MILITARY Destroyed it and all the flora and fauna that existed there.

art1aOn August 21, 1959, Hawaii became the fiftieth state of the United States. The Haole celebrated, but for many native Hawaiians, becoming a state was just another suffering blow against dreams of sovereignty. In 1993, in a joint resolution, Congress formally apologized to the Hawaiian people for the illegal overthrow of Queen Lili’uokalani, but that was it! Many KANAKA, native Hawaiians continue to press for some type of sovereignty or the reinstatement of some form of monarchy to give more control to Hawaiians over their land so the Haole can no longer continue to destroy it and it’s limited resources.

tourism hawaiiStatus as a new state, the tourism hype, romantic and often inaccurate Hollywood movies about Hawaii, and the selling of the Hawaiian culture that barely exists today has turned the islands into a major travel destination for Americans and Japanese. Honolulu’s Waikiki District, which in the 1900’s was mostly wetlands, Taro and Banana fields has came to host more than 9 MILLION PEOPLE A YEAR NOW. Waikiki can no longer house the vistors coming so they will expand and expand until Waikiki falls into the ocean. With this uncontrolled growth, Homelessness has gone up, Rent have gone up, Hotel costs have gone up, food costs and taxes have goe up…and many Honolulu residents, kama’aina, locals and Kanaka Maoli soon will be unable to afford to buy their own homes or live off their incomes while the rich move in and buy up Oahu from the outside. There are Tourism jobs, but many are low-paying jobs. Today a land that the GREAT KING fought for and united has became heavily dependent on tourism, especially Japanese tourism. By 2020 the Medium House price in Oahu will reach 1 Million dollars…our question is…if that is true…Who will be living here except the rich and who will be working at McDonalds, Starbucks or Walmart to serve the rich? Hawaii has come so far hasn’t it…Are we still lucky to live Hawaii? Yes….Are there changes that need to be reversed…Yes…will they be and will HAWAII one day again be the most incredible place to live and love…We believe so, but we need to get back to the OLD WAYS…the ways of the Kanaka Maoli…Balance is Key and we are tiping in the wrong direction as of today.





Climate in HawaiiThey say HAWAII has most of the CLIMATES of the WORLD…and, well…IT’S TRUE! Some say 11 of the 13 Micro Climates, but in fact they only have 8 of the 13 Micro Climates and 4 of the 5 Major Climates.

If you live in Hawaii or have vacationed here and have visited the Rainforest Valleys of Kauai or the Snow covered Volcanic mountain tops of the Island of Hawaii you know you have felt all the climates of paradise. Hawaii with all its climate zones have unique ecosystems and weather characteristics and changes. A climate change can take place depending on the elevation, pressure variations, rainfall and wind. From humid tropical zones at 500 feet to the Alpine zones at over 10,000 feet…Hawaii has everything you could ever want and when it comes to Weather…well…overall you can’t beat it anywhere on Earth…Just one more reason why we are so Lucky to Live Hawaii.


supernatural 1The SUPERNATURAL in Hawaii runs Deep and we can’t cover ALL OF HAWAII so today we will focus on some of the Ghosts, Supernatural and Stories of old here on OAHU…From the Battle at Nu’uanu Pali to the Falls of Kapena where the Demigod of POKI, which was where the Guardian Dogs of Nu’uanu lived…there are Supernatural being and places across the island…We’ll get into some of these amazing Ghosts and Spirits of MANA here on Oahu.


NIGHTMARCHERS 2One of the most Supernatural beings of ALL OF HAWAII are the NIGHTMARCHERS! These guys SCARE THE S#IT OUT OF US…Nightmarchers (huaka’i pō or “Spirit Ranks,” ‘oi’o) are the “MANA” SPIRITS of ancient Hawaiian warriors. On the nights of Kane, Ku, Lono, Akua, or on the nights of Kaloa they are said to come forth from their burial sites to march out to past battles or to other sacred places. They march at sunset and just before the sun rises. Anyone living near their path may hear chanting and marching, and must go inside to avoid notice. They might appear during the day if coming to escort a dying relative to the spirit world. Anyone looking upon or seen by the marchers will die unless a relative is within the marcher’s ranks- some people maintain that if you lie face down on the ground they will not see you. This is to show respect. However, if exiting the area is the fastest option, it is recommended. Placing leaves of the ti (Cordyline sp.) around one’s home is said to keep away all evil spirits, and will cause the huaka’i pō to avoid the area. Another thing is to always highly respect the night marchers which can result in great things.

NANAUE 3Another STORY is that of the WESTSIDE Legend of the SHARK DEMIGOD…and the Lair of NANAUE (The SharkMan) Half Shark/Half Man…The LAIR was KANEANA CAVE and it still exists today…It’s near Makua beach in Makaha…at one time there was a passage to the sea far back in the cave.  After NANAUE would capture his victim he would bring them back to the cave to devour them.  His ominous presence is till strong there.  This cave is also where mankind was brought to form there by the Akua (god) or Kane.

These are just a Few of the Supernatural stories, Ghosts, Demidogs we will discuss in this weeks Podcast so sit back, relax, turn the lights down, light a candle and just…Listen!


NOTE!!! (Podcast is fixed but still over modulated, my bad, that will be taken care of the next show……)

OVERWEIGHT IN HAWAIIWe know how many people have a hard time losing WEIGHT in general, but doing it before vacation? It’s even harder…We don’t hold the Key to losing weight before your vacation, but we do know many attempt to do it and we wanted to give those who are having a hard time with their weight some advice as well as some  encouragement…Being overweight is a touchy subject and some joke about their weight, others take it seriously and become defensive…we’ll talk about both sides…it’s what we do…so lets go over some things you should start to do if you DO have intention to lose weight for your vacation, but first you must understand 100% that DIETS DO NOT WORK…EVER! When you make the choice to lose weight you are not going on a diet…you’re making a LIFE STYLE CHANGE that you will continue after your vacation…period!

over weight big guy girl

First…if you are 40 pounds over your normal weight for your height and size (BMI) Body Mass Index…you are OBESE! We see far too many people Obese vacationing in Hawaii…So if you know you are 30-40 or more pounds over weight your focus shouldn’t be to look hot in some nut huggers or bikini…Your focus should be just to feel fucking confortable in your own skin…you should be thinking about what it will take to go snorkeling, Hiking, walking, ENJOYING HAWAII and not just sitting around and huffing and puffing…You can’t be perfect…but at least you can feel better than you do today so that when you go on Vacation you can really do the things everyone comes to Hawaii to do!

over weight big girlSo where do you start? Well, first off…don’t start off by FUCKING YOURSELF! It’s all about your WILL and once you HIDE THINGS, LIE  and SABOTAGE yourself…you can just forget it, but if you have the WILL and POWER…keep reading…
START 8-12 MONTHS out from your vacation6 MONTHS minimum!
Clean your cabinets of sugars, all fried foods and other diet-killing junk foods that say they are FAT FREE yet contain high amounts of real or fake sugar. Also…No processed foods! NO MORE LIQUOR… Alcohol is packed with calories. Go grocery shopping and BUY REAL FOODS: vegetables, fruits, nuts, grains…NO BEEF, chicken breast, turkey and fish high in Omega 3 fats. How many Calories are you taking in a day…lets cut those down…depending on your body height and weight. It’s also time to hit the home gym…Add moderate exercise to the mix with 5 days cardio M-F, 3 days lifting weights M-W-F, 30-60 mins a day. You can do this at home and around the house…you don’t need to pay for a gym membership to get healthy and in good shape. Buy basic 10 & 20 pound weights.

Basics for eating during the start of your LIFE STYLE CHANGE…

YOU MUST Eat breakfast every day..Eat raw fruit, yogurt, granola, hard-boiled eggs Organic peanut butter with celery or carrots….wheat or grain bagel or bread. Eat a healthy snack before lunch. Again, fruit, yogurt, nuts, oatmeal. LUNCH is your largest and most important meal of the day. Fish, chicken, turkey with a Veg and a small starch with fruit, yogurt and nuts. Have an afternoon snack, something healthy as you have been eating all day, Nuts, celery, carrots, cukes, yogurt, make smart choices. The goal is to reach dinner time hungry enough to eat, but not enough to feel as if you’re starving.
Eat a  small dinner. A Large protein (fish, chicken, turkey) and a variety of vegetables, fruits and salad with light dressing, olive oil, balsamic vinegar…etc.
These are life changes, not a diet plan…this is something you stick to the rest of your life and what better way then to change your life for your vacation to Hawaii and the rest of your days…just imagne how healthy you will be NEXT TIME you come to Hawaii…you can change your life, you can change your bad habits…it just takes you…you and your will power to say ENOUGH…I’M READY FOR CHANGE!


TALKING STORY IN HAWAIIIt been a few weeks…Wayde and Bruce have been very busy with business so they haven’t been able to do a Podcast, but today they are back with a day off and LOTS OF NEWS to cover…TODAY we catch you up on TWO WEEKS OF NEWS and we TALK STORY about the last two weeks of COMMNETS and QUESTIONS from you guys so just sit back, relax and let the F-BOMBS BEGIN! Next week we have a few days off so we’ll be able to get back on a SUBJECT MATTER…we went so long with news and getting to your Questions we didn’t even have time to talk about BEING SAFE in Hawaii…With recent Tourist Deaths across the island chain we wanted to talk about safety once again…from Mauka to Makai…over land and sea…We’ll touch base about this next week…


summer time1(Today we made our first attempt to go LIVE in the STUDIO) We hope we can continue to bring the Show LIVE every week with the Lucky We Live Hawaii Podcast, today however we ran into a few issues…We hope to have them fixed soon for future podcasts…Today our Topic was about Summer in Hawaii…and there are PLENTY of things to do in the SUMMER TIME in HAWAII

Summer time is the time to hit the water for snorkeling, kayaking, late evening Hikes and sunsets, early morning sunrises and Star Gazing…the currents are chill and it makes great times for doing water sports. Spending all day at the beach, camping or BBQing is the common thing to do here in Hawaii during the summer months and the fishing is choice as well. Getting your drink on is also a summer thing…Cocktails, summer brews…you name it…Hawaii has it. Moves on the beach is a big summer activitiy here as wel as summer festivals…Getting out on your Paddle Boards are the big summer thing to do here with the chill flat water of the North Shore and the ease of heading down or up stream and do some river kayaking or paddle boarding…there is an endless amount of fun and activities you can do in summer so have fun, stay safe an always go with friends no matter what activties you do…Summer in Hawaii is one more reason why we are so lucky to live in the 808.


AUMAKUAS OF HAWAIIThe Sacred Na Aumakua…what are they, who are they and where is their place in Kanaka Maoli culture? (Native Hawaiians) The culture of the Kanaka go way back…thousands of years. As they left their past behind on Tahiti they took many of their cultural history with them to the promised land of Hawai’i.  

If we are to understand the meaning of the Na Aumakua, we must understand the Spiritual Power (MANA) they posses, Mana is the spiritual energy and also healing power which can exist in places, objects and persons…with Mana there is KAPU…Kapu is a CODE of CONDUCT of LAWS and REGULATIONS. Only the Ali’i Nui (Royalty/Chiefs) could put Kapu’s on items, people, things and Aumakuas, which is a ( Family God, Guardian, Protector and Ancestor)

MANOThe “MANO”…Our Sacred Aumakua. Pictured here is the well known, loved and feared Tiger Shark of the Hawaiian Islands.

Why would a free diver off Moloka’i toss away every few fish he speared?

For his Aumakua…that’s why.

All of a sudden, this huge MANO, (Tiger Shark) came up and took the fish tossed away by the diver…The Shark did not attack the free diver, but why? For the Diver was feeding his ‘Aumakua. Wherever the diver would go, his MANO (shark) would help him, guide and protect him from other sharks…His Aumakua would protect and follow him wherever and whenever he would dive.

The Story goes like this:
A long time ago a tour boat sank off Moloka’i in the 1930s. Sharks swarmed as the tourists splashed away, all of the tourists were attacked and killed. The captain of the boat, however, started to chant and pray for protection. “His Aumakua appeared and offered his dorsal fin up and carried the captain to safely to shore. Is this just a story? Even in modern times, things like this happen. People try to explain it, but you can’t. A lot of Kanaka Maoli culture cannot be explained only accepted.

HONUCan we Forget our Na Aumakua the HONU? The Gentle Giant of the Hawaiian waters, or friend and protector as well as protector of our reef, The Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle.  The Hawaiian way is to value all creatures as having a rightful place in the ecosystem…it is the essential connection between the aina, the kai, the aumakua and the mana of the old Kapu system that was in place thousands of years ago.

The shark, turtle and other Sacred Ancestors in Hawai’i are more than just ferocious ocean predators or Goats of the ocean…These Na Aumakua are woven into the fabrics of Kanaka Maoli (Hawaiian) History and culture.

Those who had an Aumakua believed that a departed ancestor took the form of these beings after death and appeared in dreams to living relatives. These Hawaiians would feed and pet a special Aumakua whom they believed to be a relative of their Kanaka Bloodline. In turn, the Aumakua would protect the family. This did not mean every animal a Kanaka Maoli comes across was their Aumakua…Ones Aumakua are identified very specifically by body markings, and are named. They are part of the ohana. There is a direct connection, a blood relationship between ones Aumakua and the ohana’s Bloodline. When comparing the relationship to the feelings a person might have for his elders (Kupuna). When you’re in a difficult situation, one may recall the lessons that your grandparents or great grandparents taught you…There’s a feeling that they’ll be there to watch over you, give you guidence and protection, usch as the MANO or HONU.

Care and feeding of your Aumakua was an essential part of this symbiotic relationship, may it be the MANO (Shark), the HONU (Green Sea Turtle) the MO’O (Lizard) or even the PUEO (White Owl). Caring and feeding your Aumakua would drive off all bad spirits and carry its mortal family members to safety, but in return, family members were responsible for scraping the barnacles off the Aumakuas back or belly, making sure it was well and healthy and feeding it as well, may it be Limu or fish. Fishermen would give out some of the first catch to the MANO and then the shark would disappear, when the fishermen would return from a day of fishing they would return with full nets. Only when the shark appears do the fishermen have such luck. Sometimes their Aumakua would tell them beforehand in dreams that it has gathered the fish together for them and would be waiting.

*Ancient Hawaiians relationship with the environment helped them connect more readily with their Aumakua. In ancient times there was a system of KAPU, Mana…Spiritual Power of laws and regulations…There was one penalty for polluting the ocean, taking things out of it that shouldn’t be taken, killing an Aumakua or even casting a shadow on one that had a Kapu on it…By breaking Kapu this way you took Mana away and created an unbalance and theft of mana which was a HUGE KAPU…if an Ali’i Nui (Chief) had a Kapu on an Aumakua and you even casted your shadow on the Chiefs Protector and Ancestor…the penalty was DEATH!

Every aumakua, every wind, every piece of land, every body of water, every cloud had a name and a story. Kanaka Maoli’s could talk to the trees, mountains and the animals and they would always answer back…In Life or in dreams.

This was the ways of the Kanaka Maoli people…The ways of old…The KAPU SYSTEM may be mostly gone today, but our love for our Na Aumakua thankfully is one of the traditions that continues and live on today.

It’s vital to remember, reflect, learn and respect the culture and history of the Hawaiian People…if we do that, if we show them aloha and the living beings of these islands…the islands and the Kanaka will love and respect us.

Here is a small list of our most beloved and known Na Aumakua~

ʻAumākua could appear as:



living with roommates

( We had issue with the opening song this week…it will be back next week guys…sorry! )

This can go for moving anywhere really, but why we are talking about it today is because you are MORE LIKELY to get ROOMMATES in HAWAII than any other place you live…Why you ask…because it’s just TOO EXPENSIVE not to when you first move here…and if you have a job that doesn’t pay well in the start, you’ll need to have roommates to survive until you get a better Job. What we suggest is you either get a 6 MONTH LEASE and Month to Month after that…or…You go Month to Month right away! Making the move to Hawaii is one thing, but we all know living with strangers is even worse! how do you know you’re not moving in with ROOMMATES FROM HELL? No one really knows until they move in and live with someone…On todays Podcast we discuss what it’s like and what you need to look out for and if need be how to get out of living with roommates from hell!!!

ROOMMATES FROM HELLSome things many who have roommates have to deal with… Leaving empty carton of milk or juice or other drinks IN THE FRIDGE. Not replacing the toilet paper. Leaving dirty dishes all over the house. They eat your food. They leave the doors unlocked. They use your stuff and touch your things. The leave the lights on. They have loud sex. They never clean the house. They never take the trash out. They leave notes around the house and on the frig. They don’t clean up after themselves. They invite people over without asking. They leave cloths in the washer or dryer. They don’t clean the microwave. They take long showers and use all the hot water. They fart and burp. They leave hair all over the sink and shower. They leave suprises in the toilet. They are late on the rent or paying house bills. 

If you can deal with the above issues you may be able to deal with roommates…lol…but even before you get to all these issues you need to get past the biggest issues first:

Once you’ve picked out roommates or are moving in with roommates, you need to make sure everyone’s on the same page with the big issues…

  1. Rent: What is everyone paying? Who will collect the money and write the rent check to the landlord?
  2. Space: Who will occupy which bedrooms, Master, second and thrid?
  3. Household chores: Who’s responsible for cleaning, who buys supplies and on what schedule?
  4. Food sharing: Will food, shopping and cooking responsibilities be shared? How will you split the costs and work?
  5. Noise: When should stereos or TVs be turned off or down low?
  6. Overnight guests: Is it OK for boyfriends/girlfriends to stay over every night and if so will they pay a percent of the Rent so everyones rent comes down.
  7. Moving out: If one of the roommates decide to move, how much notice must be given?

When choosing to live with roommates there are many factors to consider…many can’t DEAL with roommates and enjoy coming home to a quiet space and home…others love roommates and love coming home to a house with people in it and activity. It really depends on what kind of person you are…one that likes privacy or one that likes to hang out in a group…In Hawaii it more than likely you will have to deal with roommates at least for 6 months so start figuring out how this is going to work…picking the right roommates can make or break your move to Hawaii…it’s seriously one of the hardest choices you will have to make during your first month here in Hawaii.