TALKING STORY IN HAWAIIIt been a few weeks…Wayde and Bruce have been very busy with business so they haven’t been able to do a Podcast, but today they are back with a day off and LOTS OF NEWS to cover…TODAY we catch you up on TWO WEEKS OF NEWS and we TALK STORY about the last two weeks of COMMNETS and QUESTIONS from you guys so just sit back, relax and let the F-BOMBS BEGIN! Next week we have a few days off so we’ll be able to get back on a SUBJECT MATTER…we went so long with news and getting to your Questions we didn’t even have time to talk about BEING SAFE in Hawaii…With recent Tourist Deaths across the island chain we wanted to talk about safety once again…from Mauka to Makai…over land and sea…We’ll touch base about this next week…


summer time1(Today we made our first attempt to go LIVE in the STUDIO) We hope we can continue to bring the Show LIVE every week with the Lucky We Live Hawaii Podcast, today however we ran into a few issues…We hope to have them fixed soon for future podcasts…Today our Topic was about Summer in Hawaii…and there are PLENTY of things to do in the SUMMER TIME in HAWAII

Summer time is the time to hit the water for snorkeling, kayaking, late evening Hikes and sunsets, early morning sunrises and Star Gazing…the currents are chill and it makes great times for doing water sports. Spending all day at the beach, camping or BBQing is the common thing to do here in Hawaii during the summer months and the fishing is choice as well. Getting your drink on is also a summer thing…Cocktails, summer brews…you name it…Hawaii has it. Moves on the beach is a big summer activitiy here as wel as summer festivals…Getting out on your Paddle Boards are the big summer thing to do here with the chill flat water of the North Shore and the ease of heading down or up stream and do some river kayaking or paddle boarding…there is an endless amount of fun and activities you can do in summer so have fun, stay safe an always go with friends no matter what activties you do…Summer in Hawaii is one more reason why we are so lucky to live in the 808.


AUMAKUAS OF HAWAIIThe Sacred Na Aumakua…what are they, who are they and where is their place in Kanaka Maoli culture? (Native Hawaiians) The culture of the Kanaka go way back…thousands of years. As they left their past behind on Tahiti they took many of their cultural history with them to the promised land of Hawai’i.  

If we are to understand the meaning of the Na Aumakua, we must understand the Spiritual Power (MANA) they posses, Mana is the spiritual energy and also healing power which can exist in places, objects and persons…with Mana there is KAPU…Kapu is a CODE of CONDUCT of LAWS and REGULATIONS. Only the Ali’i Nui (Royalty/Chiefs) could put Kapu’s on items, people, things and Aumakuas, which is a ( Family God, Guardian, Protector and Ancestor)

MANOThe “MANO”…Our Sacred Aumakua. Pictured here is the well known, loved and feared Tiger Shark of the Hawaiian Islands.

Why would a free diver off Moloka’i toss away every few fish he speared?

For his Aumakua…that’s why.

All of a sudden, this huge MANO, (Tiger Shark) came up and took the fish tossed away by the diver…The Shark did not attack the free diver, but why? For the Diver was feeding his ‘Aumakua. Wherever the diver would go, his MANO (shark) would help him, guide and protect him from other sharks…His Aumakua would protect and follow him wherever and whenever he would dive.

The Story goes like this:
A long time ago a tour boat sank off Moloka’i in the 1930s. Sharks swarmed as the tourists splashed away, all of the tourists were attacked and killed. The captain of the boat, however, started to chant and pray for protection. “His Aumakua appeared and offered his dorsal fin up and carried the captain to safely to shore. Is this just a story? Even in modern times, things like this happen. People try to explain it, but you can’t. A lot of Kanaka Maoli culture cannot be explained only accepted.

HONUCan we Forget our Na Aumakua the HONU? The Gentle Giant of the Hawaiian waters, or friend and protector as well as protector of our reef, The Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle.  The Hawaiian way is to value all creatures as having a rightful place in the ecosystem…it is the essential connection between the aina, the kai, the aumakua and the mana of the old Kapu system that was in place thousands of years ago.

The shark, turtle and other Sacred Ancestors in Hawai’i are more than just ferocious ocean predators or Goats of the ocean…These Na Aumakua are woven into the fabrics of Kanaka Maoli (Hawaiian) History and culture.

Those who had an Aumakua believed that a departed ancestor took the form of these beings after death and appeared in dreams to living relatives. These Hawaiians would feed and pet a special Aumakua whom they believed to be a relative of their Kanaka Bloodline. In turn, the Aumakua would protect the family. This did not mean every animal a Kanaka Maoli comes across was their Aumakua…Ones Aumakua are identified very specifically by body markings, and are named. They are part of the ohana. There is a direct connection, a blood relationship between ones Aumakua and the ohana’s Bloodline. When comparing the relationship to the feelings a person might have for his elders (Kupuna). When you’re in a difficult situation, one may recall the lessons that your grandparents or great grandparents taught you…There’s a feeling that they’ll be there to watch over you, give you guidence and protection, usch as the MANO or HONU.

Care and feeding of your Aumakua was an essential part of this symbiotic relationship, may it be the MANO (Shark), the HONU (Green Sea Turtle) the MO’O (Lizard) or even the PUEO (White Owl). Caring and feeding your Aumakua would drive off all bad spirits and carry its mortal family members to safety, but in return, family members were responsible for scraping the barnacles off the Aumakuas back or belly, making sure it was well and healthy and feeding it as well, may it be Limu or fish. Fishermen would give out some of the first catch to the MANO and then the shark would disappear, when the fishermen would return from a day of fishing they would return with full nets. Only when the shark appears do the fishermen have such luck. Sometimes their Aumakua would tell them beforehand in dreams that it has gathered the fish together for them and would be waiting.

*Ancient Hawaiians relationship with the environment helped them connect more readily with their Aumakua. In ancient times there was a system of KAPU, Mana…Spiritual Power of laws and regulations…There was one penalty for polluting the ocean, taking things out of it that shouldn’t be taken, killing an Aumakua or even casting a shadow on one that had a Kapu on it…By breaking Kapu this way you took Mana away and created an unbalance and theft of mana which was a HUGE KAPU…if an Ali’i Nui (Chief) had a Kapu on an Aumakua and you even casted your shadow on the Chiefs Protector and Ancestor…the penalty was DEATH!

Every aumakua, every wind, every piece of land, every body of water, every cloud had a name and a story. Kanaka Maoli’s could talk to the trees, mountains and the animals and they would always answer back…In Life or in dreams.

This was the ways of the Kanaka Maoli people…The ways of old…The KAPU SYSTEM may be mostly gone today, but our love for our Na Aumakua thankfully is one of the traditions that continues and live on today.

It’s vital to remember, reflect, learn and respect the culture and history of the Hawaiian People…if we do that, if we show them aloha and the living beings of these islands…the islands and the Kanaka will love and respect us.

Here is a small list of our most beloved and known Na Aumakua~

ʻAumākua could appear as:



living with roommates

( We had issue with the opening song this week…it will be back next week guys…sorry! )

This can go for moving anywhere really, but why we are talking about it today is because you are MORE LIKELY to get ROOMMATES in HAWAII than any other place you live…Why you ask…because it’s just TOO EXPENSIVE not to when you first move here…and if you have a job that doesn’t pay well in the start, you’ll need to have roommates to survive until you get a better Job. What we suggest is you either get a 6 MONTH LEASE and Month to Month after that…or…You go Month to Month right away! Making the move to Hawaii is one thing, but we all know living with strangers is even worse! how do you know you’re not moving in with ROOMMATES FROM HELL? No one really knows until they move in and live with someone…On todays Podcast we discuss what it’s like and what you need to look out for and if need be how to get out of living with roommates from hell!!!

ROOMMATES FROM HELLSome things many who have roommates have to deal with… Leaving empty carton of milk or juice or other drinks IN THE FRIDGE. Not replacing the toilet paper. Leaving dirty dishes all over the house. They eat your food. They leave the doors unlocked. They use your stuff and touch your things. The leave the lights on. They have loud sex. They never clean the house. They never take the trash out. They leave notes around the house and on the frig. They don’t clean up after themselves. They invite people over without asking. They leave cloths in the washer or dryer. They don’t clean the microwave. They take long showers and use all the hot water. They fart and burp. They leave hair all over the sink and shower. They leave suprises in the toilet. They are late on the rent or paying house bills. 

If you can deal with the above issues you may be able to deal with roommates…lol…but even before you get to all these issues you need to get past the biggest issues first:

Once you’ve picked out roommates or are moving in with roommates, you need to make sure everyone’s on the same page with the big issues…

  1. Rent: What is everyone paying? Who will collect the money and write the rent check to the landlord?
  2. Space: Who will occupy which bedrooms, Master, second and thrid?
  3. Household chores: Who’s responsible for cleaning, who buys supplies and on what schedule?
  4. Food sharing: Will food, shopping and cooking responsibilities be shared? How will you split the costs and work?
  5. Noise: When should stereos or TVs be turned off or down low?
  6. Overnight guests: Is it OK for boyfriends/girlfriends to stay over every night and if so will they pay a percent of the Rent so everyones rent comes down.
  7. Moving out: If one of the roommates decide to move, how much notice must be given?

When choosing to live with roommates there are many factors to consider…many can’t DEAL with roommates and enjoy coming home to a quiet space and home…others love roommates and love coming home to a house with people in it and activity. It really depends on what kind of person you are…one that likes privacy or one that likes to hang out in a group…In Hawaii it more than likely you will have to deal with roommates at least for 6 months so start figuring out how this is going to work…picking the right roommates can make or break your move to Hawaii…it’s seriously one of the hardest choices you will have to make during your first month here in Hawaii.



MAKING ENDS MEETIt’s about time we lift everyone up…We need one of these…Moving to Hawaii IS NOT EASY…it’s going to be one of the HARDEST THINGS you ever do…and once you get here things get HARDER! We have told everyone that we don’t sugarcoat things so we are sure many ARE or WILL be dealing with having a hard time here in Hawaii…

Overall the SAME 5 POINTS reach the surface at some point and it snowballs from there:




At 3 you enter the SELF DESTRUCT phase of leaving Hawaii.



Trust me…Bruce and I have seen this again and again…this is the cycle of coming and going here in Hawaii and it’s about a YEAR PROCESS for most…If you make it to year two…you are probably SAFE…you broke the barrier ;)  In the end we don’t want people here that go down the same path all those who leave do…So we are going to give you a  wake up call and slap you around a bit…maybe a good swift kick to the nuts for you men who start down #3…Moving to Hawaii and living here is a HUGE CHANGE from the mainland in so many ways…some people love it, so hate it…We don’t want the haters here…anyone who gives up the chance to live in GOD COUNTRY is just not something Bruce and I can understand…Living here is a blessing…we are lucky to live here and it’s another reason why we do this podcast…We bitch from time to time, but that’s because we have such a passion and love for Hawai’i Nei…We don’t want it to change like the mainland…we’ll never leave and we’ll fight every day to live here…something others just don’t seem interested in…so be gone…be gone…Those who live here and make ends meet…Yeah…We got this.


* (We has some issues with our audio skipping at min 27. We are sorry about this and trying to fix the issues) Mahalo for your kokua~

THINGS NOT TO DO in HAWAIIEveryone knows some of the great things to do in Hawaii…but what about the things NOT TO DO in HAWAII? Yeah…there are plenty of shitty things not to do while in Hawaii…may it be while on vacation or if you live here…there are somethings you can avoid and others you should just forget about doing all together. We give you guys a good list of things to NOT do while here, why you shouldn’t and what to watch out for while in HAWAII…We even did some Blog searching and found some NOT SO SERIOUS and FUNNY posts on what to NOT DO from a few HAWAIIANS and LOCALS that will be sure to make you laugh as we did…This will be a serious, yet funny show… so sit back, relax, have fun and enjoy this Podcast!

SUN ALL DAYDon’t spend all your time in Waikiki or at your resort…

Don’t lay in the sun all day to get a quick tan or any day while in Hawaii.

Don’t Forget to TIP!


NO BUS TOURSDon’t take a Bus Tour.

While on Oahu don’t go to places like Sealife Park, the Dole Plantation Store or The Polynesian Cultural Center.

Don’t leave anything of value in your Car Rental.


MONK SEALS AND HONUDon’t Approach or touch Hawaiian Monk Seals and Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles called Honu.

Don’t make a choice that can risk your life that you saw in a book, blog or video for a cheap thrill.

Don’t try to speak Pidgin…ever.


LAVA ROCK AND ROCK PILESDon’t take Volcanic Lava Rocks from the islands, Don’t pile Rocks and don’t write your names on volcanic rocks with white coral…this means actually writing with them and placing them in the shape of your name.
Don’t forget to Take your shoes off indoors.
There are countless more we shouldn’t do when we come to Hawaii like: Don’t make a choice that can risk your life that you saw in a book, blog or video for a cheap thrill. Don’t forget to be courteous to other drivers while on the roads here. Please let others through in traffic and if someone lets you through always give them the Shaka/Hang Loose sign out the window. Do not go in the ocean if you see signs or flags telling you not to and never turn your back on it…it’s best to be safe here in Hawaii as our ocean is the most dangerous place to be. Don’t think it’s safe to cross the streets here in Hawaii, our cross walks are not the safest and jay walking has gotten many killed here in Hawaii…don’t be a statistic…Do not get too close to the Coral, touch or walk on it…it is a living breathing being like you and me. Do not leave trash or litter anywhere when you go on a hike…always take out what you took in and if you find some trash on the trail do your part, your kuleana as we say in Hawaii and pick up any trash you find…Be one wit the aina…Hawaii and her mana will be with you if you do this the rest of your trip. Don’t tell locals how it’s done on the mainland…We don’t give a shit how it’s done back there…this is Hawaii. Don’t come to Hawaii without understanding the basics of Hawaiian words and cultural history.  Don’t call Locals “NATIVES or HAWAIIANS” only KANAKA MAOLI are Native Hawaiians and they hold a high PRIDE LEVEL. Don’t try to fit in if you just moved here or are on vacation, be yourself. Don’t come to Hawaii thinking you own the place, always be humble. Lucky We Live Hawaii wanted to give you all an awakening when it comes to Hawaii…We Americans are well aware Hawaii is the 50th State, but the Hawaiians (Kanaka Maoli) who had their land stolen and their culture all but destroyed don’t believe the same things we do…for the locals born here in Hawaii they are in the middle and for those who moved here and live here we see both sides, not just the American side to the matter we see the plight of these islands in the middle of the pacific. So when coming to Hawaii, visiting or living here…remember…Respect and a little humble pie goes a long way here in Hawaii…it’s ALOHA, it’s our KULEANA…so please carry and bring it with you wherever you are or may go.



Song on todays show is “ISLAND DAYS” by Pali…not “AKAKA FALLS” by Pali ;)

MLIVING OFF GRID IN HAWAIIany people DREAM of living “OFF GRID” wherever the live, but to live Off Grid in HAWAII…yeah, that’s the APEX of sustainability and self sufficiency, because unlike other places around the world and in the United States that’s JUST NOT COMPLETELY POSSIBLE like it is in HAWAII…Of all the places in the World…HAWAII is the Perfect example of OFF GRID PERFECTION! From Gardening, to Solar, Wind, Water Catchment, Septic Drainfield System, Satellite Internet System,  Smart TV and Streamer Player Boxes…IT’S ALL HERE in this Podcast…This is your GUIDE to going OFF GRID in HAWAII!


SOLAR…If you’re going off Grid you’re going with Solar. Considering Hawaii gets more than 275 days a year of SUNSHINE…you would be crazy not to take advantage of this! Solar technology continues to accelerate with new developments and greater efficiencies in the solar collector, higher wattage collectors continue to grow every day. If the Sun shines and the Clouds are not so thick, these solar collectors will gain and generate power in the daytime for between a 5-8 hour stretch. Using less power at night is suggested, candles and going to bed at a reasonable time will not only benefit your power usage, but you and your family…Spend your evenings going to bed at a reasonable hour and getting up earlier to enjoy the fullness and sunlight of your day.


WIND is another amazing option to use to supplement your SOLAR. Hawaii is well known for it’s Trade and Kona Winds…once again, not using these natural resources would be crazy! Using Solar and Wind together will be an amazing Combo for your Energy supply. Wind generating turbines are the second most common power generation system after solar, and will deliver quality power when installed properly on a Household roof.  Installing a Rooftop system will cost much less than a separate Tower system on the front or back of ones property. Most common turbines are vertical and are elevated to capture the full power of the wind.

MICRO HYDROMICRO HYDROELECTRIC…Now some of you may not have considered this, but this is the TRIFECTA of trifecta’s! To Combine SOLAR, WIND and HYDRO Power to to ensure you OFF GRID Power supply…BUT…naturally you need a Water source on your property…A Stream or Waterfall to be exact. If you do have enough WATER POWER on your property a micro hydro system CAN be installed and the great thing about this system is that it will provide 24/7 POWER GENERATION (as long as the stream is flowing with enough water). A properly installed system can reasonably generate enough power per day for an entire household in a normal manner. Combining SOLAR, WIND and HYDRO will be all the power you’ll need to be OFF GRID in Hawaii.


WATER CATCHMENT System, now that we have our ENERGY SUPPLY taken care of we’ll need to deal with our WATER SUPPLY…You want to have a properly set up rainwater catchment system that you have complete control of. On average for a family of 4 you should have a 10,000 Gallon Tank catchment system. Your system will include a food grade liner, a first flush diverterfloating intakes, a dual filtration system and a UV sterilization unit. A well-planned and complete rainwater catchment and storage system will provide safer, cleaner and better tasting water than can be obtained for residential use from any other source!

SEPTIC DRAINFIELD SYSTEMSEPTIC DRAIN FIELD System is an absolute necessity when building an OFF GRID system for your Hawaii Home. No Septic system…well…no nothing. You can’t just crap in a hole…you need a system that is environmentally friendly and can actually be used in a positive way on your property. When creating and designing your own Septic System this will need to include a Drain field or Leech Field as well. There are two main types of systems used…a gravity fed system and an aerobic treatment units (ATUs.) Putting in a Septic system will be one if not the Highest investment of your OFF GRID system setting you back between 10-15K.


We are getting very close to being completely SELF SUFFICIENT, but we are not there yet…GARDENING is esstential if you wish to not only live OFF GRID, but live a HEALTHY & ORGANIC lifestyle. Growing your own fruits and vegetables IS FREEDOM! Freedom from Chemicals, freedom from GMO’s, Freedom from the MAN! In Hawaii it’s NO SECRET…anything and everything grows here…ALL YEAR LONG, but this is where it gets INTERESTING… When Purchasing your land to build your Off Grid Home or if you purchase a Home already on the land, it’s best to get land that has FRUIT TREES already growing on them and are MATURE. If you plant Fruit trees we all know it sometimes takes many years to grow fruit so your other option is to buy and plant trees that are already maturing, but this can sometimes be costly…Your Fruit options are endless from Mango to Lychee and everything inbetween. So we haven’t talked about actually Gardening…Well, that’s where Aquaponics comes in…I’m sure many of you haven’t heard of this…but you will here.

AQUAPONICSIf you haven’t heard of AQUAPONICS well you have now! It’s the easiest, quickest and the most efficient way to actually Grow a Garden and Fish all at the same time and it pretty much takes care of itself…Yes…Veggies and Fish that take care of each other…who would have guessed! So what is Aquaponics all about…Aquaponics is a self-watering closed-loop system that uses fish and plants in a complementing recirculating environment to grow vegetables at an accelerated rate. The fish in the water produces waste (ammonia), which is converted by bacteria into nitrates, which fertilizes the plants and water is then is returned to the fish tank. Plants grow at a much faster rate, organically. A Aquaponic systems never needs to be traditionally watered, because it waters itself! The water recirculates! NO dumping water into the ground! Because of the closed loop system, aquaponic systems uses less then 1/10th the amount of water then a normal garden and the raised beds mean less bugs and weeds! You can grow your own vegetables and fish with ease with just 15 minute a week. There is nothing like your own organic fish and vegetables.


We have our Fruit Trees, we have our Gardening and Aquaponics and now we have our FARM FRIENDS. Yes…friends…they won’t be raised to eat or consume…they will be raised to produce, protect and take care of your off grid property. These wonderful and loving beings like the chicken can keep your land clear of bugs and can produce an endless about of eggs for you and your family…Yes you can eat them as well…but that’s your choice. Next up we have the Goat…He’s the Protector of the farm and the females will give you all the Goat Milk and Cheese you could ask for and they will eat your organic garden waste to boot. Last we have the Sheep…The Organic Lawn Mower…Put a couple of these guys out there and you wont have to worry so much about mowing the lawn as often…they also produce milk and wool. All three, if you choose, can be eaten for their meat as well, but to have a happy farm and family it’s best to treat everyone like Ohana and use them for what they had been intended for…they had been here long before man so man eating them wasn’t a part of the master plan ;)


SATELLITE INTERNET SYSTEM…You got your SOLAR, WIND, HYDRO Power, Your WATER CATCHMENTSEPTIC, AQUAPONICS and GARDENING…now it’s time for the the Creature Comforts of a OFF GRID HOME…a way to get your INTERNET and CABLE with a DISH SYSTEM. There are MANY, MANY Dish Satellite Internet Systems on the market…You’ll have no issues finding one…which one to choose will be your problem. Cable and Internet costs are getting out of control and it’s not just the people OFF GRID that are looking for ways to get away from these high insane costs…A few of the Great Satellite Dish systems are: EXEDE INTERNET, HUGHESNET, DISHNET, WILDBLUE & STARBRAND...All Services start between $39.00 to $49.00 a Month.

SMART TV STREAMER PLAYER BOXNow that you have your SATELLITE INTERNET SYSTEM…You’re going to need your SMART TV and STREAMER PLAYER BOX. Choosing a Smart TV is pretty easy there are so many reviews out there so picking one will be under your control, but the LG SMART TV, PANASONIC SMART, SAMSUNG SMART & SONY SMART which range in size from 42-64 inches. Once you have your Smart TV it’s time to pick your Streamer Player Box…The Streamer Box streams your channels like a cable Box to your Smart TV. There are MANY WELL KNOWN Streamer Player Boxes like: APPLE TV, ROKU3 TV and the AMAZON FIRE TV.


We at “Lucky We live Hawaii” have put together one of the best and most comprehensive Blogs on EVERYTHING you need to know and do to have a COMPLETELY OFF GRID HOME in Hawaii, but this goes for anywhere you choose to go OFF GRID.  Purchasing Land in Hawaii that has good sunshine, good rainfall, good wind, a water source, good growing soil and even Fruit trees already on property would be very helpful in your achieving your dreams and goals of going OFF GRID.  We are happy to be back and provide everyone who listens to us a much needed and valuable Podcast on Living in the most beautiful place on Earth.

Aloha Bruce and The Poor Man are on EXTENDED BREAK


Aloha everyone…Aloha Bruce and The Poor Man will NOT be returning to the LUCKY WE LIVE HAWAII Podcast until JUNE 4th, 2014…Life changes have taken place and Bruce and Wayde have discussed several options with the Podcast. These are the facts…with over 20,000 downloads and 60hrs of listening pleasure…many people ARE listening to the show…however with all the hard work Bruce and Wayde are doing many of the listeners are not contributing. What does this mean? We need more of you to comment on the podcasts, voice your opinions, leave voice mails and ideas for future podcast shows and yes…leave donations to pay for the show that we are losing money on…We are considering putting Advertising on the Podcast if Donations don’t cover the cost.

MAHALOTo all those who have supported Wayde and Bruce over the last year…We thank you for: The comments, the voice messages, the show ideas, and the amazing donations as well as MONTHLY DONATIONS from some of you…We can’t THANK YOU ENOUGH and we hope you continue to support us starting again in JUNEMahalo Nui Loa to you guys, it means so much to us…after much contemplation we have decided to return in JUNE to the WEEKLY Podcastbut for us to continue after June we need to see some Serious Improvement in LISTENER participation…

Mahalo Nui for your Kokua (understanding)

Funny Questions About HAWAII

Funny QuestionsToday we go into some common questions and some funny and crazy questions and things that have been said to the both of us…it’s never a dull moment when it comes to being asked questions…As we have both said over and over…There is never a Dumb or Stupid Question…ALL QUESTIONS are VALID when it comes to Hawaii, so just know we get some pretty normal questions from time to time, but we also get some silly and funny ones. We dedicate this show to those fun questions. We also break down the news for the week and what’s happening on the islands of Hawaii…The exciting new is the NEW Branding and Launch of Bruce’s Travel Site…HAWAII ALOHA TRAVEL…this is going to be something special and we should all be exited to know that this will be your one stop shop for Booking and planning your entire Hawaii vacation!!!


50 HAWAII WORDSMany Visit HAWAII and some of us even live here, but do we know some of the more used words in Hawai’i??? There could be 100′s of words we could choose to go over, but we broke it down to some of the most common 50 + WORDS YOU ALL SHOULD KNOW in HAWAII. You should know what they mean and when to use them and when not to! Don’t you want to be a part of Hawaii and a guest when you are here instead of a ( HAOLE ) tourist? If you are new to the islands and a ( MALIHINI ) for a few years in the Military or perhaps you’re a Traveling Nurse don’t you want to dive into the culture of Hawai’i and respect it? What if you moved here and plan to be here for the rest of your life, it won’t be too long before you become a ( KAMA’AINA )…if you are going to fit in and try to embrace the Hawaiian culture and local Pidgin we use when “Talking Story” now’s the time…This PODCAST should get you excited…You are about to get a breakdown of the most often used words in Hawaii and once done with this next hour…you won’t forget them!

3 WORDS 3I think when it comes to words used in Hawaii many ( MALIHINI ) new comers to Hawaii feel they can’t or are not ready to use many of the common words used by Locals and Hawaiians. ( KANAKA MAOLI ) None of you should feel that way…may it be a two week vacation, a few years stay or the rest of your life…It’s never too early or too late to understand and respect a new culture and way people live and talk. Locals and Native Hawaiians will be surprised and excited to hear them!

3 WORDS 2Today you’ll learn what words like…HALE, HEIAU, KUPUNA, KAHUNA, LAULAU, HULI HULI, HOWZIT, CHEEHOO, SHOOTS, MALAMA, AKAMAI, KULEANA, KOKUA and LIVING PONO mean…These are just some of the most important words to know and understand here in Hawaii…You’ll hear them when locals talk to each other, you’ll hear Hawaiians use them, you’ll hear them used at Luau’s and BBQ’s…Once you learn them, respect them and understand them, you can start you melting into the pot that’s called HAWAI’I NEI…Our Beloved Islands :)